The Robert Johnson Givan Family Bible
Liberty, Tn.

Submitted by Dale Givan Cantrell

This Bible is in the possession of Dale Givan Cantrell.

This Bible published in Philadelphia by Jesper Harding, No. 57 South Third Street, J. Harding, Printer, 1844.

(Note: Robert Johnson Givan is the 7th child of William and Sophia (Dale) Givan, some of the first settlers of Liberty, TN.)


Robert Givan Nancy (Groom) his wife was married Jan the 13 1842

Robert J Givan and Elisa Measels was married August the 29 1850 (Note: County Marriage record shows date as 5 Sept)

John H Allen and Eliza Givan was married Nov 13th 1859

J W Goggin Virginia F Givan was married the 14th Dept 1873


Robert J Givan born Aug the 9 1818

Nancy (Groom) Givan was born December the 25 1820

Caroline Givan was born Jan the 24 1843

Nancy Givan was born Jan the 24 1843

(Note: Gravestones for both of these shows dob as 1842)

Thomas Dale was born Mar the 12 day 1744

Elisabeth Dale was born (July was crossed out) April

Thomas Dale was born March the 1 day 1744

Elizabeth Dale was born April 12 day 1746

1 Adam Dale was born July 14th 1768

2 Elisabeth Dale was born January 29 1770

3 Ann Dale was born April the 4 1772

4 Martha MarKite (McKnight) Dale was born January the 21 1775

Thomass Dale was born April 15th 1778

Sophiah Dale was born October 25 1780

BIRTHS (next page)

William Dale born May ?? 4 1783

John E Dale was born May 12 1785

Mary Dale was born December 11 1788

Isaac Alexander Dale was born August the 12 1791

Virginna daughter of Robert J Givan and eliza his wife was born august the(? crossed out) July the 24 1851

(Note: The next entries are in a different hand and are probably family of Woolsey, a trusted slave that came with the family from Maryland as a young boy, see last birth date)

Sally Givan a black girl was born August the 7 1823

frank Givan was born December the 23 1841

James Givan was born December the 23 1841

Woolsey Givan was born Sept the 23 1849

Woolsey Givan Jun was born April 7 1793

(Note: Thomas and Elizabeth (Evans) Dale were the grandparents of Robert Johnson Givan and the Dale children were his aunts and uncles, except for Sophia, his mother.)


Nancy Givan Dec february the 18 1843

William Givan who Departed this life November the 3 day in the year of our Lord 1822 aged 45

Robert J. Givan who departed this life July the 15 1852

John. R. Allen Died March the 1st 1883

Virginia F. Goggin Died Sept 16th 1893

Eliza Allen died Feb. 15th, 1901.

John. H. Allen died June 17th, 1899.

niaz Givan was born February 17 1816

Continued on Blank Page (before New Testament)

Thomas Dale Died January the 6 1812 (Senior)

Elizabeth Dale Died January the 14 1829

Ann Dale April the 1 1797 (died)

Thomas Dale Died December the 24 1811 (Junior)

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