The Family Bible of
William L.D. Fuston

Submitted by
Jerry H. Parker
The Bible is in his possession.

What Therefore God Hath Joined Together Let Not Men Put Asunder
This is to Certify That W. L.D. Fuson of Youngblood, Tenn
and F. E. Braswell

Were United by Me in the Bonds of
Holy Matrimony

At Youngblood, Tennessee on the 15th day of
March in the year of our Lord 1887
in Presence of J. R. Fuson & Wife

Signed by: W. J. Vickers J.P.


Valter Ray Fuston + Verna Lee Ballinger - Oct 10, 1913
W. L. D. Fuston and F. E. Braswell Mar - 15 - 1887


V. R. Fuston, Aug 20, 1890
R. L. Fuston, Sep 14, 1893
Hattie May Fuston, July 14, 1886
Effie Lou Fuston July 17, 1898
James Luther Fuston Jan 2, 1901
( C. L. Fuston) Sister of above, Born Dec 8, 1888
W. L. D. Fuston March 21, 1865 3-21-65 2-28-48
Frances Ellie Fuston Feb 7th 1867 2-7-67 1-20-42


James Luther Fuston March 25, 1930
Effie Lou Griffith Feb 21, 1933
Robert Lee Fuston Aug 1, 1939
Frances Ellie Fuston Jan 20, 1942
William L.D. Fuston Feb. 28, 1948
Hattie Mae Fuston June 18, 1951
C. E. Fuston Dec 8, 1988 (died in infancy)
Verna Lee Fuston Oct 27, 1974
Valter Ray Fuston Dec 17, 1975

NOTE FROM JERRY: William L.D. Fuston was my great-grandfather. His Bible was passed to my grandfather to my mother (both deceased)and then to me. I am in possession of the Bible.

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