Editor, Will A. Vick

January 29, 1896


Found Guilty and Sentenced to Hang March 13

The trial of Victor and William Hillis consumed the greater part of last week in Circuit Court and a verdict was returned by the jury. They adjudged the boys guilty of murder in the first degree as charged in the indictment. In August, 1894, Carroll Martin, an old and respected citizen of Van Buren County, was assassinated in his own yard by unknown parties who also shot a daughter of the deceased, who had come to the rescue of her aged father. The motive of the killing was robbery, as it was believed that Mr. Martin had a considerable amount of money in his possession, and was not known to have an enemy in the world.

Jerry S. Crain of this county interested himself in the case at an early period and has spent a a great deal of time and labor gathering facts connecting the Hillis boys with the cowardly, atrocious crime.

The defendants were ably represented by Hon. Wm. T. Marray of Chattanooga and Messrs Fairbanks & O'Neal of this place. The Attorney General was assisted by Col. A.B. Woodard of Fayetteville and Smith & Price of this place.

After the verdict of the jury, the attorneys for the defense made a motion to arrest judgement and entered a plea for a new trial, which was decided by the Court at ____ o'clock Monday morning. The plea was dismissed and the judgement of the Court was that the defendants be hanged by the neck on the 13th day of March, 1896, until they were dead, the execution to take place in Spencer within lawful hours. An appeal was taken to the Supreme Court. ---- McMinnville -- New Era

Willie Eddie Smith

Death has entered the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Smith, and taken from them a lovely child, Willie Eddie, aged four years, six months and six days. She was a member of Salem Baptist S.S. Weep not dear father, mother, sisters and brothers. Willie Eddie will not be at your fireside again but she dwells with the angels waiting your coming.


Mrs. Perry Potter has just returned home from a visit to her little niece (Bettie Grizzle), who was struck in the head by a negro.

Messrs Nat and Claud Groom from Forks of Pike, drove in Dibrell this evening for the purpose of Claud's entering in school which will make the number 77.

Mr. Wash Womack is still buying and selling mules.

Mr. Norman Winnett of Cannon moved here last week for the purpose of educating his children. Mr. B.S. Turner moved here for the same purpose.

Miss Lizzie Lock will start to Texas next Thursday week, 31st. She will be greatly missed.

The Tacky Party

"The jocose and commendable proclivities of Liberty's youngsters innocent and hilarious sociability were gratified at the urbane home of Misses Daisy Hale and Alice Armstrong last Friday night.

At 7 o'clock all had arrived judging from the eccentric aspect mirth and merriment were ostensibly the object. The ladies not having an attire of the latest and most becoming style and minus those carmine blushes which crimson their virgin cheeks, were clad in the most grotesque costumes, making their appearance wild and weird.

The gents, absent of their usual commanding attractiveness of dress ensconced in garments rough and ruggy, dilapidated and seedy.

As a whole, the assembly appeared as a conglomeration of the almost extinct corpulent Hottentots, gallant Arabs, Ostentatious Gypsies, giddy Chinese and pious Pilgrims.

Upon the closest scrutiny, the cake was given to Miss Lela Whaley and Reps Campbell as the 'tackiest' dressed couple. The vivacious participants, after enjoying themselves in many plays and much cooing conversation relative to future conjugality, parted feeling that "A People without amusements is a people without manners.

The following were present; Messrs. R.E. Bratten, Pluto Bratten, Geo. Smithson, Ed Gleason, Repsy Campbell, G.W. Bradley, Tom Carden, Mat Bratten, Alfred Williams, W.E. Wilkerson, Joe Carden, H.A. Bratten, J.M. Bradley, Ben Edmonds, Oscar Whaley, Henry Bratten, Bobt. Evans, Wm. Smithson, R.M. Priest, Elza Givan, O.M. Woodside, Geo. Bratten, Ed Evans, and Misses Forest Squires, Nannie Taylor, Zella Vick, Pearl Squires, Myrtle Payne, Mattie Lamberson, Virgil Overall, Nettie Youngblood, Maud Flippen, Gertrude Stark, Arah Campbell, Ethel Bratten, Nettie Fite, Stella Bratten, Sina Huggins, Lilly Huggins, Cintha Ruyle, Charlie Lamberson, Fannie Burton, Sallie Whaley, Lelia Whaley, Alice Armstrong and Daisy Hale."


Andrew McClellan is over from Hall's Hill.

S.W. McClellan and daughter, Corrille, left for Nashville this morning.

Miss Effie McMillin of Statesville is visiting her Uncle Dr. Sam McMillin at this place.

Miss Eula Smith, who has been sick the past week, left for Temperance Hall this morning to begin teaching her class in music.

Walter Allen was in town Sunday.

Mr. John D. Bone and Miss Mattie Bone returned home from a pleasant visit to relatives in Gainsville, Texas last week.

Mr. J.E. Murrah, representing J.Bacon and Sons, Louisville, was in town today.

D.W. Dinges has purchased the Mrs. Goodner place adjoining his residence on Main Street.

Lafayette Wood is quite sick at his home on Main Street.

Rev. Ira W. King is no better and there is little hope of his recovery.

It will be welcome news to the many friends of Mr. R.G. Davis to learn his is much better.

Jim Goodner is better today.

Hatton Shaver and George Lester went to Lebanon last week to hear Bob and Alf Taylor in their lectures.

Mrs. John Palmer and Mrs. Perry Preston leave in the morning for Sandborn, Ind. to visit relatives.

Mrs. John W. Botts, who has been quite sick, is improving.

Miss Daisy Odum is visiting the family of John Goodner on Main Street.

Col. R. Allison was here last week.

George Hunt of The Carthage Times was here last week hustling for advertising and subscribers.

R.B. Floyd, R.A. Lawrence and J.F. Roy are now owners of the Alexandria and Brush Creek telephone line. The office at this place has been moved to the bank.

Hatton Shaver and Erwin Kennedy are going to New Middleton every Sunday now.

James B. Williams was in town today.

Our Neighbors

News Taken from Our County Exchanges

Warren County ---- The New Era

Col. Cardwell and Miss Sallie Duncan were united in marriage at 11 o'clock last Tuesday at the home of the bride's father, Mr. John P. Duncan, North East of this place.

Mrs. George Mitchell died at her home in this place last Saturday and was buried Monday morning.

Judge Smallman went to Manchester Monday where he is holding court this week.

Miss Lillian Smallman has as her guest, Miss Lizzie Potter of Smithville.

Jno. F. Frazier of Smithville came up Saturday to hear "Yankee Doodle" and "Dixie".

Rutherford County ---- The News

It is with feeling of sincere regret that we heard last week of the death of Dr. Wm. M. Hoover at his home at Hoover in this county on Jan 4th.

A very pretty marriage occurred last Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the residence of J.T. Robinson on North Church streets. The contracting parties were Mr. Oscar Miller Pruitt, a young farmer of Millersburg and Miss Eula Miller of this city.

Capt. T.O. Butler, after a brief illness, died in New York city Jan. 7, 1896. He was born and reared in this county and is remembered by many of the Confederate veterans, having served in General Bates' brigade during the late war.

We are informed by Pruett Henderson, manager of the Electric Light Co., that arrangements are being made for placing arc lights for the city. Ten arc lights in all will be placed.

Wilson County ---- The Democrat

Mrs. Arrington, mother of T.B. Arrington, has been sick several days, but is now much better.

Uncle Tom Patton, well known in the lower section of the county as a book agent, died this week at the age of 79 years. He was a veteran of the Mexican War and was drawing a pension on that account, from which he has managed to save about $80, which was found in his truck after his death.

Last Thursday a horse tramped on Porter Williamson's foot which has proved to be very painful.

The jury returned a verdict in favor of Jenkins in the famous Jenkins-Hankins case. Judge Houston allowed a new trial on the grounds that the verdict was not in accord with the testimony.

Putnam County ---- The Press

The case of the State against Walter Tucker for the murder of Matt Scudder several months ago was tried at the recent term of the Circuit court and the jury returned a verdict of guilty of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced him to 11 months and 29 days in the county jail.

J.M. Goodbar of St. Louis, who has been spending a few days with relatives in the upper country left.

The Weiser Bros., who are drilling for oil at Little Crab, Overton county, have struck a 1200 barrel well.

Jesse, the six year old boy of Fate Davis, was seriously kicked on the head by a horse Tuesday.

Peter Dowell, who lives four miles north of town, while walking on the sidewalk in West Side, fell and struck his head against a stump, making an ugly wound over the right eye and fracturing the skull.

Rice Hughes, an ex-Confederate soldier died in the Soldiers home at the Hermitage last Sunday. Mr. Hughes was once a citizen of Putnam county. He was about sixty-six years of age. He is a brother-in-law of Mrs. C.F. McCaleb.

Mrs. John Avery died at her home in Cookville Tuesday morning of consumption. Mrs. Avery, with her husband, came here from Michigan a few months ago.

Mrs. Joseph Huddleston, an elderly lady of West Side, died Sunday night. She was a member of the Methodist church and a most excellent lady.

C.N. Wheeler shipped two car loads of fine dogwood timber last Saturday.

Mrs. J.A. Wright left for Nashville last Saturday. Mr. Wright is representing the Monterey Coal Company there and will make Nashville his home.

Calvin Barnes and family left Tuesday for Texas where they will make their home.

Smith County ---- The Times

H.M. Hale and W.V. Lee have purchased a part of the Luster property in Carthage and will erect a nice office thereon.

A letter received from Mrs. Bettie Luster, formerly of Carthage, now of St. Augustine, Fla., states that her son, Moores Luster, and herself have been quite sick, but are slowly improving.

S.S. Harper, deputy marshal, arrested a man named Baker last Monday for violation of the revenue laws, but he gave bond and was released.

The Macedonia Baptist church at New Middleton elected Rev. W.M. Russell of Hickman for another year, they also passed a resolution thanking the people of Sykes for the interest taken in the family of J.O. Stallings, a member of that body who recently died.

Mrs. Martha C., widow of C.C. Ford, deceased, died at her home on Snow Creek last Sunday, aged 73 years. She was the mother of Rev. M.N., Jesse N., Thomas J. and E.W. Ford, all near Elmwood and W.W. Ford of South Carthage.

Last week while James Davenport of Masa__a was trying to unchoke an elevator in Kottrell & Cornwell's roller mill, his coat caught in a cog wheel. He had all his clothing torn off and his arm badly mangled before he could get out. He is reported doing well.

On Tuesday night of last week Phinley Clark and Mrs. Kate Bruiton of near Castillian Springs in Sumner county, eloped and made their escape to Kentucky. Mrs. Bruiton is a widow, her husband having been dead about two months, and is the daughter of J.H. Winchester, a prominent farmer of the 1st district and Mrs. Bruiton and her children lived with him. When they left Clark took one of Mr. Winchester's fine horses and some other small articles. Clark also took his own son's horse. Extended search has failed to locate them or the property. State warrants were sworn out against Clark, charging him with larceny and a requisition will be asked thereon.

William B. Stokes Post No. 96, G.A.R. has been organized at New Middleton with the following officers and members: Thomas A. Morris, commander; John M. Watts, junior vice commander; James W. Turner, adjutant; George E. Courtney, quartermaster; Thomas F. Eastes, officer of the day; M.P. Martin, chaplain; Isaac Manning, medical sergeant; G.W. Stevens, W.H. McGees, Samuel Denny, H.C. Jennings, J.W. Webb, J.M. Thomas, W.M. Springs, S.B. McDonald, W.T. Stallings, O.O. Rich, B.F. Allen, Thomas Alexander, Levi Rogers, J.P. Davis, H.M. Tuggle, P.M. Turner, R.F. Alvis, Philip J. Baker, Thomas J. Rogers and J.C. Smart. All honorably discharged Federal soldiers are entitled to membership. The Post will meet on the second Saturday in each month.

A bold robbery and attempt at murder occurred at Fountain Head Thurday night, when burglars gained entrance to the store of Stephen Pond, who narrowly escaped being shot when he confronted them.

Pet Jennings, one of the negroes who assaulted Wiley Floyd and son near Commerce last, died from the effects of the pistol shot he received at the hands of Floyd last Saturday.


Prof. Jas. E. Drake, who has been sick with pneumonia is reported out of danger.

J.D. Gunn preached at the Church of Christ-J.T. Baker at the Methodist church and Rev. McWilliams at the Presbyterian church Sunday, Jan. 26th.

Lelia, the little daughter of T.W. Wade is able to be up again.

Dr. and Mrs. Drake were here most of last week attending the bedside of their son, J.E. Drake.

The trial of John Haney, who committed an assault with intent to kill Aaron Hughes was continued until February 8th.

John Turner, who a short time ago purchased a farm of Miss Colvert and Evans, has moved back near Pinegar where he came from.

Mr. Mangrum of Nashville is visiting his father, Joe Mangrum of this place.

In the case of Page vs. Taylor, there was a judgement in favor of Taylor.

Levi Wilson returned to Atlanta last week.

Dr. F.H. Pitt of Paducah, Ky. Was here part of last week.

Robt. Gribble Dead

"Yesterday morning the people of Lebanon were shocked beyond measure when they learned of the sudden and unexpected death of Robt. Gribble, son of Judge J.S. Gribble, which occurred Wednesday morning between 1 and 2 o'clock at his home near Greenwood, his death resulting from heart disease.

During the evening before he appeared to be in an unusually good humor, spending the hours until ten o'clock entertaining some friends who had called by singing, etc.

Some while after retiring, probably about 1 o'clock, his wife was aroused by his struggles and instantly seeing all was not well she arose, lighted the lamp and to her horror, found he was dying and only a minute or so thereafter he was dead. In the death of Bob Gribble, Wilson county loses one of its brightest, truest, gentlest young citizens. He was a modest young man and all who knew him well recognized the strength of his character and the brilliancy of his intellect. While only 28 years of age he had already won a high place at the Lebanon bar and was destined to win high honors in his profession.

The funeral services were conducted at his home this morning at ten o'clock by Revs. J.P. Gilliam and W. Weakley and the burial took place at twelve o'clock in Cedar Grove Cemetart, a large crowd of friends of the deceased attending both services." ---- Lebanon Democrat

Forks of Pike

Miss Maude Flippen spent Saturday night with relatives at Liberty.

Mr.&Mrs. J.E. Henley visited J.W. Groom and family Saturday night.

Sam Vanatta and wife spent Saturday night and Sunday with U.W. Neal and family at Watertown.

Reps Campbell of Liberty spent Sunday Wm. Robinson.

Claude Groom has entered school at Dibrell.

A little lady arrived at E.J. Groom's last week. She is five days old.

J.B. West and wife visited U.W. Neal and family of Watertown last Thursday.

Rev. Roper from the country near Milton has moved to his farm on Dismal.

Abe Malone and family of Dry Creek will soon move to Isaac Cooper's farm.

Miss Maggie Robinson visited Mrs. Wink Truitt of Cottage Home several days last week.

Mrs. Thomas Groom, who has been quite sick, is greatly improved.

Little Vernon Cooper has been real sick for the past week.

Misses Alice and Maggie Robinson spent Saturday night with Mrs. G.B. Givan of Clear Fork, Emmons Givan came home with them and will spend this week with his Granpa Robinson.

N.E. Groom will begin his school on Sycamore today (Monday).

New Middleton

Denny & Agnew rented the mill for this year paying $40,000.

Luther and Clarence Neal and B.F.C. Smith attended court at Lebanon.

Terry Bros. have returned from Nashville where they have been building a dwelling house.

There is a great deal of sickness around about here. Frank, Ernie and Lucile Smith are right sick with measles. Mrs. Buck Bradford is on the sick list this week. Miss Alma Bradford is down with pneumonia. Ollie Swann has the fever. Miss Carrie Hallum is on the sick list. Lige Davis has the measles. Albert Hailey (col.) has the measles. Albert Swann is attending to the post office while Frank and Ernie Smith are sick. Mrs. Cattie Gill's two sons, Charlie and Lessie and her daughter, Mrs. Bud Neal, have the measles.


Messrs. Bryan, Hale & Co. have purchased the entire stock of clothing and gents furnishing goods of McAffrey & Brewies and the business will be conducted by S.L. McAffrey at the same old stand.

John L. Tribble, who has been sick with fever for some weeks, is slowly improving.

Ed Young has accepted a position with Bryan Hale & Co. in their clothing house.

Jordan Luck of this place and Miss Carrie Smith of Commerce were quietly married at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Flem Smith last Friday evening, Rev. J.P Gillem officiating.

Ed Young and Elma Finney, Ed Wood and Miss Mary Lane, Nat Elder and Miss Ellen Phillips and J. Tonabeker and Miss Mattie Williams went to hear Bob and Alf last Tuesday night in Lebanon.

Rush Hawes and John Hooper were here last week.

Drs. T.O. Bratten and C. Crutchfield and Joe Neville have accepted positions with Melvin Young of Lebanon as special agents of the Equitable Life Assurance Society of New York.

Miss Dess Cox of Statesville spent Saturday with Mr.&Mrs. S.S. Patton.

The inclement weather did not deter Geo. R. Boyd from calling on his best girl Saturday night.

We understand that Joe Oakley and family Washington, D.C. is contemplating a lengthy visit to Henderson's X Roads some time this spring.

Born to S.S. Priest and wife on the 20th inst., a girl.


Mrs. M.C. Vick is on the sick list this week.

Corley and Son shipped a carload of hogs today.

Col. Chas. H. Comstock has been here for the last few days.

Uncle Jimmie Stark is on the sick list. His wife is not at all well.

Sam Vanatta of the 13th district is a candidate for trustee on the democratic ticket.

The young people had a social at James Woodsides at the toll gate last Saturday night.

Archy Bass, well known to many of our readers is a candidate for trustee of Cannon county.

Miss Laura Wauford has been visiting here this week.

If you want first class shave or hair cut, call on R.M. Priest, 10 and 15 cents, next door to J.B. Williams.

Jesse W. Scott is talking of moving to Liberty.

The attendance in the school here still increases and Miss Nannie Gossett has been added to the faculty.

B.H. Phillips and wife of Cherry Valley went home yesterday after a visit to home folks near.


There will be a musical recital at the Eureka Academy at Dowelltown Saturday night under the direction of Miss Dottie Orr. Admission 10 cents.

Dogs killed two of W.C. Youngblood's sheep last Friday night.

Ben McBroom, a good man of Auburn country, was here Monday.

W.D. Bass left yesterday morning for the south with two car loads of mules.

Rev. T.A. Carden left yesterday morning for Nashville to attend the Masonic Grand Lodge.

A.B. Byrns, one of Cannon county's best farmers was here on business.

Mrs. Ferry [Fairy] Preston has gone to Sanborn, Ind. to remain with her sisters till next September.

R.B. Vanatta is a candidate for trustee subject to the action of the Republican convention.

Rush Hawes, the popular cloth drummer, has been here a day or two. He has another new boy at home.

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