The Family Bible of
Elijah Whaley
Submitted by
Dale Givan Cantrell

A copy of this Bible is in the possession of Dale Givan Cantrell of Liberty, Tennessee.



No. 171 Market Street


I. Ashmead & Co. Printers

(NOTE:) There is two sets of pages in this Bible. One set is the original Elijah Whaley pages.
The other set is loose in the bible with a different border and different handwriting,
and are pages from Isaac Whaley Bible. (maybe taken from a dam aged Bible and passed down this way.)


Elijah Whaley Was born Feby the 24 1792
Rebecca Whaley Was born Feby 8th 1800
Thomas R. Whaley Was born Sept 27th 1817
Isaac Whaley Was born Sept 14 1819
Wm H Whaley Was Born March 14th 1821
Seth M.Whaley Was born June 18th 1824
John D. Whaley Was Born June 4 1826
Matilda G Whaley Was born October 28 1832
L.B. Whaley Was Born Feby 12th 1836
Elijah Thomas Whaley was born Feb 3rd 1876
Lena Patton Whaley was born 2nd Jan 1893


Elijah Whaley Died November the 16th 1859
Rebeca P Whaley Died July the 30 Day of 1868
Thomas R. Whaley Died October 30th, ____
William H. Whaley Died December 30th, 1872
Seth M. Whaley Died June 19th 1899
Isaac Whaley died Feb 18th 1901
Matilda G. Beckwith Died June 2nd 1907
J.D. Whaley Died May 26, 1911
L.B. Whaley Died June 15 1911
Lucetta A. Whaley Died January 26th, 1875
Mary A.C. Whaley died September 29th 1905
Mrs. Minnie Hass Whaley Died March 29 1933
Elijah Thomas Whaley Died Oct 29, 1957


Elijah Whaley and Rebecca Dougherty Was married June 20 1816
Thos. R. Whaley and Eliza Eavins Was married May 31 1838
Isaac Whaley and Nancy A. Moore Was married March the 9 1841
Seth M. Whaley and Nancy C. Kelly Was married Sept 6th 1842
John D. Whaley and Lucetta A. Bratten Was married Jany 20th 1847
Jas R. Beckwith and Matilda G. Whaley Was married March 28 1849
Wm. H Whaley & Sarah A. Moore Was married Dembr the 24 1840
L.B. Whaley and Mattie Hash Was married Dember the 5th 1860
E.T. Whaley and Minnie Hass Was married Sept 28th __99
E.T. Whaley & Lena Patton married June 3 1934

(NOTE: On a paper attatched to the inside back cover is the following:)

Family Record

John Dougherty born Oct 12th 1768
Nancy Davidson Jan 10th 1772
Married July 28th 1790
Peggy R. Dougherty born June 18th 1791
Sallie Root Dougherty born March 24th 1793
Betsy D. Dougherty born April 6th 1795
Polly N. Dougherty born August 27 and died July 1797 aged two years
Rebecca R. Dougherty born Feb 8th 1800
John R. Dougherty born July 29th 1802
Nancy D. Dougherty born Feb 12th 1805
Harriet B Dougherty born August 22 1808
Charlotte R. Dougherty born Oct 3 1810
James H. Dougherty born April 26th 1813
Peggy died Nov 2 1828
Nancy died May 17 1830
Betsy died July 26th 1837
Harriet B. died Jan 17th 1841

Pages from Isaac Whaley Bible


Isaac Whaley was born Sept the 14th 1819
Nancy A Whaley was Born february the 12th 1825,
Elijh. Madsen Whaley was Born July the 21 1842
Talitha Jane Whaley was Born Sept the 29 1844
Lemuel M. Whaley was Born October the 19 1846
Nancy D. Whaley the Daughter of John and Elizabeth Borum was Born April the 8 1817
Jacob E Moore was born August 4th 1831
John Willliam Whaley was Born July the 15 1850
Martha Evaline Whaley was Born August the 19 1852
Eliza Whaley was Born March 2nd 1859?? (very hard to read)
Nancy E. Whaley was Born the 3 June 1863 Formrly Hawker
Robert Stark Born 21 Jany 1882
Lofto. J. Stark was Born Mar the 25th 1886
James P. Stark was born Dec the 1 1853
Martha E. Stark was born Aug the 19 1852
John R. Stark was born Jan the 21 1882
James Lofton Stark was born Mar the 25 1886
Anie Lee Stark was born May the 27 1904


Isaac Whaley & Nancy A Moore Was Marid March the 9th 1841
Isaac Whaley & Nancy D Borum was Marid July the 24 1849 Daughter of John & Elizabeth Borum
Abram Witt and Talitha J Whaley was Marid April the 12 1866
Eligh. M. Whaley and Eliza Bethel was Maried January the 2 1868
Eliza M Whaley was Maried to R F Jones March 17 1877
M E Whaley was Marid to J. P. Starks on Sept the 23 1879
Isaac Whaley & Nancy Elizabeth Hawker was Marred Janry the 11 1888
Abner S. Leach & Martha J. Sanford was Marrid on the 30th July 1854
Lemuel M. Whaley was Maried to Magrett Evins
John Robert Stark was maried to Carie Drifoos Decmber th 23 1902


Nancy A. Whaley Departed this life Oct the 1st 1847 aged 22 years and 7 Months and 20 Days
John W. Whaley Departed this Life July the 28 1881 Age thirty one years & thirteen Days
Nancy D Whaley Depated this Life on the 9 Day of Decmber 1881 at three o clock
in the Evening aged sixty four years eight Month and one Day
Mrs Eliza Jones wife of R F Jones Departed this life Feby 17 1899 aged 42
Tlitha Ja Witt departed this life May the 22on 1899
Iisaac Whaley departed this life Febuary the 18th 1901
Elijah Whaley Died Nov 16 1859
Rebeca P Whaley Departed this Life July 30 1868

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