Editor, Will A. Vick

April 15, 1896

Forks of Pike

Miss Alice Robinson returned home last Monday after an extended visit to relatives in Smithville.

Mrs. Sallie Evans, who has been real sick, is very low at this writing.

Miss Maude Flippen spent Saturday night and Sunday with relatives at Liberty.

Mrs. S.D. Fite came home after a weeks visit to her daughter, Mrs. Billie Evans of Dibrell.

Mrs. Ellen Barbee and Miss Florence Neal of Watertown spent Friday night with their Aunt, Mrs. Sallie Evans.

Miss Jennie Powell is on an extended visit to relatives at Smithville and Dibrell.

W.P. Roy, Wm. Chapman, H.C. Givan and others went to the Democratic Convention at Smithville.

Sunday, April 12, was made pleasant with Mrs. U.W. Neal and little Miss Nellie of Watertown, Rev. T.J. Eastes and other friends and relatives in attendance at a turkey dinner given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. West.

New Middleton

Since my last writing death has again visited our neighborhood and carried off Mrs. Lottie, the wife of T.D. Moore. She was taken ill suddenly last Saturday and died Wednesday evening at 4 o'clock. She leaves many friends and relatives to mourn her death.

Miss Donie Baird is on the sick list this week.

Miss Fannie Bridges of Flat Rock is visiting the families at Drs. Bridges and Hallum this week.

Mrs. Ballard of Elmwood is visiting her daughter, Mrs. James Richardson, who is right sick.

L. Ferguson visited home folks at Chestnut Mound Sunday.

W.C. Wright of Hickman was on our streets last week.

Willie Gill visited his cousin, Mrs. D.K. Reeves of Hogan's, Saturday night and Sunday.

John Rankin and wife of Hartsville is visiting the latter's father, James Gill, at present.

W.F. Barrett and son, Sam, went to Jonesboro last week on business.

Miss Mamie Turner of Gordonsville is visiting friends and relatives here this week.

Mr. Yeaman of Nashville is visiting his daughter, Mrs. S.E. Agee.

Frank Bradford filled his regular appointment at Grant Sunday.

Miss Lo_ Yeaman of Nashville, who has been visiting relatives at Defeated for some time, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Zion Agee at present.

Prof. Eddie Turner, who is teaching school at Riddleton, came over to see homefolk Friday.

Shooting Affray
Circuit Court Clerk R.C. Williams Shoots Three Balls into C.W. Garrett

(Last week we did not say anything about this shooting affray because it was impossible to get the particulars. This week we publish an account taken from the Carthage paper.)

Last Friday evening about six o'clock, just after the days session of the Circuit Court had adjourned, R.C. Williams, clerk of the court, walked up to and shot without warning, C.W. Garrett, a lawyer, in the courtroom in Carthage. Williams was immediately arrested and on Saturday was indicted by the grand jury then in session for assault and attempt to kill and gave bond in the sum of $2,500 for his appearance at the next term of court. The particulars, so far as we can learn, are as follows:

Several years ago the two men had a disagreement, from that time on each one's feeling toward the other were not that of loving brothers. Week before last the two men had a war of words in the courtroom after court had adjourned for the day and a day or so later both met and agreed to have nothing to do with each other in the future.

On Friday, about noon, Williams was informed by some one that Garrett had endeavored to indict him on a personal charge. This aggravated Williams and it was noticed in the afternoon that he was drinking to excess. Some of his friends took him home and persuaded him not to do anything rash. He came to the court house again and report says was armed. His actions at this time were quiet. He went to his desk in the courthouse there to the open bar and remained seated until court adjourned. He then arose and walked quickly to where Garrett was standing talking to Constable H.M. Stone. Judge Smith was standing near, but with his back to Williams. Having his pistol in his hand, he reached partly around Stone and fired at Garrett, who fell at the first shot, which penetrated the right side of the body near the lower part of lung. He then fired twice while the man was prostrate, all three shots taking effect, the last two near the region of the groin. Constable Stone grabbed Williams and tripped him. Williams was arrested by Deputy Sheriff Hall.

Garrett was picked up tenderly and conveyed to his office on Main street. Drs H.E. Hart and Frank Swope were immediately summoned and waited on the wounded man. On account of his intense suffering they were unable to closely examine the case until late in the night. Dr. J.L. Jones of New Middleton was sent for and his arrival the ball was taken out. The other balls fired into him produced flesh wounds and was found on the floor of the court room. On Saturday Garrett was removed to the home of his father, where he now rests as easy as could be expected.

Williams was taken home where he has been under the [care] of physicians, he having had a severe attack of cramping spasms.

The news of the affair spread like wild fire into all sections of the county on account of the prominence of the parties involved. The citizens of our town were greatly shocked and regret the affair very much.


Mr. Wiley Hawkins of Rock House was in our midst yesterday.

Miss Mittie Walkup began her school on Canal Creek last Monday.

Mrs. Lennie Stone visited relatives here last week.

Sam Tittle, living near this place, died last week from drinking brandy. The brandy was supposed to contain poison.

Mrs. Edna Mason, living near here, is very low with consumption and will not recover.

Kit Overall, who has been sick for some time, is able to get about.

George Milligan has returned from Texas, having been gone about [can't read].


W.H. Overall carried a lot of shoats to Auburn Friday where he will feed them on corn.

Prof. J.R. Curtis made a business trip to Buffalo Valley in the interest of school a few days ago.

Col. J.H. Blackburn and wife visited in our midst last night.

W.A. Tramel and wife and their baby went to Smithville last night to visit Mrs. Tramel's mother, Mrs. E. Bailiff.

Born to J.L. Tramel and wife recently, a big boy.

W.L. Taylor was here Wednesday and said he could furnish any body a milch cow at any time.

Charley Brown of Youngblood spent Friday night in our village, also Wm. Fuson, Thursday night.

Mrs. Jas. Smith is very low with consumption.

Prof. J.F. Caplinger and family returned recently from McMinnville where they visited Mrs. Caplinger's kinfolk.

Prof. Henry Foutch spent last night with your scribe.

Mr. Wilson Hendrix made his regular business trip through here the last few days.

Joe Barry and family visited at this place recently.

Henderson's X Roads

Mrs. Pink Moser, wife of Coon Moser, died last Thursday night after an illness of five weeks.

During the past eight weeks we have buried six mothers, Mrs. Jim Clemmons, Mrs. Lula Cox, Mrs. Fransioa Donnell, Mrs Battie Layhew, Mrs. (widow) Barry and Mrs. Moser.

Prof. and Mrs. Ames mourn the loss of an infant child, which was buried last week.

Elds. W.E. Banks and J.T. Raikes attended the Boyd-White debate at Watertown last week.


J.L. Smith is the nominee for assessor of this, the 5th district.

Jed Jones has the mumps.

R. Monroe has measles.

The cottage prayer meeting was held at J.M. Lentz last Wednesday night.

Mrs. Jessie Summers has been very low with la grippe but is improving.


W.C. Lawrence is slowly improving.

Aunt Crissie Reynolds is better.

Ednor McBride, the daughter of James McBride, was buried at this place today.

Uncle Jessie McBride, who has been sick so long, has lost his mind.

John Robinson, while getting out a saw leg yesterday had the misfortune to get his finger caught between the chain and leg and mashed it off, he is suffering a great deal today.

Wm. Hunt's school closed at this place last Friday.

Mrs. Tennie Davis of this place swapped horses a few day ago, says her Mexican rides very well.

Prof. Henry Foutch of Upper Helton passed through here today.

Mrs. L.E. Fuson has been visiting the families of W.D. Bass and Wm. Vanatta this week.

Capt. E.W. Bass has bought him a new buggy.

W.L. Moore has gone to Watertown today on business.

Our Neighbors

News Taken from Our County Exchanges

Putnam County ---- The Press

Eld. F.B. Srygley preached several interesting sermons at the Christian church this week.

Dr. H.C. Martin is preparing to erect a handsome residence on West Side.

Capt. P. Jones of Buffalo Valley has been very sick with inflammatory rheumatism.

Mrs. J.A. Wright and Miss Beulah Marchbanks went to Nashville last Tuesday.

W.R. Staley has been down in DeKalb taking oil leases.

On last Monday about 9 a.m. the dwelling house of Mr. T.D. Ford was on fire.

Wilson County ---- The Democrat

Melvin Young has gone on a visit to his parents in New Jersey.

Judge Gribble left Monday for Springfield, where he is holding chancery court this week.

Mrs. F. Sanders is visiting her mother, Mrs. T. Hardy, in the country, who has been quite sick.

W.W. Donnell left yesterday morning to attend a two days stock sale at Danville, Ky.

John Green is building a cottage on West Spring Street.

John Doak and Dr. J.W. Huddleston, who are serving on the Federal jury which is trying M.A. Spurr at Nashville, still remain in that city, the trial still in progress.

Last Tuesday afternoon a mad dog was seen on the place of W.A. Whitehead in the 11th district. A posse was hastily summoned and chase given. Finally he was killed on the farm of T. Wharton after biting two mules and a colt belonging to J.A. Clemmons. The stock are confined to await the result. Mr. Whitehead's dog was bitten but was killed immediately.

Cannon County ---- The Herald

J.M. Summers, who has been sick for several weeks is able to be out again.

Hugh Preston, Jr. has about recovered from a severe spell of sickness.

W.F. Deam arrived here a week ago and has opened a barber shop.

Mrs. M.J. Eagleton, who has been absent for several months visiting relatives returned home last week. Her niece, Miss Cora Henderson of Cornersville, Marshall county returned with her.

The Democratic Executive Committee met at the courthouse last Monday for the purpose of electing a Chairman and Secretary for the ensuing two years. Dell Odom of the Eleventh District was chosen to preside over the meeting. A vote was taken which resulted in S.S. Brown, 19 and Dr. H. M. Hearn, 11. Dr. Hearn moved that Mr. Brown's election be made unanimous, which was done. W.T. Mingle was elected Secretary.

Smith County ---- The Times

Harry Shafter, proprietor of Peytonia stock farm near Gallatin, last Friday fell from a wagon loaded with fodder, breaking his arm in two places.

W.S. Wilhite of Monticello, Ky, representing the South Penn Oil Co. has leased 80,000 acres of land in Jackson, 58,000in Smith and 11,000 in Macon counties.

Mrs. Elizabeth Jenkins recently died at her home in Auburn, Ill. Her maiden name was Harris and she formerly lived near New Middleton, going with her husband to Illinois in 1863. She leaves nine children to mourn her loss.

Thomas Mason, Jr. of Grant will move to Smithville soon, where he will begin the practice of law.

W.H. Hawkins of San Francisco, Cal. died recently at the home of his brother, Joshua Hawkins of Red Boiling Springs.

Charles Brice of Macon county, while trimming some trees for W.W. West at Kempville recently, fell, breaking his arm.

Mrs. Mary Aller, colored, died in Carthage last week very suddenly. She was getting some things from a trunk, when she was struck with paralysis. She was near 70 years of age.

Misses Berdie and Kittie Hale of Carthage have been confined at home for several days with the mumps.

Last Monday, Judge John A. Fite appeared before the quarterly court and presented to the county, in the name of W.B. Walton of Nashville, formerly a citizen of Smith county, two white pine and two Norway spruce trees, with the request that they be planted in the court house yard in honor of his grandfather, Isaac Walton and his father, Timothy Walton, who donated the land to the county on which the courthouse now stands. The trees were accepted by the court and Col. Fite selected one, B.A. Ligon, John R. Aust, and W.M. Hammock each selecting one, and they were planted at the four corners of the courthouse, where they present a pleasing appearance.

Rev. J.W. Cherry of Nashville arrived in Carthage on Monday evening to assist Rev. G.L. Beale.

One night last week the son and daughter of John McKinney, living on Dillard's creek in the eighth district of Smith county, went to a party. The next morning the father met the son at the barn and abused him for going to the frolic and, learning that his daughter went also, went to the house and commenced abusing her. She retorted. The father then struck her, knocked her down. The son came to the house and seeing his sister being beaten, took a hand in the fight, striking his father. The girl got up and seizing a piece of stove wood, dealt the parent a blow on the head, bringing blood. In the mixed up affair the girl had three ribs broken and her sides badly bruised; the boy eluded the caressing attention of his father and come out without a scratch; the father now wears his head bandaged. Dr. B.W. Nichols of Chestnut Mound was called on to attend the girl and reports that while the wounds received are serious, he does not consider them fatal. The parent was arrested, indicted by grand jury for assault and battery and gave bond in the sum of $250 for his appearance at July term of court.


W.D.D.Fite [?] who has been on a weeks visit at Tribble and Fites returned to Cottage Home yesterday.

John Mankins of Monteagle passed through town Saturday on his way to Round Top.

W.H. Hays of Cottage Home, Drs. Hudson of Liberty and Robinson of Dowelltown passed through town enroute to Shelbyville.


To be held at Gassaway, May 2. Reading by H.L. Maye; Orthography by Willie Hancock, Algebra; Geo. Turner; Geography, Miss Mittie Walkup; Arithmetic, Geo. Smithson; History, Joe Ford; and Grammar, L.P. Watson.


Mrs. Zeke Reel, who has been very sick for some time, is improving slowly.

Sam Tittle, who resides near here, died very suddenly last week of hemorrhage. His wife and several children are very sick.

Eld. W.E. Raikes of Free Union, Ky. has been on a visit of several weeks in this locality.

Mrs. Lilly A. High, who was appreciated as one of the Centennial committee at this place, made a cake of some of the home raised oranges. Needless to say, it was finely flavored.


The store of Ed Jones at Sykes burned Sunday night.

Denton Neal and Miss Nora Davis were married Sunday, Rev. Lewis Allen officiating.

Walter Allen of Watertown was here Monday.

Mrs. Smith, wife of Rev. W.H. Smith of Willette, died Friday night.

Sam Miller (col) died last Friday and was buried by the "Society" Saturday.

Frank Davis, representing Lyles, Davis, Goodall & Co., was here today.

Miss Eula Smith spent Sunday at home, she was accompanied by Miss Laura Byford.

The family of A.P. Smith were affected Saturday night as though they had been poisoned. Through the efforts of Dr. Womack they were relieved without serious results. They cannot account for the way in which they are affected.

Mrs. Evans, Misses Minnie, Ida and Ethel Eastes of Grant are visiting friends and relatives near here.

Mrs. J.D. Hall of Sykes, who has been quite sick with measles, is improving.

Mrs. D.W. Dinges returned home today.

Elder Boyd preached at the Christian church Sunday afternoon.


Mrs. John Turner is convalescing.

Mrs. Charles Evans has been on the sick list for several days.

Rev. J.B. Stevens of Alexandria is here this week attending the meeting.

Priest, the barber, is at Watertown this week, helping his brother during the stock sale.

J.W. Overall, Dr. T.J. Jackson and Dr. Hudson went to Shelbyville last week to be present at the Republican Congressional convention.

Miss Alice Cullom from the Palace and Miss Carrie Sewell from Rosenheim's have charge of Liv Tubb's millinery for the last few days.

R.C. Williams, who shot C.W. Garrett, died at his home in Carthage. Too much liquor did it.

Wm. Jetton and wife of Canal Creek visited relatives here Saturday and Sunday.

Rev. Maldon Rowland of Alexandria is attending the preaching of Bro Jamiison.

C.W.L. Hale is suffering severely with his eyes again.

Mrs. C.W.L. Hale is able to be up again this week.

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