Editor, Will A. Vick

October 23, 1895

Long letter from J.T. Haley

describing the Thomas Cochran Family Association meeting in Middleton, Ohio. Many, many names, but none appear to be from Tennessee.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Rutherford County ---- The Press

The friends ofMr. J.S. Macklin will be grieved to learn that he received a stroke of paralysis last week which placed him in a serious condition.

The stable belonging to the residence of Dr. J.B. Murfree on Vine street, occupied by Rev. Geo. W. Patterson, was destroyed by fire last Thursday night. It was the work of an incendiary.

Dr. E.H. Jones has moved from Woodbury to Murfreesboro and may be found in Mason Court in the office lately occupied by Dr. A. Robinson.

Mrs. Sarah M. Singleton died at her residence on Academy street last Thursday.

Wilson County ---- The Tribune

Rev. Ira Landrith came up from Nashville to spend Monday night with Prof. Henry Grannis, who continues very sick with fever.

T.B. Arrington has sold his interest in the livery firm of Williamson & Arrington to John Kanary and the firm will hereafter be known as Williamson & Kanary.

Sheriff S.F. Anderson of DeKalb passed through our town enroute to Nashville, carrying Joshua Lisk down to the Asylum.

Last Thursday morning, Johnnie Caruthers, a little negro boy four years of age who lived with his mother in a room over Adam Finley's barber shop, met with a deplorable accident that cost him his life. He was left alone in the room and while standing near the stove, caught on fire and was burned so badly that he only lived two hours after the accident.

A pair of horses belonging to Whart Buchanan ran way out West Main Friday, nobody was injured.

Diptheria is in Lebanon again. Two of Henderson Driver's children are very sick with it.

Warren County ---- New Era

Mr. C.E. Rice of this place met a sudden death on last Saturday on the farm of F.G. Smartt, about four miles south of town, the result of a kick from a horse. The injury was received about 10 o'clock in the morning and Mr. Rice died about 2 in the afternoon. Drs. Black and Harrison were immediately summoned, but to no avail. The remains were conveyed to his home near town from where they were taken on Monday afternoon to the city cemetery and buried.

Mr. A.M. Cantrell, an old and highly respected citizen of this county, died at his home near the Annis Cotton Mills on Wednesday night after a brief illness. He leaves a wife and thirteen children.

Miss Bessie Munnro has gone to Pensacola, Florida where she has accepted a position as instructor in a business college.

Silver Point

Adds Another Killing to its Long Dark List
Last Thursday deputy marshals started to Nashville with Grant Jones and some other prisoners wanted at the bar of the U.S. court. At Lebanon Grant made his escape from the officer in charge. Fifty dollars reward was offered for his capture. Sunday night he was at prayer meeting in the Silver Point country and Louis Garner and John Wallace with four others laid plans for his capture. They waited for him on the road it was known he would pass after the meeting was over and sure enough he did come that way. At an opportune time Garner rushed up behind Jones and grabbed him. A lively tussel ensued when Richard Jones, a brother of his who was just a little ways in front heard them and realizing what was up went to the rescue of his brother. He grabbed Garner and was making an effort to cut him when the other members of the officer's party opened fire on Richard. Grant Jones was safely tied and Richard, his brother, was killed dead on the spot. Grant was brought to Smithville that night and delivered to Marshals Potter and Wilson. They started at once with him for Nashville. Grant Jones is wanted by the Federal courts for violation of revenue laws and firing upon its officers. Ba_k Jones, another was also carried to Nashville for violation of the revenue laws. The Jones boys come from good families but they have always been very wild boys.


John Gleason is still very sick and his wife is better.

Prof. Killman and wife have gone to Kentucky on a visit.

Rev. H.M. Jarvis of Elmwood spent a night in town last week.

Frank Roy and Rufe Gleason came up on their wheels Sunday.

J.D. Colvert was here yesterday doing some tin work on the hotel.

F.H. Turner and wife of the Flat Woods country spent a night in town last week.

R.L. Love, a prominent young farmer of the river country, was here yesterday on business.

Titus Sampson, wife and son of the Temperance Hall country spent Saturday and Sunday here.

Mr. Hastings of Commerce was here since our last visiting his daughter, Mrs. T.A. Killman.

Uncle Sam Oakley, a good farmer of the lower Smith Fork country was here yesterday on business.

F.W. Hobson was here yesterday. He reports a larger brandy distillation than for years.

Womack & Stroud of McMinnville were here Monday buying mules.

Some tough fellow cut up the curtains of Drury William's buggy last Sunday night.

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