The Family Bible of
James Snow
Dry Creek,
DeKalb County, Tennessee
Submitted by Thomas G. Webb

This Bible is in the possession of Thomas G. Webb, 835 South College St., Smithville, Tn., 37166. The bible was previously owned by James Madison Snow, son of James Snow.

NOTE:Some corrections have been made. They are shown inside the brackets [ ].

The Holy Bible
Copyright 1869

William L. Snow was born the 29 Day of August 1843
Ebenezer Snow was born the 6 Day of May 1845
Samuel Snow was born the 7th Day of October 1846
James M. Snow was born the 17th Day of February 1847 [1848]
Mahala Snow was born the 17th Day of January
Francis M. Snow was born the 30 Day of Aprile 1851
Martha Snow was born the 20th Day of November 1852
Mary Elisabeth Snow was born the 3 Day of October 1854
Talitha C. Snow was born the 25th Day of Sept 1856
Lisey Ethiel Snow was born the 9th Day of Aprile 1858
Cusey C. Snow was born the 23rd Day of January 1860 [Susie]
Erastis H. Snow was born August the 12, 1862
Henry Lee Snow was born the 9 Day of July 1865


Ebenezer Snow and Nancy his wife was married January 1866
James Mattison Snow was married and George An his wife
the Second Day of January 1868 [3 Jan. 1869]
Samuel Snow and Alsey his wife was married the 21st Day of January 1869
Francis Marion Snow and Sarah his wife was married May the 24th 1874
P. B. Bluhm and Mary Elisabeth his wife was Married the 29th Day of January 1878
D. P. Moser was married the 15 Febuary to L. E. B. Snow 1880

NOTE: A separate marriage certificate gives the following:

This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between James Snow of Decalb County, Ten. and Elizabeth G. Parker of Decalb County, Tenn. on the 19th of Jan. 1843 at the hous of L. Parker by Gilbert Williams, Esq. Witness Wm. Braswell-Witnes s John Davis.

Martha Snow Departed this life Octtober the 20th 1871
Alsey Snow Wife of Samuel Snow Departed this life the 11th Day of June 1867
Cathrine Snow Wife of Samuel Snow Departed this life October the 19th 1878
Henry Clay Snow was born the 21st Day of May 1878 and
Departed this life the 10th Day of October 1879
King James Snow was born the 11th Day of September 1875
Willie Crips departed this life September the 21, 1890
Sheley Snow was born the 24 day March 1882
Lisey Snow Was born the 12 day of March 1884
Aela Snow was born the 18 Day March 1876 [Ada]

FAMILY HISTORY: A Record of Important Events

William Snow departed this life May the 21 Day 1886
Mahala Snow his Wife Departed this life March the 10th 1865
Ader Zona Snow was born the 18th Day of March 1876
James Snow Departed this life May the 13 1894
The warme winter 1879
The Grate Storme 23rd Day of Aprile at night 1878
The grate Droth the Sumer 1881

Wiley Snow Started to the Arkinsaw the 18 Day of October 1881
The hard winter 1884


The DeKalb County, Tennessee marriage Book B, Page 25- Wiley Snow Married Catherine Scott 15 May 1850 by Thos. Simpson, J. P.

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