The Family Bible of
Oliver Perry Grissom
Sahra (Sally) Rebecca Whaley Grissom
Submitted by Lynn Graham

A copy of this Bible is in the possession of Lynn Graham.

(NOTE:) Sahra (Sally) Rebecca Whaley was the daughter of Seth Whaley and his 2nd wife, Mary Ross. Seth Whaley, b. 18 June 1824 was the s/o Elijah Whaley, b. 1792, who came to Liberty, Tn. about 1804/5 with his family as part of the group of Maryla nd families who helped settle the town. Elija was the s/o Thomas Whaley and Margaret Bratten.


This Certifies
Was Celebrated Between

Oliver P. Grissom of Carthage, Mo.
and Sahra R. Whaley of Forest Home, Mo.
On December 16, 1886 at Forest Home, Mo.
by Elder Fenton.

Witness Cora Whaley
Mr. & Mrs. S. M. Whaley


O. P. Grissom was born Sept. 13, 1864
Sallie R. Grissom was born Oct. 20, 1864
Loula Grissom was born Feb. 8, 1888
Charley Oliver Grissom Was born Oct. 8, 1889
Baby Grissom was born Aug. 1, 1899
Martella Grissom was born Nov. 13, 1900
Phillip Allen Grissom was born Nov. 13, 1904


Baby Grissom died Aug. 1, 1898
Oliver P. Grissom died Feb. 18, 1920
Sallie R. Grissom died Nov. 18, 1931
Loula Grissom died Feb. 8, 1941


Oliver P. Grissom and Sahra Rebecca married Dec. 16, 1886
Martella Grissom and Jesse V. Lair were married July 5, 1920
Charles O. Grissom and Lillian Dorsey was married (page torn, no date)

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