The Family Bible of
William Harrison Tramel

Information copied from a Bible that belonged to William Harrison Tramel. These names were transcribed about 1967 by Thelma Marie (Pike) Crowley, a great-granddaughter. (At that time, the Bible was in the possession of a grandson of William H. Tramel.) Submitted by Brenda Hardesty

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William H. Tramell was born June the 26th 1834
Polly An Tramell was born August the 26, 1836
Annis Tramell was born December the 8, 1838
Shadrick Tramell was born April the 11th 1841
Daniel Tramell was born December the 24th 1843
John T. Tramell was born March the 16, 1846
Margaret A. (called Peggy) Tramell was born the 10th of Sept 1848

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Nancy Tramell was born February the 6th, 1811
W.G. Tramel was born August 13, 1866
Mary Elizabeth Tramel was born 24 of May 1867
J.D. Tramel was born March 4, 1870
Tennie Tramel was born June 11, 1872
Jackson M. Tramel was born Jan. 20, 1875
Winket A. Tramel was born Nov. the 1st 1876
Cory F. Tramel was born July 8th 1878

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Sisarow A. Hullet was born January 22, 1857
Jonathan L. Hullet was born March 2, 1860
Carol S. Tramel was born May 16th 1857
Elonzo H. Tramel was born Nov. 24th 1859
Eligih Tramel was born Nov. 24th 1860
Armintia Tramel was born Nov. 6th 1862
Louisa E. Tramel was born July 7th 1843
Wm. H. Tramel was born June 26th 1834

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Armitia Tramel died August the 24th, 1869
Mary E. Tramel died September the 10th, 1869
W.H. Tramel died October the 20th 1889
J.D. Tramel died June 15, 1894
Winnie B. Tramel was born Feb. 13, 1900
W.G. Tramel died Dec. 19, 1955
Eligeh Tramel died Sept. 20, 1938. Buried Kerens, Texas (Navarro Co.)

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Sarah J. Tramel was born July the 5th 1814
Thena Davis Tramel Born April 21, 1864. Died May 20, 1943
Melvney Spencer Tramel born August 23, 1866. Died Jan. 30, 1918

My Line of Descent

William Harrison Tramel
James Dennis Tramel
Carey Livingstone Tramel
Brenda Tramel

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