The source of this Bible record is the military files of three Gullett men from National Archives, Washington, DC
Submitted by
Judy Hugg Grimes.

STATE of TENNESSEE~This day personally appeared before county of DEKALB~me E.J.EVANS,clerk of this county court and county and state fore said:

W.T.GULLETT a person who I certify to be entitled to full faith and credit on his oath. Being only sworn according to law deposes and swears. That he is in possession of the family BIBLE which did belong to his father Reese Gullet and his mother Eady Gullet who is now on applicant for pension.

Date of BIBLE, eighteen hundred and twenty-one. further swears the following is a true copy of the record from said BIBLE. Reese Gullet was bornd December 13th 1794. Eady Gullet was bornd March 4th 1802. Reese Gullet and Eady Morgan Gullet was married August 5, 1832.

Births of children:

William T. Gullet was born August 29th 1833
George W. Gullet was born April23rd 1835
Joseph A. Gullet was born March 3rd 1837
Henry W. Gullet was born March 31 str 1839
Martha M. Gullet was born October 24th 1841
Reese Gullet died November 17th 1871.

Further swears he has no interest in said claim for pension. signed ( with a signature) WILLIAM T.GULLET sworn to and subscribed before me and I certify this is a correct and true copy from said BIBLE and it appears to be genuine further certify that I have no interest in said claim for a pension whatever this August 6th 1878 signed (with signature) E.J.Evans officer of Dekalb County,Tennessee

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