Editor, Will A. Vick

November 20, 1895

New Middleton

Since my last writing, death again visited our neighborhood and taken away one of the oldest citizens, Uncle Tommy Kitchens, who died at his home on the Carthage pike Friday morning at 6 o'clock. He was 87 years old and had been a member of the Methodist church for sixty years. The funeral was preached at the family burying place by T.H. Henson, the pastor of the M.E. church at this place.

Clarence Neal is on the sick list this week.

Joe Nevils of Watertown was in town last week in the fire insurance business.

J.D. Smith of Watertown is in town doing a lot of work on pianos.

James Ward of Grant is here mixing among his old friends.

Bill Jones of Gordonsville passed through town Saturday.

W.F. Barrett and son went to Alexandria last week.

Bud and James Thomas shipped a carload of hogs to Louisville.

Mrs. Zell Moores is on the sick list this week.

James Smith of Stonewall passed through town last week.

Guy Wilson of Cookville is in town on the interest of his marble yards at that place.

Will Wilson of Rome was in town Saturday.

Melvin Young, the insurance agent, was in town.

Dr. S.A. Garth, the dentist, will leave for Carthage Monday.

Mrs. J.N. Bridges left Saturday for Nashville to spend the winter.

Miss Carrie Hallum returned home Saturday after a two weeks visit to relatives and friends at Rome. She was accompanied by Brad Hallum.

Luther Neal went to Lebanon Saturday to get some flues for the mill.

George Hunt, the editor of the Carthage Times, was in town hustling up subscribers for his paper.

Prof. B.N. Hicks of his place moved to Lancaster Tuesday where he will take charge of the school.

Sam Thomas of Rome was in town Saturday.

E.B. Upton left Sunday for Dixon Springs.

Erwin Kennedy and Walter Allen were in town Sunday.

Will Gill and Ollie ________ went to Lebanon Monday.


Dr. Brien Tubb is at work on the foundation of his new dwelling.

Jo Sneed is building a beautiful house on West End.

Mrs. Mary McColloch and Miss Laura Reece will move to the Bowman place on Main street.

Dr. Knox will move in a few days to his new home on Church Street.

Mr. Thomas Fuller and wife of New Middleton were here last week.

J.W. Thompson, Esq. of Nashville is visiting near Alexandria.

A telephone message was received this morning announcing the death of Mr. John A. Jones at his home at Laguardo; he formerly lived near this place.

James Shirley was in town last week.

Ike High has returned from South Pittsburg.

Andrew McClellan, Esq. Spent Sunday in Alexandria.

Miss Mickie Hoskins is visiting the family of A.P. Smith on Main Street.

Mr Clark McAdoo and family of Watertown attended services at the Cumberland Church Sunday.

The young folks enjoyed a candy stew at the residence of Mrs. Julia Brown Saturday evening.

Mr. J.C. VanPelt entertained a party with music and guitar at the Willow House one evening.

Mrs. Hatton Shaver and Miss Alice Cullom spent Sunday with Miss Laura Johnson at commerce.

B. Cobb spent a night at his mother's on Main Street last week.

Mr. John G.Neal and Miss Bertie Barbee of Watertown were married last Thursday the 14th.

Miss Austelle Hearn returned today from a visit to homefolks at Lebanon.

H.D. Foust's, Jr. little son is better this week.

O.P. Barry is on the sick list.

Mrs. Pop Fuller has been sick for several days.

R.L. Floyd is traveling for the Rankin Mfg. Co., Nashville.


We noticed Rev. J.T. Oakley of Henderson X Roads in town this morning.

After visiting relatives and friends here for several days, Mrs. Eliza Callman of Evansville, Ind. and Mrs. Ophelia Biggin of Kingston Springs returned home last week.

A. Young and wife, Mrs. J.L. Tribble and Miss Hattie Jones attended the Atlanta Exposition.

A.W. Clifford and family moved to Lebanon today. Mr. Clifford expects to engage in the law business at that place.

Old Uncle Jim Murphy, and old and respected citizen north of town, died last Wednesday.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Putnam County ---- The Press

Miss [?] Minnie [? Very faint] Myers of Livingston died last week after a brief illness.

R.H. Jared, who is at the home of his father in Rock Spring Valley, is no better.

Sheriff C.F. _____eb has been confined to his bed for the past week but is improving.

Rev. T.J. Clouse of Board Valley was taken violently ill Sunday and died Monday night.

Rev. G.W. Nackles of this place left for Dowelltown to attend a committee meeting for the purpose of devising ways and means for redeeming the Bloomington College.

James Montgomery of Gainesboro and Donoho Bros. of Macon county have purchased W.W. Smith's farm one mile east of this place and will establish a large nursery and apiary.

W.H. Walker, father of Dibrell Walker, who was shot recently by Young Terry in Nashville, returned from Nashville yesterday where he has been in attendance on his son ever since the unfortunate occurrence.

Smith County ---- The Times

Col. J.J. Turner of Gallatin, who has been confined to his home by sickness, is out of danger.

Lillian, the 7 year old daughter of W.A. Gray of Station Camp, Sumner county, died on the 4th and was buried at Hendersonville.

L.C. Alexander of Dixon Springs has added a fine Red Polled bull to his herd.

Joshua Young and Miss Eva Smith, both of Stonewall, were married on the 3rd inst.

B.N. Hicks will soon move to Lancaster having accepted the principalship of the new academy.

G.W. Lewis, proprietor of the stave factory in Carthage, will soon move his plant to White county.

Mrs. Martha Henry of Cookville has given $5,000 to the Vanderbilt University at Nashville and $1,000 to the Louisville Bible Society.

J.A. Neal, the well known liveryman of Lebanon had a horse to fall on him, he is getting better.

The residence of R.M. Potts at Hartsville was burned Sunday morning, 3rd inst.

The houses and their contents of George F. Brown and Sylvanus Marks, both in Fentress county, were recently destroyed by fire.

Recently Dr. W.W. Campbell of Weir, Wilson county caught an eagle which measured eight feet from tip to tip of its wings.

White County ---- The Expositor

A.B. Hooper will close out his entire business Dec. 2, 1895.

T.L. Mitchell left for Atlanta with a carload of horses and miles Thursday.

Crock Townsend returned from Atlanta Friday, having disposed of a carload of mules.

Miss Malvin Knees of Richmond, Ind. is visiting Mrs. Ed Austin and will spend the winter here.

Joe Wilhite left for Chattanooga Saturday with several head of horses.

T.L. and John Mitchell have purchased the interest of J.C. Cummings in the livery firm of Mitchell Bros. & Cummings and will conduct the business under the firm name of Mitchell Bros. Mr. Cummings has purchased the Blankenship place below town and will become a farmer.

"We understand that Uncle Martin Sims of White county, but well known here, is in the enjoyment of reasonable health at the age of 96 years. He is the father of Dr. Philander Sims of Chattanooga. Uncle Martin has a host of friends in Overton county who will be glad to know that he [is] still alive and well".-Livingston Enterprise

Rowe Wallace was seriously injured in a railway accident about a mile west of Sparta Depot on Gallun Hill, Monday evening between 6 and 7 o'clock. He was in the caboose and hog car [when] it broke from the other part of the train. Mr. Wallace was insensible when found and did not regain consciousness for some hours.

Elder E.A. Elam of Gallatin, Tenn. arrived at Sparta Saturday and began a series of meeting at the Christian Church Sunday.

Wilson County ---- The News

Tom Aarington left Tuesday for the Atlanta Exposition.

Sam Stratton, wife and baby of Waco, Texas are here. They arrived the first of the week.

Mr. Jno. Kannary sold out his interest in the grocery firm of Kanary & Hannah, Tuesday to __ke Odum.

Prof. J.I.D. Hinds returned last week from Montreal, Canada where he has been attending the International Sunday School Convention.

Dr. W.M. Hannah sold to Mr. Alex Young of Watertown his interest in the undertakers business.

Dave Seagraves and Alex Young have bought Kanary & Hannah. The new firm will continue in the undertakers business at the old stand with Dave Seagraves in charge.

Last Wednesday at his home in the 21st district, Mr. John Fields fell peacefully to sleep in the bosom of his family. The frost of 86 winters had fallen upon his venerable head and with his death the county loses one of its best citizens.

Mr. W.H.L. Baird, a former Wilson countian, died Sunday morning at his home, 1066 South Market Street, Nashville, Tenn. He moved to Wilson county (at six weeks?) with his parents from Richmond county, N.C.

A very sad and sudden death occurred here Sunday morning. For a month or more, Harry Grannis has been seriously ill with typhoid fever, at the home of his father, W.J. Grannis, Principal of the Preparatory Department of Cumberland University. His mother remained constantly at his bedside, ever watchful and ready to administer to the sufferer. At 4 o'clock p.m. Saturday, his mother, who up to that time had seemed to be in the best of health, suffered a stroke of paralysis. She immediately became unconscious, dying the following morning at 5 o'clock.

In County Court of DeKalb County, Tennessee

J.L. Wood, et als vs. Maude Fuson, et als

It appearing that Maude Fuson, Clifford Fuson and Thomas Fuson are Non-Residents of the State of Tennessee and are residents of the state of Oregon, so that the ordinary process ..ordered to appear on or before the the 1st Monday in January, 1895. [sic] [1896?]. ------ J.E. Conger, Clerk

Cherry Valley

Bob Wardell of from below Nashville has moved into T.R. Patton's old home.

Nath Talley is living with his grandpa Bass.

Mrs. Belle Cartwright of Shop Springs and Mrs. Anne Banks of Nashville visited Mrs. H.A. Phillips Monday week.

Miss Flora Young of this place, accompanied by J.B. Bass and wife, E.J. Bass and wife of Watertown attended the Atlanta Exposition.

Q.W. Phillips of Henderson X Roads was visiting here Wednesday.

Mrs. Simmons of Lebanon visited her daughter, Mrs. D.O. Phillips last week.

Born to J.W. Berry and wife, 15 inst., a girl.

W.S. Henderson was sick last week-some better now.

J.D. Phillips is able to be out among his friends again.

H.W. Williams has finished the reconstruction of his dwelling.

H.W. Williams has about six hundred turkeys under guard in camp ready for shipment Wednesday.


Mrs. R.E. Lee is dangerously ill.

Miss Eva Ward is quite sick.

Mr. Will Mefford of Franklin is visiting his sister, Mrs. Hal Tubb.

Mr. Gus McEachern and wife are in town today.

Henry Frazier and wife of Temperance Hall were in town today shopping.

Miss Virgil Grandstaff is visiting relatives at Temperance Hall.

Mr. Fox spent Monday night with his friend, Mr. J.H. Snoddy.

Dave Wauford has moved to his farm on the Libety pike.

R.C. Willoughby has moved to the Dave Wauford place.

Chester Jones, son of William J. Jones, fell from a wagon last Thursday but was not seriously hurt.

Mrs. Mary Smith, Miss Lucille Smith and Miss Zuleika Gill of New Middleton visited friends here.

Elmore Hill and James Shirley were here this week.

Erwin Kennedy and Walter Allen filled their regular appointments in Smith county Sunday.

James Goodner has traded his place in town to Green Wright for the Donnell place on New Hope.


Mrs. John Gleason is able to be up again after a long spell.

The Bragg and Hays lawsuit was tried at Smithville yesterday, Hays winning it.

C.J. Phillips & Co. of Watertown will be at Liberty next Friday to buy a carload of mules.

Wm. Turner, wife and children of Temperance Hall have been visiting relatives here for a few days.

Chas. Bratten is standing the cool weather pretty well. His general condition remains about the same.

Profs. Gothard & Langford will teach the spring school at the Academy here.

A. Dougherty is on the Travis jury at Smithville this week.

Rev. J.M. Jarvis was transferred to the Missouri conference and left yesterday.

Rev. J.T. Oakley has been called to the Baptist church at Smithville.

Prof. W.R. Webb of Bellbuckle delivered a gold speech at Smithville Monday.

Prof. T.A. Killman returned Monday from a visit to Kentucky. He has resigned from the Academy.

Miss Lena, daughter of Burel Driver, died very suddenly last Friday morning.

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