Editor, Will A. Vick

April 29, 1896

New Bildad

Born to H.G. Atnip and wife, a big boy.

Prof. J.L. McGinness and J.A. Griffith left for Kentucky to work in the interest of their nursery.

Thos. Brin made a flying trip to Holmes Creek country last Saturday.

Miss Givinie Cantrell has returned home after some months stay in Nashville.

Dry Creek

Mr. Jack Pack is very sick at this writing with pneumonia and side plurisy and Mr. Rubin Hale is not expected to live much longer, suffering of heart trouble.

Born to Mr. Sam Fish and wife during the last ult., twins, a boy and a girl, the boy is still living but the girl is dead.

Mr. Milton Braswell is smiling to the back of his neck over a little son that was born at his home during last month.

Mr. George Mason of Sunbeam, Texas writes: "There has been a great change in times since I came here in 1891. Wages has gone down from $15 and $18 to $10 and $13 per month. Everything is low here. If I owned a home in Tennessee you bet I would stay there."


Ed Melton and wife went to Rock House Saturday.

Dillard Northcutt of Dibrell was here yesterday.

Mrs. Tennie McFerrin was around last week making up a music class.

Dr. W.R. Estes and wife spent the day with his brother yesterday.

G.W. Hale and wife visited relatives on Adamson Branch yesterday.

Mrs. Plina Stone spent Saturday and Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Bettie Hale.

Jones Mills

J.L. Smith's team ran away with him last Monday at McMinnville inflicting a wound on his leg.

Old Uncle Geo. Wood was found dead in his bed yesterday morning. He had heart trouble.

Our neighbor, Mr. Israel Long, has decided not to make the race this year for trustee.

Lynching in Warren

McMinnville, April 26-Two men were lynched in this county at an early hour this morning, making four in two weeks. The victims this time were William and Victor Hillis, two brothers who were confined in the jail on the charge of murdering old man Carroll Martin in Van Buren County in August 1894[5]. Just at midnight a mob of about fifteen men went to the jail in this place and some of them entered the jailer's bedroom before waking him, the door not being locked. The dragged the jailer from his bed and made him deliver the cell keys. The Hillis boys were taken from the cell, placed upon horses and carried five miles from town to Shellsford, where they were hanged to a small tree on the bank of the Collins River. The mob then proceeded on toward Van Buren County, from which they doubtless all came. One of the Hillis boys fought hard for his life and knocked one of the mob down with a bed slat before they got away from the jail with the boys.

Carroll Martin was murdered at home in Van Buren County about nightfall one evening in August, 1894 [sic], his daughter and a grandchild also, both being shot and painfully wounded at the same time, the object being robbery, as it was known that he had a considerable amount of money in the house.

Wm. and Victor Hillis had been tried for the murder twice, the first trial resulting in a hung jury, the second in January last, in conviction and death. The Supreme Court reversed the decision on a technicality and remanded the case for another trial. Circuit Court convenes one week from tomorrow, when the case would have come on for trial for the third time. The evidence against them was entirely circumstantial, but such a perfect chain that it leaves no reasonable ground for doubt of their guilt. There were rumors of a conspiracy to lynch them during the last trial, but after their conviction the matter died out and the people had forgotten about it. One of the Hillis boys leaves a wife and child and their father lives in Van Buren County.

The bodies were brought here this morning and put in charge of an undertaker to be turned over to their families. --- The Nashville American

News From Dismal Creek

There was considerable excitement wrought up in this vicinity on last Saturday night. About 8 o'clock, Lee Agee began hollowing for Mack Sandlin at the top of his voice thinking his wife was dying. A good many of the neighbors gathered at his house in a few minutes and found that she had only fainted.

Last Saturday morning about 4 o'clock, R.B. Hale died at his home on Snow Hill and was buried at the Thomas Curtis place about 3:30 p.m. Sunday. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Scott.

J.W. Scott will move to Dowelltown tomorrow, his youngest brother wants him to come back to sweet water.

The writer and John F. Scott went fishing today and caught thirteen of various kinds.

Our Neighbors

News Taken from Our County Exchanges

Wilson County ---- The Tribune

Melvin Young has returned from a visit to his friends in New Jersey.

Frank Stratton found a ring last Friday that he lost fifteen years ago. It was not at all damaged.

Mr. and Mrs. William Cantrell of Guntersville, Ala. have returned to their home.

B.J. Talbott, who has been connected with the Lebanon Manufacturing Company since its establishment, left yesterday for his former home at Memphis, Mo.

The stockholders of the N & K Railroad met in annual session yesterday and elected directors for the ensuing year as follows; A.J. Crawford, H.A. Crawford, Jno. P. Crawford, Jas. P. Crawford, and L.S. Hoyt. 3,6006 shares of stock were represented.

Last Monday, Jesse Harris, in jail for larceny, and West James, in for housebreaking, made their escape from durance vile about 1 o'clock p.m. They broke a hole through the wall and fled. They had been gone an hour before their flight was discovered.

Putnam County ---- The Press

Prof. C.Y. Jared severed his connection with the Cookville High School last Friday, but the school is being pushed right along the efficient management of Miss Nora Lee.

W.S. Hite is off the line this week on account of the death of his father which occurred in Nashville last Sunday.

Thos. McBride, son of Jo McBride accidentally shot and seriously wounded himself under the arm with a shot gun last Monday.

Judge T.J. Fisher passed through Cookville last Monday enroute for his court at Jamestown.

Rutherford County ---- The News

A burglar attempted to enter the storehouse of Mr. Robert N. Ransom on East Main Street last Saturday night about 10:30 o'clock, but was frightened away by policeman, George Myers.

Mr. S.B. Cristy received a telephone message for his blood hounds Saturday night about twelve o'clock from Rockvale, saying the store of Brandon & Turner had been burglarized.

Mr. E.N. Stroop, who lived near Kittrell in this county, died suddenly at his home last Wednesday. He complained only a few minutes before he died. Mr. Stroop was well and favorably known in this city where he formerly lived.

Burglars broke into the store of Hindman & Lewis at Florence last Wednesday night. Mr. Hindman telephoned to town the next day to Mr. Sim A. Cristy to bring his bloodhounds.

Smith County ---- The Times

Price Barlow, aged 70 years, living at Monterey, had an arm amputated on the 11th inst. and is doing well since the operation.

Millard Pierce, formerly of Michigan and Miss Mamie Bradford were married near Cookeville on the 9th inst., Esq. Kerr officiating.

Prof. H.J. Arnold, now teaching school at Gordonsville, will enter the State University at Knoxville this fall for a two year course in electricity.

Sterling Savage, a White county moonshiner, was hanged by a mob near McMinnville early last Saturday morning. It is thought he furnished information to revenue men after being arrested. York Douglas was strung by a mob a week before in the same county.

Gov. Turney has offered a reward of $400 for the capture of the assassin of Dr. A.H. Williams, who was killed recently at Hendersonville.

Robert, the four year old son of W.M. Johnson of Hickman, died of a scrofula affection on the 10th inst.

Dr. C.A. Diemar of Fayetteville owns a cow that is 17 years old, has had 15 calves and now gives seven gallons of milk a day.

George S. Corley left last Saturday for Dowelltown on a visit to his parents.

C.W. Garrett, who was recently wounded by R.C. Williams, is improving every day.

Julian Fisher, deputy clerk under the late R.C. Williams, has been appointed by Judge Smith, clerk of this court until the election of a successor to the office.

James Ray, a highly respected citizen, living on Turkey creek, Smith county, died last Friday night, aged 62 years. He had been complaining some time, but was confined only a week. He leaves a wife and three children.

John R. Aust was appointed to fill the vacancy to the office of United States Commissioner last Saturday by Judge Clark at Nashville.

Last Friday, W.M. Hammock of Hartsville, presented the petition signed in Carthage and other towns along the pike to Gallatin asking for the pardon of Thomas Day, who is now serving a term in the penitentiary for killing Robert Apple in Carthage, to Gov. Turney.

Republican Convention

A Red Hot Time for the Nomination

Last -----------------republican convention at Smithville --------- they went there to take it in and to appropriate it for their individual use and that of their friends. Friday night there were a hundred or more on the ground working, tugging and pulling for life. Saturday morning the crowd increased and the strings began to be tighter drawn till the opening of the convention. J.W. Reynolds and L.N. Woodsides were placed before the convention for the nomination of trustee. But one ballot was taken, resulting. Reynolds, 67; Woodsides, 22. For sheriff, Ben Merritt, F.M. Close and ____ Lafever were the candidates. The first ballot was Merritt, 47; Lefever, 22; Close, 22. Necessary to a choice 45. So Reynolds and Merritt were declared the winner respectively for the offices of trustee and sheriff. Both the nominees are good men but some dissatisfaction was engendered.

R.L. Clarke & Son

This enterprising firm has a herd of Berkshires on their farm near here that would tempt the eye of the largest and most experienced breeder anywhere. Lord Wilburn heads the herd and a magnificent animal he is in every respect. A few choice pigs will soon be ready.


Mr. C.M. Brumfiel and family have moved to the Flat Woods.

Charlie Botts came up from Nashville Monday to visit relatives.

Mrs. Lizzie Kersey visited relatives here last week.

Mr. P.L. Wood is quite sick.

James Goodner was in Nashville last week.

Mr. Will McMillen, wife and daughter, Effie, were here Monday.

Jeff Blackburn has a position with R.V. Wright, Nashville.

James Evans has been quite sick at his home in Nashville but is improving.

Charlie Wheeler and John Rutland placed 5000 young trout in Smith Fork recently.

Charlie and George McNelly went to Nashville last week.

Know & Reed are dispensing soda water to the thirsty now.

Prof. Z.D. Jones will teach the free school this Fall.

Liv Tubb went to Nashville last week returning Friday.

Miss Ella Jones and Mr. J.D. Lauderdale were married at the Baptist church last Tuesday.


Potato Slips at Sam Vanatta's.

All kinds of jewelry at J.M. Bradley's.

Oil Stoves at Hal Tubb's.

Mrs. C.W.L. Hale is on the sick list again.

Rev. Mr. Jamison preached to colored folks Monday night.

J.P Stark has been finishing up his house for the last few days.

Oliver Stanton went to Gordonsville Sunday returning Monday.

Vick & Bright will cut prices on some articles during the opening next week.

Obe Nokes' house on Rea Ridge was burned last week with nearly all it contained.

Reuben Hale died at his home on Snow's Hill Saturday night and was buried Sunday.

Frank Anderson, Pony Jennings and Gip Grooms are all building new residences near Cottage Home.

Rev. T.A. Carden and Bob Carden went to Nashville yesterday to attend the Epworth League Conference.

Geo. Corley and wife of Carthage have been visiting his parents and friends near Dowelltown.

Rev. T.J. Baker was on the down stage yesterday morning going to attend the Epworth League.

We understand that Prof. Lankford has resigned as principal of the school at Dowelltown on account of failing health.

Rev. B.F. Whitley (col) lost a pocket book and other papers on the road between Liberty and Alexandria last week. He will appreciate the return of the same.

John Smith and wife, John F. Frazier, W.T. Dosier, Bob Dearman, Fry Foster, Jim Fletcher, Will Potter, Sherill Evans, Dr. Parker and J.H. Fuson of Smithville attended preaching here Sunday.

When in Nashville, call on Colvert Bros. & Taylor, corner of Cherry and Union Streets, Artistic Photographs and Portraits. Mr. Taylor was recently of the firm of Mahon & Taylor.

Millet seed at wholesale prices at T.G. Bratten's.

H.L. Hale and W.L. Vick went to Smithville last Friday.

Bob Carden filled his brother's appointment at the "Hall" Sunday.

Overall Bros. have bought too many Dress goods which must be sold at some price.

Stark, Bratten & Co. go to Smithville next week to begin work on a new residence for John Smith.

Charley Malone got home from Georgia last Friday. He is in very feeble health and will stay here until he gets well.

Early yesterday morning W.L. Vick received a telephone from Carthage wanting him to bring his bloodhounds.

Rev. Jos. Jamison closed his meeting at the Methodist church here Sunday night. For two weeks he had preached and the crowds that flocked to hear him were the largest that have ever attended any services in Liberty.

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