Editor, Will A. Vick

October 30, 1895

Forks of Pike

Messrs. Womack & Stroud passed here with a fine lot of mules and spent the night with J.B. West.

Miss Delia Yeargin spent Saturday and Sunday with Miss Alice Robinson.

Rev. O.P. Barry failed to fill his appointment at Four Corner Sunday.

Mr.&Mrs. Wash Taylor visited relatives at Snow's Hill Saturday and Sunday.

Mr.&Mrs. Winket Truitt of Cottage Home visited the family of Wm. Griffith Sunday.

Mrs. Tabitha and Miss Alice Yeargin visited relatives of Dry Creek.

E.J. Groom had a corn throwing Thursday night and treated his workers on cold sweet cider.

Born to Mr.&Mrs. Grant Fite on the 25th, a girl.

J.B. West is not any better at this writing.

Misses Mary Flippen and Belle Wheeler accompanied by Messrs. Jennings and Neville of Watertown, made a flying visit to Smithville Sunday.

Mrs. Wash Luck of Watertown spent several days with her daughter, Mrs. H.C. Givan, returning home Friday accompanied by Misses Maud Flippen and Ella Givan.

Cherry Valley

Mr. Edgar Phillips, one of our brightest young men, was taken with fever a few weeks since and died.

W.S. Phillips and wife have had a short spell of fever from which they are convalescing.

B.H. Phillips and wife visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Avant at Dowelltown Sunday.

C.Y. Givan of Liberty was mixing with friends in these parts Sunday a week ago.

J.D. Phillips is able to sit up some, after five weeks of fever.

T.W. Vantrease's business at his office is increasing very rapidly.

T.R. Patton will move in his new house Xmas, if not sooner.

H.W. Williams is having dwelling remodeled.

Hugh, the only child of Magness Bass and wife of Shop Springs, about six years of age, died with croup last Friday night and was buried at the Jones grave yard Sunday at Watertown.

The most recent wedding was that of Mr. Corley Donnell to Miss Pattie Hearn of Watertown on last Wednesday.

Hendersons X Roads

Mrs. Bettie Mangrum, better known as Miss Bettie McKee, at Greenvale last week where she took pneumonia Saturday and died Tuesday night.

Mrs. Nancy Smith of Commerce and Mrs Louisa Oakley and Mrs. Jessie Gill of Smith county spent a day or two with Mrs. Mollie Estella Oakley last week.

Dr. John R. Beadle and C.A. Pritchard have just finished making up the sorghum of the surrounding community.

Mr. Billy Alsup and wife have returned from their visit to Rutherford county and are sojourning at H.A. Phillips.

Mrs. Luda Oakley, widow of Jim B. Oakley, was recently married to a Mr. Call of Prairie Plains, Tennessee.

H.L. Henderson is on a visit to relatives in Alabama.

"Showers and Sunshine"

Among the holiday books, "Showers and Sunshine", a volume of poems by Will T. Hale, the Tennessee poet, is announced.-Atlanta Constitution


Mr. W.D. Cates has moved his saw mill to this place.

Mr. James Roberts who had his hand cut recently is not improving any. He is 80 years old.

Mr. Tom Robinson will leave in a few days for Kentucky where he will reside in the future.

Chas. Cates is on the sick list this week.

Miss Mollie Cates of Clearmont, Warren county is visiting relatives at this place.

Miss Melissa Bottoms, who lives near Bradyville, is visiting friends at Cateston.

Mr. R.L. Gaither is having his millet threshed today.

There will be a singing convention held for the benefit of the church, at the Cateston Music Hall. Conductor C.A. Cates, organist Miss Annie Bishop of Daylight, Warren county.

New Middleton

Maj. John McGill is very sick at this time.

Messrs. Luther Neal and B.F.C. Smith made a flying trip to Watertown Saturday.

Jo Lawrence of Brush Creek was here Saturday.

Miss Etta Bowers is at Alexandria visiting her sister who is right sick.

Roy Bowers of Commerce is visiting his sisters, Mesdames Rocky and Davis.

Miss Mable Turner of Gordonsville is visiting her grandfather, Esq. J.P. Yelton of this place.

Ed Terry and father went to Grant to see his father.

Taylor Robinson is having a new residence built on Denney's Branch.

George Carpenter has gone to Granville on business.

Bridges Upton's house caught fire last week but was put out before it did any damage.

Henry Thomas and wife went to Alexandria Saturday.

Fate and Jo Bridges attended the big show at Nashville last week.

Dr. Temple and wife of Hickman are visiting the latters father, Maj. J.S. Gill.

E.B. Upton, county surveyor, has been on Defeated surveying Gwens Haily.

Sam Thomas of Rome was at his brother Henry's last week.

Rob't Litchfield had the misfortune of getting his hand smashed in a wheat drill and had to have one finger taken off at the first joint.

W.H. Carpenter, the proprietor of the New Middlton Stock Farm returned from Thorntown, Ind. Thursday, where he has been to buy some hogs.

On Saturday, the 18th, several of the young men and ladies went chestnut hunting. Those who went were Fate Bradford and Miss Ida Baird, Jas. Thomas and Miss Daisy Flippen, Claud Terry and Miss Matlon Bransford, Joe Flippen and Miss Maggie Manning, Edgar and Domie Baird. On the way to Chestnut Mound, they drove up before Rev. Carlock's and called him out and in a few words he made Mr. Fate Bradford and Miss Ida Baird, man and wife.

Insolvent Notice

Having suggested the insolvency of the estate of Geo. Robinson, deceased in the County Court of DeKalb County…have demands by Jan. 7, 1896… --------- Marion Close, Adm'r.


James Smith's little two year old baby died very suddenly and unexpectedly Monday night.

Rev. M. Curtis new house will be completed in a few days.

Prof. Hanry Foutch has turned out his mustache.

D.H. Tramel has built a new buggy house, J.L. Tramel, a smoke house and J.R. Tramel, a pig pen.

Prof. J.Robert Curtis went to New Middleton last week.

Mrs. Ada Overall is suffering severely from a "bone felon" at present.

Mrs Nancy White and daughter, Miss Florence, of Dowelltown, visited her sister, Mrs. Alice Tramel.

Bill Bean and family returned Thursday night from Kentucky to make this their future home.

Mr. Josh Phillips of Sligo was in our midst Saturday.

John A. Fuson was here selling several kinds of medicine Saturday.

Rev. Henry Wright of Lancassas was at W.M. Hunt's Friday on business.

Monday night B.Z. Taylor of Hicks, Tenn had a very dark bay mare mule leave or be taken. Reward.

Mrs. Duck Tramel and her son, Wink, and daughter, Cora, will leave for Texas today to make it their temporary home.

The school of Prof. J.F. Capilinger, principal and T.M. Malone, Assistant, at Pisgah closed last Friday.

Brother Wright asked the blessing and the speaking commenced by T.J. Malone, W.R. Capilinger, John Kelley and Prof. W.M. Hunt.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Putnam County ---- The Press

W.D. Sloan will have one of the prettiest and most convenient residences in the city when completed.

Judge J.W. Puckett is building a handsome law office opposite the C.P. church.

John C. Gore and sister, Miss Anne, of Gainesboro were going up to Paran Saturday to be present at the funeral of Mrs. J.E. Gore and had gotten as far as Byer's store when the horse ran away and kicked Miss Annie on the cheek, tearing the flesh and fracturing the bone. The wound is very serious, but not fatal.

Wilson County The Tribune

Last Sunday while Tom Wooten of Carthage was entering our city in a buggy, the horse succeeded in demolishing the buggy.

The dividing fence of Mrs. Sam Carter and J.T. McClain, running from West Main street to the railroad and constituting the Western boundary of the Page boundary of the Page brickyard, caught fire from some burning grass destroying about one hundred panels.

The building occupied by the Racket Store and Jennings & Shannon's Hardware store are being extended twenty five feet in the rear.

Campbellite Church

According to previous arrangements J.H. and J.W. Overall, T.P. Bragg, Joe Barry and J.R. Hudson met at Overal Bros. and organized into a committee to build a Campbellite church. After consultation the committee ordered J.P. Stark to draft a bill for a house 50 feet long, 34 feet wide and 18 feet high, …to place the lumber immediately on the lot already selected.


Rev. T.J. Baker filled his regular appointment at the Cumberland Church Sunday.

C.D. Baird has returned from Nashville.

Mrs. Mary McCollough is visiting at Brush Creek and New Middletown.

Mrs. John Doak and son, Phillip, are here on a visit to Mrs. Doak's mother, who is still quite sick.

Mrs. J.B. Fletcher is getting well again after several days sickness with chills.

R.F. Lee came up from his farm in Wilson county and spent Sunday in town.

A negro minstrel troupe has been in town for the past few days.

John W. Rutland left this morning for Greenville, East Tennessee.

R.G. Donnell moves this week to the farm he recently purchased from Green Wright on Hickman Creek about four miles from town.

A Pleasant Affair

Quite a crowd gathered at the nice country residence of Mr. R.J. Givan, one and one half miles south of Liberty, last Sunday and spent the day very pleasantly. Those present were: Dr. T.J. Jackson and lady of Liberty, Mrs. Caroline Young and son, James; Mrs. Mary Cox and children of Commerce; Mrs.Martha Bratten and daughter, Miss Geneva; H.M. Evans, wife and son, Bratten. In the afternoon, James Young and Chas. Givan and Misses Geneva Bratten, Isa and Sallie Givan went driving to the top of Snow's Hill, chestnut hunting.

John Gleason

Yesterday morning at 1 o'clock, John Gleason very peacefully passed away at his home in this place. For several weeks he has been a very sick man, but got able to be up about two weeks ago. He leaves a wife and several children.


Mrs. John Gleason is very sick this week.

C.W. Hale gathered 200 barrels of corn off 15 acres.

C.Odom at Close has a nice bunch of shoats for sale.

W.J. Gothard will be glad to wait on his friends at Vick & Bright's new store.

J.M. Hays, a prominent farmer of the river country, was here last Saturday on business.

Misses Sinai Huggins and Cintha Ruyle returned yesterday from a visit to Nashville.

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