Editor, Will A. Vick

June 26, 1889


Joe Smith of Nashville, our old playmate, is visiting his grandmother, Mrs. Elizabeth Smith.

The fishing firm of Bowers, George, and Oakley that was wrecked a few weeks ago, has reorganized and is in good working order.

Mrs. Gold and her charming daughter, Miss Kate, is visiting friends here.

Miss Pattie Dodd and Will Vanatta were in our midst Sunday.

Miss Minnie Donnell of Alexandria has left us. She has been employed by Gross & Boon.

James Ellis is very poorly this week.

Mrs. Tom Barbee is on the sick list. Dave Young is also sick.

Jasper George and Sim Bowers have gone to the Alexandria today.

Ice Cream and Cake

Last Friday night the young people of our town enjoyed a gay party at the Liberty Hotel. The mirth was not broken until the clock chimed it's time of 12 and then very reluctantly. Among the merry group our reporter noticed were:
Miss Jennie Smith P.C. Crowley Miss Bell Hobbs C.P. Winstead
Miss Etta Woodside W.B. Evans Miss Nannie Whaley W.T. Gossett
Miss Sallie Whaley E.C. Bratten Miss Isa Givan H.A. Bratten
Miss Nora Youngblood ____ Woodcock Miss Prudie Crowley J.C. Givan
Miss Ella Smith J.I. Whaley Miss Bonnie Overall H.W. Fite


Miss Ada Blankenship left for Nashville this morning to visit her friend, Miss Mai Robinson.

Misses Julia Potter and Mattie Webb left for McMinnville to visit friends and relatives. P.C. Crowley will leave Smithville this fall to teach near Alexandria.

Ira W. King of Alexandria was in town Thursday.

Irenus Beckwith of Alexandria was in the city Saturday and Sunday.

The young people enjoyed a social at the residence of Dr. Dillard.

R.C. Nesmith has almost completed his new law office south of the Lodge building.

R.E. Robinson left Smithville this morning on legal business.


Born to B.W. Robinson and wife, a girl; also to James Robinson and wife, a girl, both the same day last week.

Prof. R.B. Harris, Principal of Eureka Academy will be here about the 15th of July to look after the interest of his school, which will begin August 5th. Miss Ada Blankenship of Smithville was chosen for the assistant. Miss Sallie Bass< /b>, a graduate of the Lawrence College, Alexandria, will have charge of the music class.

S.C. Williams and J.U. Fuson will have a livery stable in operation in a few days.

Charley Williams, a candidate for a position under "Uncle Sam", is in Nashville this week.

James H. Fuson has been appointed Deputy U.S. Marshall.

W.T. Robinson and John Corley have purchased, from R.F. Jones, a new buggy and harness each and Thomas Chapman and Shelah Turner have ordered them a new buggy.


A.L. and Stanton Malone of Texas are visiting their parents near this place.

Charlie and Janie Saunders and Johnie Bowman of Nashville are visiting their Aunt, Mrs. Mary Reece.

Little Ollie Williams had his ankle severely hurt last Thursday by a horse falling with him.

Jim Cooper, little son of Mrs. Rebecca Cooper, cut himself on the head with a mowing blade. The wound is not serious.

John Truet will teach the Helton school and P.C. Crowley, the school at New Hope.

W.B. Stokes has had his house on Main Street newly painted.

James Allen (col.) of Nashville will teach the colored school.

The funeral of Burrell Stokes (col.) will be preached next Sunday.

Misses Cora Walker and Ophelia Jones are attending the Teacher's Meeting at Carthage this week.

Miller Schurer got the flowers last week.

Gen. W.B. Stokes went to Nashville Monday.

Mrs. E.F. Reece is visiting her sons, Ed and Billie Reece, of this place.

Rev. R.P. Ransom and wife, Mrs. Jennie Blackburn and daughter, Ethel, Mrs. D.W. Dinges, Mrs. Callie Rollins and M/M D.O. Williams went to Smithville to visit the Cul-Car-Mar Falls.

Charlie and Janie Saunders and Johnie Bowman of Nashville are visiting their aunt, Mrs. Mary Reece, at this place.

Mrs. D.W. Dinges and daughter, Pauline, Mrs. Alice Williams and Mrs. Callie Rollins leave this week for Franklin, Tennessee.

Miss Cecil Barry has been quite sick with flux, is much better.

Rev. J.R. Hearn is not so well today.

Arch Allen, a respected citizen of District 11, died Friday night.

Stokes McNelly assists his father in the Post Office.

M.L. Smith is in shape to make leather again at the tan yard.

Undelivered Letters

Note:Does not give which Post Office.

Herbert Bryant, Aurthur H. Khern, S.J. Barham, S.L. Moore, T.J. Curtis, Oscar Mitchell, C.S. Fisher, R.J. McNeil, Henry Foutch, Rev. Feril Peston, J.G. Wilson, John Hobs, J.J. White, Mary Ann Hunter, T.J. White, Isaac Johnson, Lish Warren, George Kirkl in, Mrs. Amanda Williams


Mrs. J.G. Evans of Smithville is spending the week with her daughter, Mrs. L.N. Woodside.

Old lady Pistole died at home on Hannah's Branch last Friday, had crossed the line of four score years.

Wiley Vick and Miss Nettie Vantrease, Watertown, were m. at the residence of Dr. W.J. Fite, without the consent of the young lady's parents.

Miss Jennie Smith will teach school near Mt. Zion this fall.

J.I. Whaley's school will open at the mouth of Dismal Creek Monday.

J.M. Driver came down from Smithville Sunday.

C.L. Bright made a two day trip in the eastern part of the county.

Rev. N.A. Anthony and wife went to Temperance Hall yesterday.

Robt. Smithson of Smallman is in town this week attending to some business(??).

Mrs. Robt Smith and little daughter of Clear Fork is visiting relatives in town.

Misses Eddie Hoskins of Smithville and Georgie Reece of Alexandria paid Mrs. C.W.L. Hale a flying visit yesterday.

Frank Holmes of Smithville opened school on Dismal Creek Monday morning.

Miss Jennie Keaton, J.B. Estes and Dollie Fite of Cottage Home spent Sunday with Misses Bettie and Cintha Ruyle.

Judge Irenus Beckwith and son, Will, stopped here Saturday enroute to see his mother at the old Beckwith place.

Esq. W.C. Avant, a prominent citizen and farmer of the 19th district, gave our office a call Monday.

Misses Mollie and Greenie Crowder and Prudie Crowlie of Smithville came down last week on a visit.

Miss Nannie Gossett returned home from Sycamore, Friday, where she has been teaching school. She was accompanied by Miss Kittie Hancock, who left for Nashville, Saturday, on the stage.

Colored Teachers

At an examination held at Smithville for the benefit of colored applicants last week, Wm. Brewington and W.L. Denton received 2nd grade certificates and J.L. Wiley a 1st. So far, colored teachers have been employed as follows: at Smithville, D. Mangarum; at Alexandria, Jas. Allen; at Temperance Hall, W.L. Denton.

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