Family Bible Of
Stephen Abram Douglas Smith
Mattie Cordelia Bowman

Submitted by
David Johnson

[Bible information:]

The Indexed Teachers' Bible
Jno. A. Dickson Publishing Company
Chicago, Illinois

[Inside front cover:]

Mattie Bowman Smith
Born Nov 13th 1869
Died June 17 1935

[All the following in center of bible pages in section titled "Family History":]

What Therefore God Hath Joined Together Let Not Man Put Asunder
THAT Stephen A. Douglas Smith
AND Mattie Cordelia Bowman
Were United By Me In Holy Matrimony
at Laurel Hill, Tenn on the 11th
day of November in the year of
our Lord One Thousand
8 Hundred
86 in the presence of
_________ signed ______

[Information in the table below for page 2 in brackets [ ] was added later by my grandmother, Ruth (Byrne) Rowland, granddaughter of Steven Abram Douglas Smith and Mattie Cordelia Bowman. The rest seems to be in the original handwriting of the Bible's first owner. She made corrections evidently based on information she found in books at the library, almost killing the credibility of this family Bible record, and which in the case of James Agee Smith and his wife Margaret Love contained errors. The correct birth dates come only from the LDS Church record of the "Patriarchal Blessings" of James Agee Smith and Margaret Love Smith, from their own mouths. Their correct death dates only come from the obituary of James Agee Smith (he died after his wife) which lists her death date also (Deseret News; Deseret, UT, published 01-20-1876) S. A. D. Smith, the owner of this Bible, never saw his grandfather and had entered the dates wrong and also mistook "Agee" and used the erroneous "A. G." which sounded the same. As you can see they also mixed up the birth dates of Robert Maxwell and Margaret Love as being on the same day. The death date July 3, 1861 is correct for Robert Maxwell only. There are two recent (not even possible to be original) gravestones in Washington City Cemetery, Washington Co., Utah also bearing the birth and death dates for James Agee Smith and his wife, Margaret, but the stone for Margaret has her birth date wrong. The correct dates for James are: 12-06-1787 to 12-20-1875, and for Margaret: 4-18-1790 to 3-21-1865.]

[second page:]

Great Grand Parents
Father's Grand Parents
NAME born died
when where when where
Grand Father's Father
1. James A. G. Smith
Dec 1 1787 [Sullivan Co.
[Pareah Utah]
Grand Father's Mother
2. Margaret Love
Sept 1790
  July 3, 1861
[Pareah Utah]
Grand Mother's Father
3. Robert Maxwell
May 6 1801   July 3, 1861  
Grand Mother's Mother
4. Jane Maxwell
July 6 1810   April 6, 1846  
Mother's Grand Parents
Grand Father's Father
5. Thomas Wilkey
Grand Father's Mother
6. Mattie Wilkey
Grand Mother's Father
7. Johan Bowman
Grand Mother's Mother
8. ____ Machan
Grand Parents
Father's Father
9. S. H. Smith
Aug. 7 1828   Sept. 21 1913 [DEKALB Co. TENN]
Father's Mother
10. Mary E. Smith
June 14 1831   Jan. 15 1907 [DEKALB Co.
Mother's Father
11. Wm. C. Bowman
Feb. 18 1844   July 15 1914  
Mother's Mother
12. Sallie Bowman
Dec. 27 1841      
13. S. A. D. Smith Feb. 18 1866 [DEKALB Co. Tn] Mch 1 1938 [Livingston Tn]
14. Mattie C. Smith Nov 16 1868 [N.C.] June 17 1935 [Livingston]

[#5 and #6 should have been switched with #7 and #8. The Wilkeys are Sallie's (#12) parents. S. H. Smith is Samuel Houston Smith, father of S. A. D. Smith. James A. G. Smith is James Agee Smith. Mary E. Smith (#10) is Mary Ann Elizabeth Maxwell. Sallie Bowman= Sallie Wilkey. S. A. D. Smith= Stephen Abram Douglas Smith. Mattie C. Smith= Mattie Cordelia Bowman.]

[third page:]

Names Born Married To Whom Died
1. Nellie C. Smith July 5, 1886   E Blanchard Duke 5-4-59
2. Mary E. Smith July 7, 1888 Sept. 5 1906 L. Haskel Byrne 4-23-60
3. Dixie D. Smith Nov 3, 1891   Clara West 2-12-1931
4. Robert B. Smith Feb. 6, 1899   never married 8-8-1938
5. Samuel B. Smith Dec. 15, 1901 July 26 1935 Elise Smith 1-17-70

[Entries in this area were made by Mary Eddith (Smith) Byrne and her daughter Ruth Maxwell (Byrne) Rowland, with the names and birth dates in the handwriting of the original owner. From their own personal acquaintances with the above, the full names are:
1. Nellie Carter Smith
2. Mary Eddith Smith- Lawrence Haskel Byrne
3. Dixie Douglas Smith
4. Robert Bowman Smith
5. Samuel Baxter Smith "Jerry"]

Children of Samual Husten & Mary E. Smith
Names Born Died
1. James R. N. Smith June 5 1859 7-15-1908
2. Vanevrie N. Smith 9-11-1861 6-15-1936
3. Walter S. Smith 12-22-1863 11-13-1865
4. S. A. D. Smith 2-18-1866 3-1-1938
5. Elizabeth Smith 9-19-1867 11-30-1888
6. Thos. J. Smith 8-17-1870  
7. Sherman    

[Full names of the above known by Mary Eddith Smith:
1. James Robert Napoleon Smith
2. Vanevrie Newton Smith
3. Walter Sherman Smith
4. Stephen Abram Douglas Smith
5. Elizabeth Francis Smith
6. Thomas Jefferson Smith, MD
7. same as #3]

Children of William Crosby Bowman and Sallie Bowman
Names Born Died
1. Kim Bowman 2-25-1866  
2. Mattie C. Bowman 11-16-1868 6-17-1935
3. Lillian Bowman 4-19-1880 9-28-41
4. Eva Bowman 3-3-1883  
5. John Bowman   [died in infancy]
6. Lula Bowman 3-26-1889  
7. Mildred Bowman    
8. Edward Bowman   3-13-1930

[Mattie C. Bowman = Mattie Cordelia Bowman, wife of S. A. D. Smith]

Grandchildren of S. A. D. Smith
Names birth Marriage Death
1. William Horace Byrne Silver Point, Tenn. 6-11-07 Eva Hickman   Jan 29 1966
2. Ruth Maxwell Byrne Cookeville, Tenn. 9-26-08 D. J. Rowland 7-19-27 Nov 7 1978
3. Kenneth Blanchard Duke Cookeville, Tenn. 11-19-08 Winfrey Gorell   7-23-1962
4. Lawrance Douglas Byrne Livingston, Tenn. 5-10-14     8-19-14
Livingston, Tn
5. Samuel Stephen Smith Livingston, Tenn. 12-15-36      
6. Charlotte Elise Smith Livingston, Tenn. 12-9-41 Joe Masini 5-25-1963  
7. Marcia S. Smith Livingston, Tenn. 4-16-47      
Mary Jacqueline Rowland Lancaster, Tn 6-20-30 Stewart Johnson 6-25-1949  
Betty Jo Rowland Lancaster, Tn 1-31-34 Wm F  Leese 1-20-63