The Family Bible of
William Carroll Hendrixson and Samantha Jane Robinson

Submitted by Robert White.

This Bible is in the possession of Jack Estes, Smithville, Tn. and was copied exactly as entered in the Bible. Copies in possession of Robert White.

(NOTE: This couple was married in Dekalb County, Tn., Jan. 2, 1873 by J. B. Taylor, JP)

William Carroll Hendrixson Born Nov. 18, 1853 Died 11-16-1937

His parents Johnithon Jackson Hendrixson and Beedie Jane Parkerson.

Grandparents Jimmy Hendrixson, Sarah Jones, Joe Abb Parkerson, Beedie Page.

Samantha Jane Robinson Born Aug. 6-1854 Died 5-15-1944

Plesant Hendrixson Born March 17, 1874

Charlie J. Hendrixson Born Sept. 12, 1876

Andrew Josiah Hendrixson Dec. 4, 1878

Martha Jane Oct. 13, 1881

William Tolbert April 2, 1884

John A. Hendrixson May 2-1887

Rosco Nathanial Jan. 16, 1890

Edney Floyd Sept. 23, 1893

Mary Eva April 11, 1900

(Note: On another page, more information, some repetition)

W. C. Hendrixson-Born Nov. 18, 1853.
His parents-Jonithon Jackson Hendrixson and Beedie Jane Parkerson.

Grandparents-Jimmy Hendrixson, Sarah Jones. Joe Abb Parkerson, Beedie Page.

Samantha Jane Hendrixson (Robinson) Aug. 6-1854

Her Parents - Ples Robinson and Martha Taylor.

Grandparents - Bill Taylor and Elisabeth Allen

Grandparents - Sarah Bain and Billie Robinson. Their children, Levi, John, Andrew, Pleasant, Nancy,-married Jim Jones. Plina married Clar(s?) Allen, (Billie's Brother)Mack and Andy.

Levi Robinsons children - Delilia Sarah Martha, Tennie, Elisabeth, Hattie, John, Ples, Elbert, Winket, Ira.

John Robinson - no children

Andrew Robinson children- Noah, Pleasant, Henrfy, Emmaline, Martha.

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