The Family Bible of
Christopher C. Vandagriff

Submitted by
Jerry H. Parker
The Bible is in his possession.

NOTE:The information is written on two blank pages in the Bible between the Old Testament and the New Testament.

(The first page contains the following handwritten information:)

Mary Elise Vandagriff Dec 14 - 1866
A. L. Vandagriff feb 7 - 1869
M. J. Vandagriff feb 7 - 1871
C. C. Vandagriff Jan 27 - 1875
E. A. Vandagriff sept 26 - 1878
I. A. Vandagriff July 24, 1882
J. W. Vandagriff mar 8, 1884
C. E. Vandagriff June 5, 1886
B. D. Vandagriff July 22, 1889

(The second blank page contains the following written information)

Family Record

C. C. Vandagriff Born Jan 27 - 1875
Mary Bell Vandagriff Born 10th July 1882
C. C. Vandagriff and Mary Bell Denton was married Dec 25, 1901
Gracie Vandagriff Born Nov 8th 1902
Virgil Lee Vandagriff Born July 13th 1904
George calvin Vandagriff was Born June 17 - 1908
Elmer Ray Vandagriff was Born Jan 21, 1913

All Bornd in DeKalb County Tenn.

NOTE FROM JERRY: I am the great-grandson of C.C. Vandagriff of Dry Creek, DeKalb County, TN. The Bible was passed to his daughter and to my father (both deceased) and to me. The Bible is in my possession. None of the persons listed are living.

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