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"There are at least 30 field stone markers. Although this cemetery is in Warren County about 1 mile south of Belk Store of DeKalb County, we decided to include it in DeKalb County Cemeteries due to its proximity. Copied by Thomas G. Webb, 1962."

Thomas Martin  January 7, 1847-July 3, 1919 [Husband of Arlie Potter]

Arley Potter  January 26, 1854-Nov 22 1931 [Miriam Arley Potter. Dau of Abraham Potter and Pena Webb, wife of Thomas Martin, Married Jan. 19, 1871 Warren Co., TN]

M. P. Ray [field stone, no other information (from Warren County Cemetery book)]

Zinnie w/o W. B. Webb September 19, 1873-February 28, 1900 [Zena Martin. daughter of Thomas and Miriam Arley (Potter) Martin. Married Dec. 18, 1893 Warren Co., TN. W B was not the one who died in 1911, not the son of Joseph Webb]

Tommie Webb  February 27, 1900-March 4, 1900 [Son of W. B. Webb and Zinnie Martin]

Samp Martin 6 Oct 1846-28 Jan 1921 [Sampson, husband of Elizabeth Judkins, married 11 Dec 1873, Smithville, DeKalb County, Tennessee]

Harriet Martin w/o Louis Webb August 1, 1820-June, 1902 [Wife of Louis Webb]

Mary Davenport died 15 Aug 1908, aged about 63 years. [taken fron Warren County Cemetery book]

Robert Martin  February 1794-October 24, 1873 [Husband of Jennie Adcock]

Jennie Adcock w/o R. Martin  1796-September, 1881 [Wife of Robert Martin]

Mirom Mullican  June 28, 1827-March 6, 1901 [Dau of Julius Webb and Hannah Watkins, granddaughter of Byers Webb, Daniel Watkins and Elizabeth Byers, wife of Solomon T. Mullican]

S. T. Mullican  June 2, 1819-May 31, 1887 [Solomon T.., son of John Mullican and Nancy Tarwater, husband of Miriam Minerva Webb]

W. B. Mullican  February 17, 1871-May 11, 1872 [Son of Solomon T. Mullican and Miriam Webb]

Irene Mullican  July 29, 1868-April 22, 1933 [Dau of Sollomon T. Mullican and Miriam Webb]

M. A. w/o O. D. Green  September 8, 1850-August 15, 1889 [Nancy A., dau of Solomon T. Mullican and Mariam Webb, wife of Ozias Denton Green]

O. D. Green  September 28, 1848-August 6, 1917 [Ozias Denton, son of James Mooney Green and Sarah T. Womack, husband of 1st Nancy Ann Mullican, married (issued) 16 Feb 1867, McMinncille, Warren County, Tennessee, 2nd Sophronia Mitchell, married 6 Oct 1892, McMinnville, Warren County, Tennessee]

A. D. s/o O. D. & S. E. Green April 6, 1896-June 14, 1896 [Arsey Denton, son of Ozias Denton Green and Sophronia E. Mitchell]

W. M. s/o O. D. & S. E. Green  April 18, 1894-May 29, 1895 [Son of Ozias Denton Green and Sophronia E. Mitchell]

J. L. Mitchell  March 14, 1864-April 27, 1897 [Lee, son of Mark Mitchell and Samantha Clark]

Mark Mitchell  August 26, 1829-September 5, 1913 [Son of John Mitchell and Elizabeth Johnson, grand son of Mark Mitchell and Mary Rider, Martin Johnson and Jo Anson, husband of Samantha Emeline Clark, married Jan 13 1859 in Van Buren County, Tennessee]

Sallie E. Lane  July 6, 1863-January 21, 1938 [Dau of Solomon Mullican and Mariam Webb, Wife of Frank P. Lane]

Frank P. Lane  October 10, 1860-November 6, 1932 [Husband of Sallie E. Mullican, married 14 Nov 1883, McMinnville, Warren County, Tennessee]

Willie E. s/o F. P. & Sallie Lane May 20, 1897-October 4, 1909 [Son of Frank P. Lane and Sallie E. Mullican]

John J. Mullican  March 12, 1853-June 9, 1935 [Son of Solomon Mullican and Mariam Webb] single

James E. Lane  October 15, 1857-November 29, 1937 [Son of Endymon B. Lane and Matilda Stewart, Husband of Mary J. Mullican, married 9 Jan 1878, McMinnville, Warren County, Tennessee]

Mary Mullican  June 27, 1858-blank (High's funeral marker)[Dau of Solomon Mullican and Mariam Webb, Wife of James E. Lane]
Are these two the same????
Mary Jane Lane died June 4, 1941  aged 82 yrs. 11 mos. 7 ds.

Mirom I. Lane  January 25, 1882-May 15, 1899  Our daughter [Dau of Frank P. Lane and Mary J. Mullican]??????

Helen M. Lane  March 6, 1880-October 10, 1898  Our daughter [Dau of James E. Lane and Mary J. Mullican]

Joal Perry  April 12, 1831-November 19, 1898 Soldier in Rebel War [Son of James Perry and Nancy Roberts, grand son of Ruben Roberts and Mary Millie Asher, husband 1st Narcissa Fisher, Married 8 Dec 1862, McMinnville, Warren County, Tennessee, 2nd Susan Cantrell, married 21 Nov 1867, McMinnville, Warren County, Tennessee]

Baby Clide Moon  April 4, 1900-September 25, 1901

Baby Lillian Jane Moon  January 30, 1896-August 18, 1896

  ...(broken)...  ???. 1906-January 23, 1907

Infant of Jas. & Malvina Purser  (three stones exactly alike) [infants of James Purser and Melvina Cantrell]

James Mullican 8 Nov 1787-          [Son of John Mullican and Nancy Tarwatter, wife of Mary Womack, (taken fron Warren County Cemetery book)]

William M. Cantrell  July 4, 1887-January 6, 1888.

W. M. Cantrell  1853-September 28, 1887.

Zanie M. Cantrell  April 15, 1880-December 19, 1889.

Malvina w/o Jas. Purser  August 2, 1845-July 27, 1898 [Dau of William W. Cantrell and Sarah Mullican, Wife of James Purser, married 18 Feb 1872, McMinnville, Warren County, Tennessee]

Hiram K. Martin 1854-1915 [Husband of Louisa D. Couch, married 27 Nov 1879, McMinnville, Warren County, Tennessee]

Louisa Denton Martin 21 Nov 1858-Nov 28 1922 [daughter of Joseph W. Couch and Nancy Pinkney Womack, wife of Hiram K. Martin (taken from Warren County Cemetery book)]

C. W. Mooneyham  January 3, 1839-March 23, 1929 [Charles W., Husband 1st Martha Clark, 2nd married 18 Oct 1914, McMinnville, Warren County, Tennessee to Annie Mullican, born Feb 24 1847-Oct 9 1924, buried Goodson Cemetery, Rock Island, Warren County, Tennessee]

Martha A. Mooneyham  January 30, 1846-March 29, 1899  [Dau of James Clark and Rebecca ________, 1st wife of Charles W. Mooneyham.

Minnie Mooneyham  December 17, 1871-October 18, 1895 [Dau of William Mullican and Lucinda Womack, 2nd wife of Charles W. Mooneyham, buried at Goodson Cemetery]??????? Could be a dau. This is a dau- see DeKalb census 1880???

Mattie d/o C.W.& Martha Mooneyham April 2, 1883-January 27, 1888 [Dau of Charles W. Mooneyham and Martha A. Clark]

J. M. Walker  March 11, 1828-February 22, 1893 [Jacob M. Sr., Husband of Cathren ________]

A. T. Walker  July 20, 1872-December 1, 1897 "A little time on Earth he spent, Til God for him his angel sent."

Cathern w/o J. M. Walker August 20, 1827-November 20, 1897 [Wife of Jacob M. Walker Sr.]

J. M. Walker, Jr.  June 13, 1857-March 1, 1912 [Jacob M.]

Sarah E. d/o J. J. & L. Martin died May 4, 1878  4 mos 4 ds.