Editor, Will A. Vick

February 5, 1896

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

White County ---- The Expositor

J.L. Nowlin received a telegram Monday stating that his sister, Mrs. Thompson of Birmingham, Ala., was dying and he left on the morning train for her bedside.

Miss Mary Lynam of Pomona was in Sparta Thursday of last week. She accompanied the remains of her mother, which were carried to New York for permanent interrment, in charge of Miss Lynam's brother.

Hon. E. Jarvis showed us the tally sheet of the vote of Sparta for President in 1856. It was in the handwriting of H.L. Carrick and showed for Buchanan, Democrat, 67; Fillmore, Whig, 201-showing that Sparta was then a Whig town by about the same ratio it is now Democratic.

Smith County ---- The Times

Rev. W.Y. Quissenberry closed his meeting here last Friday night.

Thos. Crutchfield, an aged and respective citizen of Hogan's creek, died on Wednesday morning last, age about 70 years. He leaves a wife and three children.

Pink Lowe, who lives on the Cumberland River, last week sold to Baird & Grissim of Wilson county, 13 head of mules for $1300.

P.B. Jones of Walter Hill was in Lebanon and bought a carload of jersey cattle for shipment to Illinois.

On the night of Jan. 22, two prisoners made their escape from the Sumner county jail at Gallatin, by removing brick from the wall. One, named Eugene Whitson, has been captured at Bowling Green, Ky., but the other, a colored man, still enjoys his freedom.

The barn of Richard Ramsey near Gallatin was destroyed by fire last Friday night. Origin unknown.

Rutherford County ---- The News

Prof. John Harrell, who has been wanted in this place for the past few days on the charge of murder committed upon the person of Prof. E.E. Puryear, was captured Sunday morning by Deputy Sheriffs Ira Jackson and W.N. Murray in the tenth district of Coffee county, where he had been concealed since the night after the killing. About 2 o'clock Sunday morning the officers, accompanied by Sheriff Keele, arrived at the home of John McMahan, an uncle of Harrell and surrounded it. Harrell attempted to leave by way of the kitchen but was stopped by Murray. He was in his night clothes, but had his Wearing appearel under his arm ready to be donned at a less important time. As soon as he perceived how utterly hopeless escape was, he quietly surrendered and was brought to Murfreesboro at once for a preliminary trial before Justice J.T. McKinley. The case was carried over to the Circuit Court which meets here in February and Prof. Harrell was released on a $5,00 bond. His bondsmen are W.M. Brewer, T.J. Vance, B.P. Lester, W.A. Cathcart, S.E. Bragg, H.L. Harrell, W.M. McMahan.

News was received here last Saturday of the death of Stonewall Jackson in Scottsboro, Ala. last week. Stonewall was a Murfreesboro boy, was Jailer here under Robert Dejarnett's term.

Putnam County ---- The Press

R.H. Lee of Smithville is visiting his brother, Z.P. Lee, at this place.

We are informed by M.J. Whitson that mules have dropped in prices in Atlanta, about $7 on the head.

One of the largest deals this part of the land has ever known has just been consumated and one whereby Cookeville will get the largest manufacturing plant it has ever had. Farley, Slagle & Whitson is the name of the new firm, composed of H. Farley, John Slagle and Jere Whitson. Mr. Whitson had bought the Eureka Planning Mills from H.F. Powell and Farley and Slagle, who owned the largest wood working establishment in the county, located at Guffton, will combine the two plants at this place.

Wilson County ---- The Tribune

Hon. Benton McMillin came up Saturday night on his way to his home in Carthage. The distinguished gentleman looks well. He was accompanied by John McMillin.

Trustee W.S. Catron has collected during the month of January, $30,000 on taxes.

Sparta, Missouri

Many of the old settlers in DeKalb and Wilson counties will feel sad when they learn that Uncle Len Walker is dead. He passed away as if going to sleep, Jan. 18, after a long and painful illness at the old homestead where he settled near Ozark soon after he came to this country. His aged wife, (whose maiden name was Nancy Adamson) still survives him. All his children six boys and four girls were at his dying bedside.

Leonard Walker was born on the Ewing farm in DeKalb county, Tenn., July 12, 1812. He was therefore 83 years, 6 months and 6 days old. He married, professed religion and joined the Baptist church at Salem, near Liberty and removed to Missouri in 1840.

Dry Creek

Johnnie Hendrixson is able to be out again.

Jas. Farmer's dog killed a sheep for Tiger Martin Thursday night.

Bob Gann moved to Brush Creek last Tuesday and will run the Overall farm.

Samuel Hathaway of Capling is visiting in our locality this week.

Dr. Bob Fuson of Dowelltown has a very sick child.


R.E. Mullens has closed his school at Brush Creek for two weeks on account of the measles being epidemic at that place.

R.L. Floyd is at home from a business trip.

Dr. A.B. Smith and wife leave this morning for a visit to Nashville.

F.L. Foutch and E.A. Foutch leave for Nashville this morning to be absent several days.

Mrs. John Palmer will spend several weeks visiting relatives in Sanborn, Indiana.

Born to Chas. McNelly and wife Wednesday, a girl.

R.G. Davis continues to improve and it is thought he will get well again.

Lafayette Wood is very sick at his home on Main street.

Andrew McClellan left for home Sunday, he has had charge of the Post Office during his father's attendance at the Grand Lodge of Masons at Nashville last week.

Miss Delmar Cooper of Quebeck is visiting the family of J.T. High.

Mrs. J.D. Colvert, accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Zade White, came home last week.

Chas. Wood has given up his position at The Times and has embarked in the plating business.

Pope Rutland of Ala. is visiting his brother at this place.

Esq. Dan Williams and wife are in Nashville this week.

J.J. Ford left for Nashville Saturday to attend Supreme court.

Rev. J.B. Fletcher will attend the Monday meetings at Nashville this week.


Wade Hickman, next friends vs Serina Vance, et als

It appearing from the petition that the defendant, Andy George, is a non-resident to appear before the judge of Chancery court, Smithville, on the first Monday in March. ---- J.B. Moore, C & M

Riley Young vs. A.E. Adcock

It appearing from the petition that the Defts., Calvin Adcock, Robt. Adcock, C.W. Anderson and Margaret Anderson are non residents and are residents of the State of Texas to appear before county judge on the last Monday in March. ---- J.E. Conger, Clerk


We wish to announce to our patrons and friends that we will go to Louisville soon to get our spring millinery. We will have a complete line of Millinery and Fancy Goods. Ladies we ask you to call and see our goods before buying. The Misses Bryan of Shop Springs will be here to do your dressmaking. They are much cheaper and perfect satisfaction given before money received. Give us a call. ---- Mesdames Gertie Hale and Maggie Phillips, Watertown, Tenn.


The home of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Sanders was, on last Tuesday evening, the scene of a quiet and pretty home wedding. Mr. George Staley Corley to Miss Kate Greene Hawks of Lebanon being the contracting parties.

The young people have been engaged three years, having met and loved during Mr. Corley's college days at Cumberland University and time for the nuptials had been set for June next, but Miss Hawks came to Carthage about two weeks ago to visit Mrs. Sanders, her cousin and Mr. Corley by the exercise of his powers of persuasion which three years of active service as an advocate had made keen and effective succeeded in convincing her that it was best to begin the new life near the beginning of the new year and not wait until June.

So on Monday and Tuesday a number of the friends of both parties were quietly invited to assemble at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sanders about 8 o'clock on Tuesday evening to see the wedding.

No ostentation or display was attempted, the writer says it was one of the prettiest and sweetest home weddings he has ever attended during his considerable period of bachelorhood.

At about 8 o'clock the bridal couple preceeded by W.B. Hale and Miss Lucy Hart and followed by W.D. Fisher and Miss Bettie Sanders entered the parlor and Rev. John B. Jordan with most impressive ceremony, spoke the cogent words that transformed the twain into one flesh.

The bride, who is very handsone and one of the sweetest and most delightful women, is the daughter of a prominent businessman of Lebanon. The groom, who is a native of DeKalb county, has been practicing law at this place about two years and is a man of fine intelect and untiring energy. He has scores of friends who rejoice with him now and who will continue to welcome the good fortune that the future may bring him and his lovely bride.

Mr. and Mrs Corley left Wednesday morning for DeKalb county where they will remain for a few days. On their return they will take rooms at the home of Judge Fite.---Carthage Record

The above is just our sentiment to a "T", so much so that we thought it better to copy than to write it up ourselves.


Uncle Jimmie Stark is better.

J.P. Stark is at Woodbury at work.

T.H. Stark is on the sick list this week.

Prof. N.L. Gold was sick Sunday and Monday.

Mrs. Drury Williams is on the sick list this week.

Miss Alice Worley of Smithville is visiting friends here.

L.N. Woodside is a candidate for trustee on the republican ticket.

Miss Belle Wheeler of Alexandria is visiting relatives here this week.

Melvin Young, the hustling assurance agent, was here last Saturday.

Old Aunt Katie Turner is ver low and cannot live but a day or two longer.

Benton McMillin will not be a candidate for governor but will run for congress again.

Misses Minnie Taylor, Willie and Stella Stone are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Evans.

Mrs. Dr. Campbell of Gordonsville has been visiting Mrs. J.W. Overall here since our last.

J.D. Smith of Watertown is with Vick & Bright now in the Piano and Organ business.

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