Editor, Will A. Vick

December 4, 1895


Rev. J.B. Fletcher filled his regular appointment at the Baptist church Saturday and Sunday.

Thanksgiving services were held at the Methodist church conducted by Rev. G.L. Beale.

Dr. Brien Tubb has the framing up for his new house on Locust street.

Rev. J.B. Fletcher has purchased John Wood's house on Locust street and moved today. Dr. Womack has moved to the Jim Goodner house on Hight street.

John Woods, Esq. Has taken rooms at the Central Hotel.

J.H. Snoddy has moved to the Bell place on the Carthage road.

Mrs. Minnie Edwards has moved to Mrs. Bott's place on Main street.

Mr. Duke has moved to the brick house and Dr. Knox to his house on Church street.

Mrs. McCullough and Miss Laura Reece have moved to the Bowman place.

Mr. R.L. Floyd has moved to the Z.W. Moores place on Church Street.

Mr. John Reed has purchased Mrs. McNelley's interest in the Drug firm of Knox & Co.

Mr. S.W. McClellan, our postmaster, attempted to get on the stage one evening about dark last week. He fell and the stage ran over him. He was unconscious when found by Dr. McMillin. He is able to be out but is suffering from the injuries received.

Lon Williams, while chopping wood, accidentally cut three of his toes last week. Dr. Eaton attended.

Dr. Jones and Thomas Campbell were in town last week.

The Times drawing came off today under supervision of Capt. Baird, Charlie Wheeler and F.L. Bailiff. Little Miss Willette Bell drawing the numbers. J.D. Sneed of Hall's Hill won first prize, second prize went to Miss Alice Yeargin.

Mrs. Andrew McClellan of Hall's Hill is visiting the family of S.W. McClellan.

Miss Eula Smith is visiting friends in Nashville.

Miss Dollie King married recently in St. Louis.

Mrs. H.H. Jones was quite sick again last week.

Mrs. J.H. Snoddy is rapidly recovering from her recent spell on sickness.

Cherry Valley

T.R. Patton had about fifteen cattle dehorned last week.

C.Y. Givan was mixing with friends here Sunday.

Misses Julia Smith and Etta Phillips visited Miss Ellen Phillips recently.

Miss Hattie Jones visited Miss Flora Young last to the delight of C.C.

Miss Mary Lane is visiting at Gainesboro.

Will Phillips and wife left last Monday week for the Atlanta Exposition. A large crowd accompanied them from Watertown, among whom was J.P. Hays.

Miss Ada Phillips of Brush Creek visited B.H. Phillips while his parents were attending the Exposition.

Howell William had a very fine horse to die recently while off on a trip.

Charlie E. Bratten

Last Sunday morning Charlie Bratten very quietly passed away at his father's home in this place. He has been in very delicate health for sometime. Funeral services were conducted at Salem by Rev. Stewart.

Hendersons X Roads

J.L. Jennings and wife, Albert Henderson and wife and Mrs. Geneva Stewart and family have become settlers in our town.

Miss Lucile Oakley will spend this week in Hartsville.

Rev. G.A. Ogle spent a night last week here.

Laurel Hill

The young people had quite a social at R.E. Starnes Saturday night, John Williams fell to the floor while dancing, being overcome by heat.

A.M. Presley, an aged and retired preacher of the M.E. Church living near here received from his blind brother in Illinois a complete winter outfit of clothing last week. His brother, M.H. Presley, has been blind 18 years. He is wealthy.

Our Neighbors
News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Wilson County ---- The Tribune

Tom Ferrill is able to be out again.

It becomes The Tribune's sad duty to chronicle the death of Mrs. T.M. Turner, yesterday, at her home in Linnwood, after a brief illness.

It becomes The Tribune's sorrowful duty to chronicle the death of Mrs. Mattie Brown Davis, wife of Ed D. Davis, who died at her home on West Main street Friday afternoon last, after a brief illness. The remains were interred in Cedar Grove Cemetery Saturday, the services conducted by Rev. Weakley.

Putnam County ---- The Citizen

Mrs. A.M. Womack of West Side is still very sick with typhoid fever.

Rev. Thomas Smith of Free State, Jackson county, has moved back to this place.

Otty Smith of West Side, who has been confined to his room with fever for more than a month is improving.

Bert Kirby, who lived near here, died last Thursday with consumption. His remains were interred in the Cookeville cemetery Friday.

Last Friday, James Norris, who lives near here, was considerably bruised about the head by a long wagon turning over on him.

Roxie, the little daughter of Dr. T.L. Webb of this place, is very low with pneumonia fever. Her recovery is doubtful.

Thos. Starnes and Ridley Meachum had a difficulty at the engine house on West Side last Sunday night, in which the former dealt the latter a severe blow on the head with an axe, causing a painful but not dangerous wound.

Last Thursday morning at 5:30, Mrs. Mary D. Burton breathed her last at the home of her son-in-law, Dr. L.R. McClain, in East Cookeville.

Rutherford County ---- The News

Mr. K.D. Overall and Miss Mary Couch were united in marriage at the home of the bride's father, Dr. R.C. Couch, last Sunday evening by Dr. H.G. Fleming. Mr. Overall is a popular clerk in the shoehouse of Overall & Clayton.

Alfred Hall, colored, dropped dead on Haynes & Baty's corner last Wednesday evening about 4 o'clock while marching in the parade of a colored lodge. Al was a peaceful and good citizen and stood high with his race. His funeral took place Sunday evening and was conducted by all the colored lodges.

The two full moons that will come in December have not occurred since the coming of Christ, 1896 years ago and the Advents claim that this strange coincidence is sufficient evidence that the approaching holidays will welcome his Second Coming.

Mr. H.H. Hicks, Jr. and Miss Zadie Crenshaw were married at the residence of Mr. W.H. Manning, two miles from town on the Manson pike, yesterday (Wednesday) evening at 4 o'clock.

White County ---- The Expositor

Mrs. W.H. Magness is quite sick.

Sam E. Cunningham is in Atlanta this week on business.

James Meredith has applied for a Confederate pension with a good prospect of obtaining the same.

Hon. Benton McMillian of Carthage was in Sparta Saturday. He is placing a saw mill on his Dog Cove tract of land to market the excellent timber thereon.

A land trade of big proportions was closed last week between Frank Dibrell, C&M, and J.R. Lee of Bledsoe county. The latter purchased the farm of Mr. Dibrell, a mile west of town, consisting of 200 acres, paying therefore $6,000. Mr. Lee will move to White county and take possession about Dec. 15th. Mr. Dibrell will continue to reside in town and give all his attention to the Clerk & Master's office.

A.B. Hooper and family moved to Nashville where Mr. Hooper will enter into the manufacture of worm oil on a large scale.

The Sparta Hunting Club returned Saturday from the deer hunt, killing only four deer. One was killed by DeBow, one by Jett, one by Lowery and one by Wm. Bailey. S.S. Dibrell, Goff and Dan Bailey of Nashville had shots but the deer ran crooked.

NonResident Notices

Pending before W.A. McClellan, J.P for DeKalb County

Vick & Bright vs. G.R. Turner

G.R. Turner, in perusannce of an order heretofore made and entered … and original attaachment suit wherein T.M. Bright, of the firm of Vick & Bright is plaintiff …you are indebted to him for $45.40 due by account for merchandise …said Turner requested to appear in Jan 4, 1896 at McClellan's office at Dowelltown, Tenn.

W. A. McClellan


Work begins this week on Jim Bradley's new store house.

Thos. Mason moved to Gordonsville today where he will sell goods.

J.W. Overall and wife are visiting relatives in Smith county this week.

Wm. Oakley and F.W. Hobso_, good citizens of the Smith Fork country, were here Monday.

Uncle Sam Oakley of the lower Smith Fork country was her on business last Friday.

C.W.L. Hale is the juryman for this district at the special term of court which begins next Tuesday.

Shoug Groom has bought out Wm. Robinson's interest in the goods business at Cottage Home and the firm will now be Grooms & Knight.

Miss Nora Martin, the Milliner, will remain at Overall Bros only a few days longer.

Lost-In Alexandria or on the road to my home a county warrant payable to N.M. Foutch for $9.76 and a paid off note for $6.00 signed by Levi Foutch.

Dr. Mason and two sons of Temperance Hall were here this morning business.

The jury in the Harve Dunn case, after 12 hours deliberation, returned a verdict of not guilty. Dunn, it will be remembered, was charged with being an accomplice in the murder of Noah Adcock.

Tom Carden has written a very entertaining novel which will be printed in book form this winter. It will make a book of 250 pages and will be printed by the M.E. Pub. House at Nashville.

Mrs. John Gleason has moved to her father's on Smithfork and the Gleason children are Bob at J.H. Stark, Carrie at J.P. Stark's, Ed at Ed Gleason's and Maud at Alexandria with her brother, Rufus.

Frank Rowland got his arm sawed at Turner's saw mill in Temperance Hall last Monday. He was under the saw cleaning away the dust when he accidently struck his arm against the saw cutting it off just above the wrist. The arm amputated by Drs. Jones and Mason and the patient is doing well.

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