Editor, Will A. Vick

November 6, 1895


From the Gulf to the Lakes It Is Felt

Last Thursday about 5 o'clock a.m. distinct and perceptible earthquake shocks were felt in nearly all parts of the United States. It seemed to have been worse in Missouri where some chimneys tumbled down and windows were broken. The shaking was accompanied by a rumbling noise like distant thunder which alarmed the people no little. Nearly everybody in this section felt it and as soon as it was light the people were but wondering as to its extent. There were as many as two or three distinct shocks but a few seconds apart.


Rev. G.L. Beale has returned as pastor of the Methodist church.

Mrs. Dr. McMillen is visiting relatives near Statesville this week.

Mrs. Crutchfield and daughter, Miss Josie, leave this week for Nashville, where they will make their home.

Liv Tubb attended the Synod at Nashville last week.

R.A. Lawrence and family visited relatives at Nashville last week.

Mrs. Mary McCollough is visiting relatives in Nashville.

Miss Flora Snoddy returned home Sunday.

Len F. Davis was in town Saturday.

Mrs. Hearn and Miss Stratton of Lebanon visited Miss Austella Hearn last week.

Erwin Kennedy is in attendance upon divine services at New Middletown Sunday.

Frank Beck was in town Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Dr. Brien Tubb is having the foundation laid for his new house on Church street.

Mrs. Lee, Miss Carrie Smith and Miss Edna Swan of Commerce were visiting in town.

Misses Mattie Bone and Robbie Davis attended the Synod at Nashville.

Mrs. Fannie Foutch visited her mother at Nashville last week.

Mrs. John Goodner returned from Nashville last week.

Isaac Cooper of Dismal was in town today.

J.H. Shurer of Round Top was in town today.

John D. Bone anticipates a trip to Texas in a few days to visit relatives in Gainesville.

Mrs. Bertie Barbee who has been quite sick for several days.

Mrs. Pop Bomar died at her home in Smith county near this place last night.

Elder McNabb and J.B. Henley passed through town this morning with a wagon load of provisions for the Baptist Orphan Home at Nashville.

Dan Williams, A.B. Smith, E.A. Foutch, T.W. Eason, Norman Botts and Jim Jones attended Buffalo Bill's Wild West show at Nashville last week.

Mr.&Mrs. Liv Tubb and daughter, Livy, spent a week visiting Mrs.E.T. Bowers of Fatherland street in East Nashville.

Clear Fork

Born to Doc Bass and wife Monday, a boy.

We have had a good school at Goggin school house taught by H.M. Evans.

Messrs. John Evans and F.W. Crook are able to be out again.

Mrs. Thos. Young and children of Shop Springs were visiting relatives here last week.

Mr. R.J. Givan went to Watertown last Monday.


Mr. Thos Appleton has recovered from a spell of fever and is filling his place at Kemper's drugstore.

Fire began in Mr. John Johnson's house and it went down in a little while, with two other houses.

A hay shed of Mr. Rob Cartwright burned last week caught from an engine. The N & C RR pays.

W.A. Haley and G.T. Moore made a trip to the capitol city Saturday on business.

Mr. John Jayne is the new clerk at Messrs. Cunningham & Cartwright.

Mr. Summer Ralph and Miss Mary Rice were found having the matrimonial knot tied recently.

Mr. G.T. Moore purchased for his family an $80.00 organ.

Miss Mattie Haley's six year old daughter, Rubie, was proud of her two new teeth.

One of our oldest citizens, Mr. Shannon, was buried last Sunday evening. Had he lived until the 4th of November he would have 95 years old.

Mr. Summers of Saudersville and Miss Lizzie Saunders of Center Point were united in the holy bonds of matrimony on the 6th inst, at the bride's fathers, Mr. Seth Saunders.

Forks of Pike

Mrs. Nancy, Miss Florence and Tom White of Dowelltown visited Mrs. Tobitha Yeargin Sunday.

Fred Smallman, a life insurance agent of McMinnville, was in our midst last week.

Miss Nannie Groom visited Mrs. Will Taylor of Dowelltown last week.

Mrs. Wm. Robinson and little daughter, Eva, returned home after a visit with relatives in Texas.

John Meachem, our wood workman, and family will move to Cookville Wednesday.

W.C. Groom happened to a very serious accident last week by falling on a plow.

Miss Nettie Vanatta spent Saturday with her sister, Mrs. T.E. Cooper, near Cooper's Chapel.

Mrs. Will Taylor of Dowelltown spent several days with her mother, Mrs. Thos. Groom.

Prof. C.M. Preston spent Saturday night with Mr.&Mrs. Shelah Turner.

J.B. West is real sick again.

Miss Sarah and little Bonnie Bogle are on the sick list this week.

Little Fannie Floy Givan is very sick this week.

Born to Mr.&Mrs. Robt. Fite on the third, a boy.

George Henley and wife and Miss Maggie spent Saturday night with Mr.& Mrs. Pate Griffith.

Mrs. S.D. Fite and Robt. Fite have gone to Smithville on business.

Mrs. Sallie Vanatta and Mrs. Jim Starks of Liberty spent Friday with Mr.&Mrs. Grant Fite.

Mr. Hopkins and wife of Liberty spent Monday with Mr.&Mrs. John Meachum.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Putnam County ---- The Press

Mrs. Nancy Algood has purchased the old building and lot of the M.E. Church South.

Birch Protest and Miss Clark Young were married Sunday morning by Esq. C.J. Davis.

Mr. Pem Shields of Smithville has moved his family here and joined our mechanical force.

Beecher Hunter of Sparta and Miss Laura Robinson, daughter of Wm. Robinson, of Dry Valley were married yesterday morning and lift on the 8 o'clock train for Atlanta. Mr. Hunter is a native of Putnam county and the son of Rev. Braxton Hunter, the only surviving classmate of Dr. Henry Ward Beecher, for whom Beecher Hunter is named.

Mrs. Cab Matthews, daughter of Esq. Robt. Peek, who lived near Netherland, died last Monday.

Rutherford County ---- The News

B. Booker Smith died at his home at Porterfield on Wednesday last. He was formerly a merchant at Woodbury and Murfreesboro. He leaves a wife, who prior to her marriage was Miss Fannie Baugh of Franklin, and several children. He was an older brother of Gentry Smith of Murfreesboro.

Will Allen, Dick Rucker and Joe Neesby, colored, were tried in Criminal Court for assault and battery of William M. Leiper.

J.S. McLin died at the home of his son-in-law, J.B. Lane, Wednesday of last week. He had received a stroke of paralysis the week before and had never recovered from its effect. He was born in 1817 and spent most of his life in Murfreesboro.

Rev. Thomas Buchanan, son of ex-Governor John P. Buchanan of this county, and Miss Lillie Ramsey of Cornersville were united in marriage at the home of the bride last Thursday morning.

Judge C.C. Clark, who is holding court at Nashville has sent so many moonshiners to jail, it is filled.

Chas. McUin, who was on trial for the murder of John Burnett was found quilty.

Smith County ---- The Times

Mrs. Julia McDonald of Carthage has received the sad information from Nashville that her grandson, G.K.C. Salter, is not expected to live.

Elder J.C. McQuiddy, editor of the Gospel Advocate, Nashville, delivered two interesting and instructive sermons in the Christian Church Sunday.

John Holleman, a farmer living in McClure's bend, fatally cut his landlord, a man named Powell.

Last Saturday the 18 month old child of Newton Anderson, living on the south side, died.

Dr. H.E. Hart of Carthage fell while riding a bicycle and broke his arm.

White County ---- The Expositor

Jay G. Hodges is working a large force on the buildings of his new distillery in West Sparta.

John Patton, an aged citizen of the Sequatchie Valley and an ex-Confederate soldier commited suicide Sunday by shooting himself in the head with a shotgun.

R.P. Officer shipped a large number of cattle Monday and Crock Townsend took a carload of mules to the Southern market, also T.L. Mitchell sent horses and mules to Atlanta.

H.H. Keathly, a leading citizen of White county, died Oct. 25, 1895, at his home after prolonged illness. He was born Oct. 10, 1848, and became a member of the Methodist church early. The burial took place at Mt. Gilead Sunday under the auspices of the Odd Fellows.


Rev. W.P. Banks has gone to Pickett county.

Prof. Wm. Hunt was here at church last night.

Dr. Bob Fuson will have one of the best residences in town when completed.

We notice Mr. Andy Robinson and Wm. Capilinger, two of our best citizens, on our streets today.

Mrs. Lucy Robinson is very poorly again this week.


Last Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at the residence of the bride's mother near here, Mr. Simon Taylor of Hicks and Miss Josie Parker were united in marriage. The bride is a daughter of the widow John Parker and the groom is a son of T.J. Taylor of McKinney, Texas.

Arthur Grooms of Forks of Pike bought furs here yesterday.

Dave Sampson was among us wanting fat hogs Wednesday.

Blacksmith Peak's brother of Kentucky is visiting him.

Ervin of Keltonsburg made a delivery of fruit trees for Hicks & Son's Nursery here Friday.

Prof. Henry Foutch called on his best girl Wednesday night and got wet on his return.

Miss Hattie Jones sprained her ankle by a horse throwing her.

Dr. Jas. D. Tettie and Bob Curtis returned Wednesday from Buffalo Valley.

B.Z. Taylor of Hicks found his mule.

Mr. John Foutch of Alexandria returned from here very sick Thursday. He had come after his son, Henry, whose school closed at Cave Springs.

Doc Tramel and family attended the birthday dinner of Mrs. Tramel's mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, near Dowelltown Monday. This was her sixty sixth anniversary of her birth.

Esq. Jerry Smith saw a ball of fire pass over his house last Monday evening about sunset which was about the size of an half bushel with a tail thirty or forty long. The light was going from west to east. It was also seen by other parties.


J.W. Overall is in Nashville this week.

Jo Odom of Auburn spent Sunday visiting relatives here.

Mrs. C.D. Jennings and Miss Anna Jennings of Round Top were here this morning.

Call and see Nim Bullington, the old barber and have a shave and haircut for 15 cents.

Messrs R.L. Grigg and Fred W. Smallman are here in the interest of the Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co.

Mrs. John Gleason is thought to be some better today.

James Mullinax and daughter, Miss Viola, were here yesterday.

W.L. Vick has bought a pair of richly bred blood hound pups and has them in training.

Rev. T.B. Fisher has been substituted as Presiding Elder of this district in place of P.A. Sowell, who was relieved on account of the illness of his wife.

Mrs. Lotta Dodd, a good old woman living on Clear Fork, died Monday night. She was the mother of R.M. Dodd and some daughters still living in this section.

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