John Fauntley Roy Family Bible

Submitted by Marie Wingate on 05/25/2009


Here's the Bible pages for the Roy Bible. I scanned the pages a few years ago. It was a very large Bible that had been rebound but was in excellent condition.

The title page indicates that it was published by A. J. Holman & Co. No. 930 Arch Street, Philadelphia, 1878. It was the Bible of James F and Helen Roy of Alexandria and in the possession of the descendants of Rob Roy.

The register pages are laid out in two columns and the handwriting is very clear. At least two people have recorded the data as the original data has been added to.

In a few places I have added some information in parenthesis for clarification of either initials or events.



Beverly Roy was born in VA Nov 8th 1816

R J Lawrence was Born in VA Mch 16th 1824 (Rachel Jane Lawrence)

R. W. Yeargin Born April 19,1824

Salena Vick Born Aug 9, 1830

John Fauntley Roy son of
B and RJ Roy was born on
Shenandoah River, Va Aug. 15th 1845

James Louis Roy son of B
and RJ Roy was born in Va
March 10th, 1847

Helen F. Yeargin was born
Feb 13th 1853

Allie Roy Daughter of
J F and Helen Roy Born
July 2, 1871

Robert Roy son of J. F. and Helen Roy
Born Aug 5, 1876

Frank Beverly Roy son of
J. F. and Helen Roy Born July 8th, 1879

James Jones Born
July 5, 1863

Martha Helen Jones
Born July 28, 1909

Carrie S. Roy Born
Oct. 9, 1877

Allie Louise Roy born
Nov. 18, 1899

Frank Roy Jr. born June 30, 1915
Son of Frank and Willie Lee Roy

In the margin are the following:

Willie Lee Oliver Roy
Born Dec 7, 1899

John Fauntley Roy, Jr
Son of Frank and Willie Lee Roy born June 3, 1922

Helen Frances Roy
Daughter of Rob and Carrie Roy
Born 20 Dec. 1910

Rob Roy, Jr. son of
Rob and Carrie Roy
Born Dec 5, 1922


Beverly Roy son of James
And Lidie Roy Died Sept.
14th 1867

R.J.Hudson formerly
R.J. Roy died May 28th 1877

(Rachel Jane Lawrence Roy remarried after Beverly Roy died)

James L. Roy son of B &
RJ Roy Died Feb 3, 1849

Martha Helen Jones
Died July 28, 1909
Daughter of James and Allie Jones

R. W. Yeargin died
Nov. 17, 1894
Son of James & Edith

Salina Yeargin died
Nov. 19th, 1912 daughter
Of Berry and Rhoda Vick (Littleberry Vick)

John Fauntley Roy son
Of Beverly & R. J. Roy
Died Aug. 4th 1918

James Jones son of
Martha & James Jones
Died June 2, 1922

Helen Yeargin Roy
Died Nov. 9, 1925
Daughter of R.W. & Salina Yeargin

Allie Roy Jones
Daughter of J.F. & Helen Roy
Killed by auto
May 9, 1926

Rob Roy died Jan 14, 1946

Frank B. Roy Sr. died
Aug. 4, 1949

Mrs. Carrie Roy wife of Rob
Died July 1954

In the bottom margin:


Son of Frank Frank B. Jones Jr. 6/11/1967
John F. Roy 2/20/1986

Mrs. Willie Lee Roy wife of Frank Roy
Died 12/22/1981


B Roy and R J Lawrence (Beverly Roy and Rachel Jane Lawrence)
Feb 8th, 1844

R W Yeargin and Selena Vick
Mch 9th 1852

John F. Roy and Helen F. Yeargin
Feb 24th 1870

J. W. Hudson and R. J. Roy (Rachel Jane Lawrence Roy)
Aug 9th 1874

James Jones and
Allie Roy Nov 14th 1888

Rob Roy and
Carrie Simpson Jan 18, 1899

Frank Roy and
Willie Lee Oliver
March 8, 1911 grandparents of John Roy and Frank Roy

In the margin:

Mattie Joe Lincoln
Campbell Oliver Married Jan. 11. 1894
Grandparents of John Roy and Frank Roy.