The Family Bible of
Alexander M. Ferrell

This Bible is in the possession of A. M. Ferrell, copied by Agnes Vanhooser and Clara Bing Sept. 10, 1937(Smithville, Tennessee)

(NOTE: This record was taken from Tennessee State Library and Archives film.)


A. M. Ferrell and S. G. Green
by E. E. Lane Esgr.

Tommie Ferrell and Mella Young
Married March 8, 1925

W. J. Ferrell and Annie Caldwell
Married June 22, 1920


Alexander M. Ferrell was born June 6th, 1868

S. J. Ferrell was born June 17, 1872

Wm Y. Ferrell was born Nov. 5, 1896

Thomas Ferrell Was born June 16, 1901

Lonzoe Ben Ferrell was born May 7, 1931

Ramon Ferrell was born June 9, 1929

Glades May Ferrell was born May 26, 1927

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