The James A. Yeargin Family Bible

Submitted by
Layde Jane Hunter

Copies of this Bible in possession of Layde Jane Hunter of McMinnville, Tn.

Mr. James A. Yeargin 
is a shareholder of the BOOK AND TRACT SOCIETY of the conference to the
amount of one Hundred Dollars which entitles ------- to this Bible and for _______
self and those inheriting the same Perpetual Membership in said Society and to
-------- dollars annually in Books and Tracts at Catalogue prices forever. 

Perpetual Genealogical
Family Register
Entirely New and Original
Published by the
Southern Methodist Publishing House

J.A. Yeargin, Nashville, Tennessee, July 16, 1870 (Found on the first page of
the Bible. The second fly page of the Bible carries the same name and date
as above and in another handwriting the name and date as recorded below.)

J.A. Yeargin, Nashville, Tennessee, April 25, 1850

James A. Yeargin
(Hand written to the side is son of John and Judith, grandson of William, b. 1760.)

James A. Yeargin of Nashville was born Sept. 27, 1825. Died Nashville, Tn.,
Oct. 11, 1890, aged 65 years, 1 mo., 3 days

Louisa Yeargin of Va. was born Oct. 6, 1827. Died Nashville, Tn. on Oct 11, 1896,
aged 69 years, 5 days

Marshal L. Yeargin of Tn. was born April 7, 1851 (date not clear) Died in Jacksonville, Fl

J.A. Yeargin son of John Yeargin and L.C. Yeargin, dau of John Minor, were married April 25, 1850

James A. Yeargin, son of John and Judith Yeargin, and Louise Carter Minor, the dau of
John Benjamin and Louisa Minor, were married DeKalb Co. Tn April 25, 1850

James A. Yeargin, 2nd Sargt. Davidson Co. Roster of Confederate Soldiers, p. 190. ---------- Tennessee Volunteers. He was wounded at the battle of Murfreesboro and taken prisoner. His condition critical, he was paroled by his personal friend, Andrew Johnson, Military Gov of Tn, later President of the USA.

Florence Hardina Yeargin, dau of James A. Yeargin was born Oct. 6, 1851 (?) Baptized by Rev. R.W. Young. Died at Staton Island, NY on Jan 7, 1932. (Unable to determine age.)

Thomas B. Yeargin son of James A. Yeargin born July 28, 1854. Died in Nashville Tn April 16 1927 aged 73? years 3 mos.

Frank H. Yeargin, son of J.A. Yeargin, born Nov 30, 1856. Died in Nashville Tn Feb 14 1921 aged 65 years 8 mos 16

Mary Clara Yeargin, dau of James A. Yeargin, born Sept 2, 1859. Died in Nolensville, Tn, Oct 29, 1940. aged 81 years 1 mo 27days

S.P. Key of Sumner Co. Tn, born in Sumner Co. at Bethpage, Dec 24, 1848. Died in Tracy City, Tn Jun 29, 1913 age 65 yrs 6 mo 4 days (Hand written above this entry is in-law of Florence H. Yeargin.)

Ladye B Yeargin, born in Nashville, Tn May 12, 1880. Died Louisville, Ky Feb 15 1934
(Handwritten, Could this be the dau of Thomas B. Yeargin?)

____ P. Key, son of P.W. Key and Florence H. Yeargin, dau of James A. Yeargin, were Married in Nashville Tn on Mar 12 1874 by Rev. F. R. Hill

Thomas Bolling?? Yeargin, son of James A. Yeargin, and Addie Williams, dau of Wm. Carroll and Rachel Williams, were married in Nashville, Tn Aug 7, 1879

William Cass Williams, son of William Carroll and Rachel Sloan Williams and Mary Clara Yeargin, dau of James A. Yeargin were married in Nashville, Tn, Nov 17, 1881

James White Gillock, son of Kurd Gillock and Ladye Betty Yeargin, dau of Thomas B. and Addie Yeargin, were married in Nashville Sept 3 1901

Children of Ladye Yeargin Gillock and James White Gillock

1. Curd H. Gillock
2. Elvin Gillock (The name is Elsie.)
3. Ladye Elizabeth Gillock
4. Albert Fite Gillock

Louise Carter Minor, born near Mathews Court House, Virginia, moved to Alexandria, Tn about
1846. Here she married James A. Yeargin, April 25, 1850. Her mother Louisa Bolling Carter
was born in Richmond, Va 1803, died in Hashville Tn on Sep 27, 1864, married John B. Minor
at Mathews Court House, Va. She was the dau of Catherine Neale.

Marshall S. Yeargin of Nashville Tn was born in DeKalb Co. Tn April 7, 1854

??? W. Bradley of Ky born Jan 22, 1853 (Handwritten to the side, Could this be the wife of Marshall?)

Lillian Yeargin born Nashville on Nov 20, 1881

Myrtle Yeargin born Nashville Tn Aug. ?, 1874 (Handwritten on side Child of Marshall?)

Jimmie T. Yeargin born in Nashville on May 27 1879. Died in Nashville Nov. 16 1882

Lottie May Yeargin born in Nashville Tn Dec 30, 1881. Died Sept 19 1882

Gertrude Key, dau of B.P. and Florence Key, born Nashville Tn Mar 18 1877

F.H. Yeargin born in Nashville Tn Nov 30 1856/96

Kate and Marshall Yeargin, son of J.A. Yeargin and L.C. Yeargin and dau of Col. William Bradley, were married in Madisonville Ky Nov 27 1872 by Rev D.F. Dempsy, D.D.

Richard Beard, son of William Ewing Beard and Lillian Yeargin dau of Thomas Bolling and Addie Williams Yeargin were married 1902 3 sons: Richard, Randolph, William Ewing Beard

James White Gillock died Oct 9, 1949 in Pasadena Calif

Clarence M. Batey, son of D.C. Batey of Murfreesboro, Tn and Myrtle Yeargin, dau of M.L. and K.W. Yeargin, were married in Nashville Tn Sept. 30, 1892.

?????? Yeargin was Trustee of Elm Street Methodist Church and assisted indedication services held byBishop D.S. Doggett in July 1871 at Nashville Tn.

Between Graham and Greenville Ky is Yeargin's Chapel. John Yeargin, father of James A. Yeargin gave this land and helped build it. In use 1952.

Robert Royal and Gertrude Key, dau of Balie P. and Florence Key were married in Tracy City Tn Lizzie and Frank Yeargin, son of Jas. A. Yeargin and L.C. Yeargin, dau of P. Crin and H. Crin were married in Boston, April 30 1878 by ?. W. Walker, D.D.

Tradition of the Minor family: That Catherine Neale, wife of Capt. John Carter, was born inthe governors Palace at Williamsburg Va. That the Minors were descendants of Pocahontas

Addie Williams, dau of Wm Carroll and Rachel Williams was born in Nolensville Tn. July 18 1859. Died in Nashville Tn Mar 14 1891

Gladys Marten Batey, dau of C.M. and ?? Batey born Nashville Tn July 18 1892

Herman Yeargin, son of T.B. Yeargin born in Nashville Tn Jan 20 1887 died in Chicago, Ill Dec 1933

Rachel Louisa Williams, dau of C.M. and Cass Williams born in Nashville Tn Aug. 27, 1882. Baptised June 12 1886 by R.R. Jones

Greenfield Williams son of Clara and Cass Williams

Herman Yeargin, son of Thomas B. and Addie Williams Yeargin and Elizabeth Hanna were married in Nashville Tn.

Orris A. Couch, son of E.W. Couch and Rachel Louisa Williams, dau of William Cass and Mary Clara Williams were married in Nashville Tn Mar 1 1902 by Rev O.B. Clo??

Capt. John Carter married Catherine Neal, both born in Va. Their dau, Louise Bolling Carter Married John Benjamin Minor. Their dau, Louisa Carter Minor married James A. Yeargin. Their dau Mary Clara Yeargin married William Cass Williams. Their son Lou is Cass Williams married Rosa ??Lelars. Their dau is Betty Law Williams.

Bible Records of Families of East Tennessee, Tennessee State Society Daughters of the American Colonists and James White Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, 1960, Vol. 11, F 442.1, p33 V2, pp. 235 through 240. Also on microfilm #8074325.

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