The Phares Laurance
Family Bible

Submitted by Tom Simpson

This Bible is in the possession of Tom Simpson. Tom Simpson.

Published by B. Waugh and T. Mason

For the Methodist Episcopal Church

At the Conference Office

200 Mulberry St. New York

J. Collard, Printer--1834


Phares Laurence was born June 26th 1793

Katharine Laurence was born March 13th 1793

Elizabeth Laurence was born August 14th 1820

Susan Laurence was born December 6th 1821

Christianna Laurence was born May 10th 1823

James Henderson Laurence was born May 10th 1825

William Carrol Laurence was born April 18th 1827

Artimesa Laurence was born Sep 26th 1830

Helen Laurence was born June 16th 1832


Pharaes Laurance deceased this life May the 31th 1852

James Henderson Laurance deceased this life Oct the 7th 1854

James Henderson Davis deceased this life March the 24th 1858

Katharin Laurance deceased this life May the 3 1873

William Carrol Lawrence deceased this life December the 21th 1909

Artimesia Simpson deceased this life January the 6th 1904

(Note: The Last 3 entries under Deaths were probably made by Rowena Simpson who passed the Bible down to Her nephew Robert Simpson(my Grandfather).

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