Editor, Will A. Vick

May 6, 1896


Rev. J.W. Bailey preached at the Baptist church Sunday.

J.H. Snoddy is having great success with his Hog Cholera Specific.

R.B. Floyd has moved the office from the Smith place to near Roy & Jones ware rooms.

Dr. Brien Tubb is greatly improving his residence and grounds on Church Street.

Miss Eula Smith came home Saturday. She was accompanied by Mrs. Mason who spent Sunday with her brother, Mr. A.P. Smith.

Miss Lena Tubb, Mrs. Ethel Rollins and A.P. Smith went to Nashville this morning.

Walter Allen was in town today.

Mr.and Mrs. Armstrong, Mr.and Mrs. Jake McMillin and Miss Bettie McMillin were in town shopping today.

Hal Tubb went to Nashville Friday returning Saturday night.

Miss Lassie McDonald of Chestnut Mound is visiting Mrs. Lester on Main Street.

Tom Cobb has returned after visiting friends near here.


Our institute here was quite a success. A large crowd was in attendance and all went nicely with the exception of Mr. Joe Ford losing his hat.

Miss Laura Allen of Cottage Home is visiting the family of Dr. Estes.

J.D. Smith and family of Liberty accompanied by Miss Mattie Lamberson visited relatives here yesterday.

The little daughter of James Keaton is right sick with the fever.

Henderson's Cross Roads

Our sick are some better except Miss Bettie Williams who is seriously ill.

Fall Creek Sunday school had their annual celebration Saturday. In the forenoon Eld. Enoch Winds gave an interesting talk. After dinner on the ground, Eld. J.P Gilliam gave a very instructive address.

Miss Tavie Thompson of Nashville and Mr. T.W. Phillips and lady of Nashville are visiting friends here.

Eld. J.T. Oakley, W.P. Phillips and lady and others will attend the Southern Baptist Convention at Chattanooga this and next week.

Forks of Pike

Jim Barry and family spent Saturday with Jim Marler and family near Alexandria.

H.C. Givan and family attended the Watertown fair Saturday.

Miss Mattie Griffith has been very sick for the past week.

Miss Maude Flippen attended the picnic at Alexandria Friday.

Miss Pattie Cooper of Alexandria is visiting friends and relatives at this place.

Joe Rigsby and wife of Clear Fork spent Saturday night with W.T. Taylor and family.

Rev. Joseph Jamison of Nashville spent last Sunday with the family of S.H. Flippen.

Mrs. Mittie Smith of Watertown was visiting at her sister's, Mrs. H.C. Givan.

Tom Bright and family of Dowelltown were visiting at S.H. Flippen's last Friday.

Rev. T.J. Eastes will preach at Four Corner next Sunday.

Messrs. Reps Campbell of Liberty and Ed Robinson of Dowelltown were in our midst Sunday.

Willie Chapman and Miss Delia Yergin attended the Watertown fair and spent the night with U.W. Neal and family.

Miss Mai Measle of Alexandria is visiting Mrs. H.C. Givan.

Mr.and Mrs. G.B. Givan and family of Clear Fork spent Sunday with Wm. Robinson and family.

W.P. Roy was at Milton last week helping to move a house.

Wm. Robinson had a fine mare and colt to die last week.

Wink Truitt and wife of Cottage Home visited Wm. Griffith and family Sunday.

New Middlton

Mrs. R.V. Richardson who has been sick for some time is reported some better.

Mrs. Jas. Richardson has been visiting friends near Elmwood.

Clarence Neal and wife of Watertown, formerly of this place, are visiting Dr. Jones and family.

C.S. Barrett & Co. have opened up a stock of goods in Neal Bros. & House's new store.

Miss Fannie Bridges of Flat Rock, who has been visiting friends and relatives near here, returned home today accompanied by Willie and Miss Florence Gill and L. Ferguson.

Messrs. M.W. Wallace, C.S. Barrett, L.W. Neal and R.H. Cheek made a flying trip to Nashville last week.

Prof. Jas. Swann of Willette visited friends and relatives here Saturday and Sunday and he expects to preach for us the fifth Saturday night and Sunday.

W.F. Barrett and wife are visiting at Pleasant Shade.

The marriage of Miss Lula Yearman of Nashville, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. S.E. Agee to Robert Gibbs of Willette was a surprise to almost every one and their many friends wish them a long and happy life. They leave Monday morning for Nashville in company with the bride's sister and family.

Prof.'s E.T. Turner and D.M. Johnson, who have been teaching at Riddleton, returned home last week.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our Neighbors

Cannon County ---- The Herald

B.A. Stone, formerly of this county, died at his home in Christian county, Mo. of heart failure on the 23rd of April. He was a brother of Mrs. A.J. St. John of this place and the eldest son of J.B. Stone, deceased, who is well remembered by most all the citizens of the county. Mrs. Melissa Escue, who died here on the 16th, was a sister of Mr. B.A. Stone. Their deaths are mourned by one of the most extensive family connections in the county.

Dick Wallace, Deputy Marshal in this county, has been warned by the wildcatters of Warren to keep out of their territory.

Wm. Brewer, Jr. is up from a severe case of the mumps.

New Franks, who has been sick for some time is not considered improving much.

J.T. Jetton, A.A. McNight, W.F. Brevard and Judge W.C. Houston spent this week at fishing on Caney Fork.

Capt. John C. New spent a few days at home with his family this week.

J.D. Smith of Liberty is here selling organs and pianos.

Rutherford County ---- The News

After a bloody encounter last Wednesday morning about 9 o'clock Hery Eurbanks was forced to surrender and the prospects are bright for the arrest of a gang of burglers who have been infesting this county for the past few weeks. Eubanks had been suspected since Saturday night when Brandon & Turners store at Rockvale was entered and a wagon load of goods hauled off. In the meantime the evidence began to accumulate until Eubanks was compelled to hide out to escape arrest. Since the Saturday before Ira Jackson, Deputy Sheriff and Smotherman have been in close communication with officers in the county. Wednesday morning they received a message to come to Salem and when Mr. Jackson reached there he found several white men and negros guarding a barn on the premises of J.W. Shead. The men began to close in on the barn when Eubanks rushed out and began to run across a field, paying no heed to the repeated calls "to halt." The posse opened fire on the negro and he sank to the ground with eight loads of bird, duck and buckshot scattered over his back and lower limbs, none of the wounds being deemed fatal. He was arrested and left at Salem, as his condition was too painful to stand a trip to town. It is stated that he had on a suit, a hat and several other articles of clothing that had been taken from Brandon & Turner's store. Twelve stores in the country and four in town have been looted during the past ten days and Eubanks is believed to head the gang which robbed them.

Putnam County ---- The Press

On last Thursday night Capt. J.H. Curtis, Deputy Collector, W.G. Rutledge, General Deputy Collector, J.B. Barnes, J.W. Chapin, T.B. Ogletree and J.L. Sidwell, United States Deputy Marshalls, captured an 80 gallon copper still and cap, six tubes of beer and destroyed them. They found the plant about four miles west of Monterey, about one half mile from the railroad. The concern was set up in a little old log hut, which duty in the palmy days of the mountain moonshiners. No whiskey had yet been manufactured. No arrests.

Sheriff C.F. McCaleb recaptured Thomas Chapman and placed him in jail at this place last Friday. Chapman was in the make shift jail before the new jail was completed for an assault to kill one Ike Smith and made his escape. Sheriff learned that he was in the Springfield jail for some crime and went after him and hie is safe within a cell at this place.

We learn that Rolly Quinn, Hugh Hogan and Kirt Kirby had a small sized fight in West Cookville last Sunday in which Kirby received some painful bruises about the head.

Smith County ---- The Times

Jordan Montgomery of Gainesboro and Miss Maggie McGhee were married on April 19, and left for the home of the groom.

A sad accident, one that may prove fatal, happened at Cornwell & Kitrell''s mill, above here, last Monday morning. D.B. Kitrell, one of the owners, was in the second story of the mill lacing a belt and in some manner became entangled in the machinery. It is understood he was carried around the main belt wheel several times before being taken out. A boy of N.R. Kitrell ran down stairs and into the engine-room, giving the alarm, when the engine was stopped. Mr. Kittrell was taken out more dead than alive it was thought, and on Tuesday he was resting a little easier. It is thought he received internal injuries, his breast and body being badly torn up. His relatives were immediately notified and they have been to see him.

Last Tuesday morning, about 3:30 o'clock, a.m., C.B Haynie's barn, west of Monoville, together with all his hay and corn and four valuable horses belonging to Buck, Joseph and James Baker were burned to the ground. Mrs. Elijah Piper, who lives near, saw the light and started over the hill to see what was burning, when she met a man, unknown to her, coming from that direction.

John Malone, who lived on the mountain in White county, was killed near the Caney Fork river by a tree falling upon him. This occurred Thursday evening. Friday, A.O. Jett was fishing in the Calfkiller and seeing a deadened tree falling toward him, he jumped to the other end of his canoe, when almost at the same instant the tree fell on the part of the boat he had removed from, tearing it to pieces. Mr. Jett escaped with a shaking up.

Miss Maggie, daughter of John Maynard of Buffalo Valley, committed suicide by taking a large quantity of morphine, April 13. She was 15 years old and no cause is assigned.

A lawsuit is one of the coming events in the Monoville neighborhood, resulting from a thrashing administered a few days ago, on a son of Henry Hacket by Felix Woodard.

Capt. C.N. Davis shipped nearly 200 hogs to market this week.

R.G. Turner cut his hand badly on Monday with glass, but is improving.

The new Methodist church at Granville will be dedicated May 10 by Rev. R.B. Fisher.

Read Bros. will soon move across Main street, so the carpenters can build them a new storehouse.

W.T. Askew of Hickman was at Chestnut Mound last Saturday making a report on the damage done to the new church by the storm last week.

It is said that T.B. Read, Jr., W.L. Chandler and W.D. Gold will build new residences.


The Smithville Roller Mills will be rented at Smithville, May 23. Capacity 50 bbls, nearly new and in splendid running condition. Be on hand if you want a good thing. For further particulars call or contact T.B. Potter, Pres; W.B. Foster, Sec. & Treas.

A Success

Dr. J.H. Snoddy came to Lynnville on the 27th of March.and has been since then testing the efficiency [of his Hog Cholera medicine]. The _________ _____________ of Giles County had appointed Capt. J.E. Abernathy, J.H. Burrow and D.P. Cartier, all responsible men and progressive farmers to investigate this test and report the results. The farmers were R.A. Glen, Griffis & Richardson. Dr. Snoddy thinks that his test here has been the most satisfactory he has made. Persons interested in hog raising are invited to be present next Friday and learn for themselves the results of the test.


The Institute held at Gassaway, May 2nd, was a success in every particular. At 9:30 the institute was called to order. C.F. Snow of Smithville was elected chairman for the day. Recitations followed by: A. Hancock, Reading; W.M. Hancock, Orthography; Prof Turner, factoring in Algebra; Prof. Seals of Woodbury, [algebra?]; Geo. Smithson, arithmetic; which brought up discussion by Supt. Thompson of Woodbury and F.T. Davis of Liberty; L.P. Watson, Grammer;


Born to J.C. Givan and wife on the 5th, a boy.

Mat Priest was in Watertown Saturday and Monday.

Mrs. Mattie Oliver of Gordonsville is visiting Mrs. J.W. Overall.

James Mullinax and wife of Round Top were visiting relatives here Saturday.

Dr. Jackson went to Sparta Monday to attend the Upper Cumberland Doctors convention.

Dr. J.L. Jones and daughter of New Middleton were here Sunday enroute to Sparta to attend the Doctor's convention.

The Liberty Brass Band will give a free concert at Vick & Bright's store Saturday morning.

Last week a difficulty arose between Henry Rhody and old man Lias Davis on Dry Creek in which Mr. Davis was pretty badly bruised up.

Misses Sallie Whaley, Gertie Stark, Isa and Sallie Givan and Pluto Bratten and Bob and Chas. Givan represented Liberty at the Spring Show at Watertown Saturday.

Born to J.B. Williams and wife on the 5th, a boy.

Mrs. R.G. Davis and son of Alexandria spent last night in Liberty.

Miss Virgil Overall is visiting relatives at Smithville this week.

G.A. Smith and family visited Geo. Palmer at Alexandria Sunday.

Alfred Williams and wife of Sykes visited Jas. B. Williams last week.

Miss Vera Robinson of Dowelltown visited relatives here Monday and Tuesday.

Rev. T.A. Carden and Robert Carden returned from Nashville Monday evening.

Mrs. Josie Lynch is getting up after a pretty tight spell of sickness lasting several days.

L.J. Bratten, J.P. Stark, W.H. Huggin and Sam Woodside left Monday for Smithville to work on John Smith's new residence.

Jas. H. Odom of Auburn came down last Saturday after his wife, who had been spending a week with the family of W.J. Gothard.

Mat Willard, wife and daughter, C.B. Odom and daughters, Mrs. Robt. Robinson and Z.J. Summers and wife of the Auburn country, have been here this week.

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