The Family Bible of
James B. Beckwith

Submitted by
Thomas E. Simpson The Bible in possession of L. L. Banks - Transcribed by Thomas E. Simpson 9/6/99

Published 1832
McCarty & Davis,
171 Market Street, Philadelphia

James Beckwith & Rachel B. Roulstone was married third March AD 1822
James R. Beckwith & Matilda G. Whaley was married on twenty-eighth March AD 1849
George H. Hill and Harriet Beckwith was married the thirteenth of November AD 1852
George Beckwith and Fannie Wilson was married the first of May AD 1855
Irenus Beckwith & Miss Elizabeth Jane Jatton (formerly E. J. Brandon) were married in Smith Co, Tenn. on the 12th day of January AD 1871
Irenus Beckwith and Miss Jelio Barry of Wilson Co. Tenn Tuesday April 15th 1879
William D. Beckwith and Miss Ellen B. Rodgers of Marshall Co. Miss. Tuesday Sept 9th 1879
Wm D. Beckwith & Miss Laura C. Williams Sunday Nov 23rd 1884


James Beckwith was born November 9th AD 1797
Zachariah Beckwith Father of James Beckwith was born February 14th AD 1761
Eunice Beckwith Mother of James Beckwith was born October 18th AD 1764
Elizabeth J. Moore Mother of R B R was born April 12th AD 1773
Zachariah Beckwith was born December 9th AD 1822 Monday morning about 1 or 2 O'clock
George Beckwith was born February 11th AD 1824 (Wednesday morning about 8 O'clock)
James Roulstone Beckwith was born December 6th AD 1825 (about 8 O'clock)
Sidney Beckwith was born January 8th AD 1828 (Tuesday evening about 9 O'clock)
Harriett Beckwith was born December 9th AD 1829 (Wednesday evening about 10 O'clock)
Dana Beckwith was born February 26th AD 1832 (Sunday about 4 O'clock in the afternoon)
Samuel Grant Beckwith was born November 18th 1833 Sunday night about 10 O'clock
Anson Gaylord Beckwith was born September 1st AD 1836 (Thursday morning about 5 O'clock)
Olivia America Beckwith was born April 24 AD 1838 Sunday evening about 11 O'clock
William Devereaux Beckwith was born May 30 AD 1840 Saturday evening about 10 O'clock
Irenus Beckwith was born February 19th AD 1843 Sunday morning about 4 O'clock
Norah I. Beckwith Aug 13 1880 at 1 O'clock
Jno Ruesel Beckwith Dec 28 1881 at 6 O'clock
Berta Beckwith Aug 21 1885 at 1 O'clock day
Mary Rachel Beckwith Jan 29 1887 at 4 O'clock morning
Thos Fite Beckwith Dec 16th 1888 at 1 O'clock at night
Phillip Devereux Beckwith June 25 1893 at 8 O'clock Sunday day


Zachariah Beckwith Father of James Beckwith died May 21st 1811 aged 51 years
Elizabeth J. Moore Mother of Rachel B. Roulstone died October 30th 1824 aged 51 years
George Roulstone Father of R. B. Beckwith died Aug 4th AD 1804
Emily Tubb (?) Moore sister of R. B. Beckwith died February 24th 1831 aged 21 years
Harriet C. Roulstone sister of R. B. Beckwith died March 24 1837 aged 37 years
Eunice Beckwith Mother of James Beckwith died August 22 AD 1846 in the 82nd year of her age
James Beckwith Husband of Rachel B. Beckwith died January 5th AD 1858 about 2 O'clock PM aged Sixth years one month & twenty six days
Dying words of James Beckwith - The tree of Liberty shines brighter and brighter through the blood of Jesus Christ. R. B. B.
Wm Moore the Step Father of R B B died the 8th of Nov 1823
Zachariah Beckwith died May 10th 1823 aged 5 months 1 day
Sidney Beckwith died August 31st AD 1829 aged 19 months 23 days
Dana Beckwith died December 16th 1832 aged 9 months 19 days
Olivia A. Beckwith died April 11th 1861 aged 22 years 11 months & 11 days
Anson G. Beckwith died November 19th AD 1862 aged 26 years 2 months & 19 days
Samuel G. Beckwith died in the army on the retreat from Fort Hudson to Fort Gains in 63 aged 30 years
Elizabeth Jane wife of Irenus Beckwith Thursday November 12 1878
Ellen B. Beckwith wife of W. D. Beckwith July 28 1882 at 11 O'clock
Norah Irenus Beckwith daughter of W D & E B Beckwith Aug 27th 1888
Jno Russel Beckwith son of W D & E B Beckwith Monday Jan 30th 1882
Rachel Burrel Beckwith Mother of W D Beckwith March 16th 1890
W. D. Beckwith died Nov 30th 1902 age 62 years and 6 months old
Laura C. Beckwith died Sept 7 1919 age 66 years 6 months 14 days
Mammie R. Patton died May 7 1920 age 33 yrs 3 months 8 days
Phillip Deverux Beckwith died Mar 10 1979 4 pm Louisville, KY Funeral Mar 13 1979
Berta Beckwith Banks April 4 1974

My Line of Descent

James B. Beckwith and Rachel Burrel Roulstone
William Devereaux Beckwith and Laura Caroline Williams
Berta Beckwith and John Ivan Banks
Elizabeth Banks and James E. Simpson
Thomas E. Simpson

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