The Family Bible of
George M. Hancock
Submitted by Dale Givan Cantrell

Photocopies in possession of Dale Givan Cantrell..

This is one of the Large, old Bibles, but the cover is off and there are no Publishing dates left. George M. is the brother of Gaylon Hancock (see that Bible for history).

Presented To: George M. Hancock (and several Scripture notes are all in the same writing)

Different writing just below George's name

Lela M. Hancock Married June 6, 1920
Earl & Juanita married January 28, 1950


J.M. Keaton was born June 20th, 1866
S.A. Keaton was born Jan. th 1, 1872
W.E. Keaton was born June 20th, 1890
Baby was born June 13th, 1896
M.D. Keaton was born June 15, 1897
L.M. Keaton was born May 13, 1900
N.L. Keaton was born August 28, 1903
S.A. Keatonwas born April 30, 1907
Nina Lee Keaton was born June 6, 1910
Ruby Keaton was born September 24, 1911
Earl D. Hancock was born Jan. 18th 1923
James W. Garland Keaton Born Jan. 5, 1928
James Edward Hancock Born Dec. 4, 1937


J.M. Keaton and S.A Bryson were united in marriage Aug. 15, 1889
Willie Keaton and Frankie Adamson were united in marriage Sept. 5, 1909
George Hancock and Lelar Mai Keaton were united in marriage June 6, 1920
Sammie Keaton and Lovie Dodd were united in marriage March 2, 1924
Gaylon Hancock and Nora Lee Keaton were united in marriage Aug. 5, 1934


Mathie D. Keaton died Dec. 11, 1918
Mrs. Susie Keaton Died Nov -29,-1934
J.M. Keaton died June -28 1939


Earl D. Hancock and juanita V. Hancock married January 28 --- 1950 at Murfreesboro, Tennessee
James E. Hancock and JoAnn Parton married Sept. 11, 1954 at Rossville, Ga.

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