The Family Bible of
Andrew Lafayette and Mary Elizabeth (Farmer) Vandagriff
of Dowelltown, Tennessee

Submitted by Athol K. Foster

This Bible is in the possession of Mary Sue Foster Smiley. Photocopies in possession of Athol K. Foster.


Containing the Old and New Testaments

Translated Out of The Original Tongues

and with

Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised

New York

International Bible Agency

150 fifth Avenue

Dekalb County, Tennessee

A. L. Vandagriff was Married to Mary Elizabeth Farmer April 2, 1893

Dekalb County, Tennessee

A. L. Vandagriff was borned Feb. 8, 1869

Mary Elizabeth Farmer was borned March 17, 1872 (Note: She was known to everyone as Susie)

W. T. Vandagriff was borned Feb. 16, 1894

J. F. Vandagriff was borned May 26, 1896

L. H. Vandagriff was borned July 19, 1898

Effie Lee Vandagriff was borned Jan. 28, 1902

Locie Cleo Vandagriff was borned Oct. 12, 1904

Dekalb County, Tennessee

A. L. Vandagriff died April 21, 1921

L. H. Vandagriff died Sept. 22, 1917

Effie Lee Vandagriff Hooper died Feb. 19, 1965 (Note: Died in Davidson Co., Tn.)

Susie Farmer Vandagriff died Feb. 14 1967

William Troy Vandagriff died Oct. 29, 1979 (Note: Died in Warren Co., Tn.)

John Floyd Vandagriff died Jan. 10, 1985

Cleo Foster Vandagriff died Nov. 13, 1989 (Note: Died in Rutherford Co., Tn.)

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