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Layde Jane Hunter

Copies of this Bible in possession of Layde Jane Hunter of McMinnville, Tn.



George W. Hathaway was born December the 8th, 1849
Soliner J. Yeargin was born May the 25, 1852
Hattie Lee Hathaway was born August the 18, 1870
Mary Lena Hathaway was born August the 30, 1873
William Robert Hathaway was born September the 9, 1877
Charley Lewis Hathaway was born September the 24, 1878
George W. Hathaway was born February the 10, 188- (1880 or 1882?)
Sampson Newman Hathaway was born January the 1st, 1884


Minnie Lee Malone was born August the 15, 1889
Alton Roy Hathaway was born October 30, 1904
Charley Bates Hathaway was born June 12, 1906 and Died August 31, 1907
Ruthia Irene Hathaway was born July 13, 1908
Opal Lee Hathaway was born the 4th of February, 1912
Carol Jamerson Hathaway was born Marth 13, 1914
Adell L--irau was born July


George W. Hathaway and Soliner J. Yeargin were married December the 10th, 1869
J. C. Jones and Soliner J. Hathaway was married April the 17th, 1887
J. M. Malone and Hattie L. Hathaway was married September the 19th, 1888
Joseph Jordan and Mary Lena Hathaway was married February the 14th, 1892
W. R. Hathaway and Katy Lecroy was married January the 10th, 1897
S. N. Hathaway and Minnie Howard was married September the 4th, 1903
C. L. Hathaway and Miss Dora Brown was married September the 12th, 1910


George Washington Hathaway, Sr. died June the 3rd, 1883
George Washington Hathaway, Jr. died October the 31, 1899
Mrs. Katty Hathaway died April 5, 1926
J. C. Jones died March the 8th, 1930
Soliner Hathaway Jones died February 23, 1935

In 1980 the Family Bible of George W. and Selina Jane Hathaway Jones was in the possession of Jimmy Hathaway of New York (address unknown). Jimmy is the son of Alton Roy Hathaway and the grandson of Sampson Newman Hathaway. Information from the Bible is s ubmitted by Jeanne B. Ownsby Housley, 700 North Plano Road, Richardson, Texas 75081

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