The Family Bible of
James Monroe Rogers

Published 1857
The Printing Establishment
of the
United Brethren in Christ
Dayton, Ohio
Bible in possession of L. L. Banks - Transcribed by Thomas E. Simpson 9/6/99

J. M. Rogers to Lena Clark July 28th 1859
J. M. Rogers to Martha E. Olmstead Nov 2d 1870
Lina Caro Rogers to Petway Banks April 6th 1879


J. M. Rogers born August 4th 1832
Lena Rogers born April 11th 1842
Caro Rogers born Feb 5th 1861
Ivan D. Rogers born April 8th 1863
Karl Rogers born January 23d 1879
Laura Mable Rogers was born June 15, 1882
Emaline Rogers was born Dec 14, 1889
Ethel Myrtle Banks was born May 11th AD 1880
Wm Clark Banks was born June 25th 1882
Mary Lina Banks was born Feb 1, 1885
John Ivan Banks was born Aug 3rd 1887
Charley Carter Banks was born Oct 25, 1889
Harmon Monroe Banks was born Feb 8, 1892


Lena Rogers died April 12th 1869
Rachel Banks wife of E. H. Banks died May 28, 1885
Willie Clark Banks departed this live August 17, 1884
Mary Lina Banks departed this life Sept 20, 1886
John Ivan Banks departed this life Sep 30, 1961
Berta Beckwith Banks departed this life April 4, 1974
Harmon Monroe Banks departed this life Sept 30, 1980. Buried at Salem Cem. Liberty, Tenn.

Line of Descent

James Monroe Rogers and Lena Clark
Lina Caro Rogers and William Petway Banks
John Ivan Banks and Berta Beckwith
Elizabeth Banks and James Simpson
Thomas E. Simpson

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