The Family Bible of
Kate Lancaster Whaley
submitted by
Georgia Reese

The original Bible is in the possession of Georgia Reese of Concord, California.

NOTE: Thomas R. Whaley is a grandson of Thomas Whaley and Margaret Bratten. He is the oldest son of Elijah Whaley b.1792 and Rebecca Dougherty who settled in Liberty, TN. He is the brother of Isaac Whaley, Seth M. Whaley, John D. Whaley, Matilda G. Whaley, William H. Whaley, Lemuel B. Whaley and Elijah Thomas Whaley. In the mid-1850s, Thomas and several of his brothers settled in Mt. Vernon, Lawrence Co., Missouri.






This is to CERTIFY that JOHN MARSHALL STOTTS and KATE LANCASTER WHALEY were united by me in HOLY MATRIMONY at Mt. Vernon, Lawrence Co., MO. in the 9th day of October in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty One in the presence of witnesses GEORGE WHALEY and KATE TURK. Signed by Rev. J. M. Fenton


William Stotts b. February 23, 1818 Adair Co., Ky. d. June 30, 1891 Mt. Vernon, Mo.
Mary Ann Moore b. April 23, 1824 Adair Co., Ky. d. December 31, 1900 Stotts City, Mo.

Thomas R. Whaley b. April 27, 1817 DeKalb Co., Tn. d. October 30, 1871 Mt. Vernon, Mo.
Eliza Evans b. April 9, 1822 Tennessee d. October 31, 1861 Illinois


John Marshall Stotts b. August 4, 1860 Adair Co., Ky. d. May 22, 1915 Coffeeville, Ks.
Kate Lancaster Whaley b. December 18, 1858 Mt. Vernon, MO. d. June 2, 1941 Coffeeville, Ks.


James Ones Stotts b. August 20, 1882 Aurora, Mo. d. June 1, 1883
Troy Bascom Stotts b. March 11, 1884 Aurora, Mo. d.1916 Married: Florence Fuller
Nellie Kate Stotts b. February 20, 1888 Aurora, Mo. d. June 1, 1889 Aurora, Mo.
Anna Lulu Stotts b. July 27, 1890 Aurora, Mo. d. December 13, 1972 Sacramento, Ca.
Married: John Clyde Byers on August 3, 1907
Willie Margaret Stotts b. 1893 Aurora, Mo. Married: Will Decker
Richard Bryan Stotts b. 1897 Aurora, Mo. Married: Stella Hubard
Charles Russell Stotts b. 1900 Aurora, Mo. d. September 1919 Oklahoma
Baby Stotts b. est. October 17, 1903 Oklahoma d. October 27, 1903 Oklahoma


John Marshall Stotts, Fair View Cemetery, Coffeyville, Kansas, Lot 98
Russell Stotts, Fair View Cemetery, Coffeyville, Kansas
Kate Stotts, Fair View Cemetery, Coffeyville, Kansas

NOTE: Following are handwritten pages inserted into the Bible.

BIRTHS Thomas R. Whaley b/ Sept 27, 1817
Eliza Evans Whaley b/April 9, 1822
William E. Whaley b/May 6, 1839
James E. Whaley b/Feb 22, 1842
Mary R. Whaley b/June 16, 1844
John L. Whaley b/Dec 13, 1846
Emily A. Whaley b/June 27, 1849
Thomas O. Whaley b/Mar 6, 1853
Kate Lancaster Whaley b/Dec 18, 1858
Mattie E. Whaley b/June 6, 1861
Charles B. Whaley b/April 12, 1869
(Note: Charles B. is the son of Thomas R. Whaleys and wife Martha A. Fike m. July 2, 1863)


Thomas R. Whaley & Eliza Evans May 31, 1838
Mary R. Whaley & A. L. Phariss July 3, 1862
Emma A. Whaley & John Brown Aug 17, 1865
John L. Whaley & Mary Crawford April 10, 1866
James E. Whaley & Martha A. Mathes October 25, 1867
Kate Lancaster Whaley & John Marshall Stotts October 9, 1881
Thomas O. Whaley & Ada Flippen October 29, 1882


John M. Stotts Aug 4, 1860
Kate L. Whaley Stotts Dec 18, 1858
James Oness Stotts Aug 20, 1882
Troy Bascom Stotts March 11, 1884
Nellie Kate Stotts Feb 20, 1888
Anna Lulu Stotts (Lulu Ann)July 27, 1890
Willie M. Stotts b. April 18, 1893
Richard Byran. Stotts Feb 15, 1897
Charles B. Stotts April 4, 1900
Baby Stotts October 17, 1903
(NOTE: //although the name Anna Lulu was entered into the Bible, she preferred to be legally known as Lulu Ann Stotts.)


William E. Whaley Sept 5, 1844, Lawrence Co.,MO
Eliza Evans Whaley Oct 31, 1861, Illinois
Mary R. Phariss Sept 11, 1870
Thomas R. Whaley October 30, 1871 Mt. Vernon, MO
James E. Whaley April 4, 1876
Martha E. Whaley March 3, 1882
James O.Stotts June 1, 1883
Emma A. Brown June 7, 1884
Nellie Kate Stotts June 1, 1889
John L. Whaley November 16, 1893
Thomas O. Whaley June 23, 1896
Baby Stotts October 27, 1903
John Marshall Stotts May 22, 1915
Kate Lancaster Stotts June 2, 1941
Charles Russell Stotts September 1919

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