Editor, Will A. Vick

October 9, 1895

Dry Creek

Wirly Williams, who left here last fall to make the Lone Star State his future home, is coming home in a short time to live and die on Tennessee soil.

Wm. Braswell and Thos. Pugh have swapped farms and a general moving will take place soon.

Monroe Braswell will also move in a few days to the McMinnville country.

We understand that Milton Braswell and Nathan Driver has bought the old Sammie Braswell farm.

W.P. Kerley is having him a new dwelling house put up.

Since the protracted meetings have all closed, its getting to be very fashionable with the young folks to have apple peelings, Mr. Tom Lamberson of Liberty makes a fine hand.

Henderson X Roads

Miss Dal Moser died last week of consumption. She was a member of the Methodist church at Pisgah.

The infant son of Elisha Patten and wife also died last week. Funeral services by Bro. Knight.

W.S. Henderson has removed back to Cherry Valley.

Walter Henderson has become a merchant at the Cross Roads.

Quite a number of our people attended the funeral of Nathan Oakley at Statesville fifth Sunday.

Willie Barnes is running the farm work for John T. Oakley during his absence holding meetings.

Rev. J.T. Oakley leaves Monday next for Mossy Creek, East Tennessee at attend conferences.

Miss Maggie Moore, assistant in our school, has gained the love and respect of her pupils and patrons. Besides teaching the children five days in the week she has a class of young men to instruct one at a time-no books are used.

Aubra G. Oakley is attending school at Hollywood, Alabama. The school has for its principal Charles A. Oakley.

LAND SALES ---- In Circuit Court at Smithville
R.W. Mason vs. P.G. Foster

…I will offer for sale, Monday, Nov. 4th, the following described tract: bounded north by Erwin; South by Eagle Bottom road; East by Foster and Colvert and West by Erwin …in the 15th civil district of DeKalb county …to satisfy debt in favor of plaintiff.

A.R. Myars vs. Jas. Parker

…I will offer for sale, Monday, Nov. 4th, the undivided interest of James Parker in the following described tract; bound North by T.J. Curtis; South by J.B. Butler; East by E.L. Hendrixson and Caroline Johnson and containing by estimation 180 acres…in the 20th civil district of DeKalb county…to satisfy debt in favor of plaintiff.

R.W. Mason vs. Ed League

…I will offer for sale, Monday, Nov. 4th, the following described tract: bounded North by the land of Palmer; South by the land of Dyer; East by the land of Burton; West by the land of Burton, containing 375 acres more or less…in the 8th civil district of DeKalb county and is levied on as the property of Ed League and is subject to redemption.

Vick & Bright vs. D.H. Hill

…I will offer for sale, Monday, Nov. 4th, the following described tract: Bounded on the North and East by H.A. Hill; West by Griffith; South by T.D. Hill. Second tract: South and West by H.A. Hill, East by H.A. Hill and J.A. Bass, North by E.L. Scott…in the 19th civil district of DeKalb county…to satisfy debt in favor of plaintiff.

Hollywood, Alabama

Dr. J.M. McClemmon has rode every night for two weeks seeing sick.

A.G.Oakley has gone to Sterriison, Alabama today to carry some drimmers.

Prof C.A. Oakley has a fine school at this place.

Mr. W.C. Chapman has bought lots of cedar this month.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our Exchanges

White County ---- Expositor

Elder E.A. Elam, Gallatin, will commence a series of meeting at the Christian church.

A protracted meeting was begun at the Methodist church Sunday under Rev. S.L. Fain.

Hiram Casey is quite low with fever.

Miss Jane Boyd is very low, beyond recovery.

Smith County The Times

L.A. Ligon of Carthage has been appointed clerk and master by Judge T.J. Fisher for Smith county.

Mrs. E.R. Reynolds of Jacksonville is visiting her parents, Mr.& Mrs. Joe Myer of Carthage.

Last Friday Ford and Ward, tobacco manufacturers on the South side of the river opposite Carthage shipped 5,000 pounds of manufactured tobacco to Nashville and other points.

Several years ago C. Isom was shot and killed near Cookville. Joseph Hudgins was tried for the offense and acquitted. Recently a new turn in affairs took place. Isom's brother, who lives in California came to Putnam county and went to Elijah Webster's, a great friend of Hudgins and attempted to kill him and his wife. His pistol refused to fire, consequently, no damage was done, but he immediately went to Cookville where he boarded a train for the West.


Elder John Boone is visiting his mother near this place.

Elder Fred Pendleton has returned from holding a series of meetings in North Alabama.

Hatton Shaver and Erwin Kennedy went to Lebanon Sunday.

Miss Alice Cullom visited Miss Laura Johnson at Commerce Sunday.

Messrs. Will and Logan Jones of Nashville came up on their wheels Saturday.

Dibrell Dinges has returned home from Bell Buckle where he has been attending school.

Charlie Wheeler returned from Louisville Saturday.

Charlie Duke has returned to Alexandria.

Charlie Shaver of Grant was in town Sunday.

Dr. Brien Tubb has bought the lot of Mrs. E.T. Bowers on Church street and expects to build on it.

Dr. J. Knox will improve the property on church street.

Mrs. Allison and Miss Ella Kitchings leave this week for McKinney, Texas.

Mrs. H.H. Jones, who was quite sick last week, is better.

Mr. S.T. Tubb and Miss Lizzie Wootson of Sykes were married last Thursday.

Much chills and fever reported, there is four of the family of William Turner of Helton sick.

Mrs. George Measle is sick with chills.

Jo Thompson is sick at R.B. Floyd's.

J.M. Duke has moved to the Botts place near the mill.

James Jones sold several vehicles while at the Cookville fair.

R.G. Donnell has bought the Green Wright place on Hickman near the sulphur well.

Mark Hearn has bought a place at Brush Creek.

Elder Dave Wauford has bought the Hiram Hale place near Helton.

James Snoddy, Jr. has been visiting home folks.

Bob Lee has bought a farm near Commerce.

Mrs. A.J. Marler of Linwood is visiting relatives here.

Mr. J.H. Snoddy returned from an extended trip in the interest of his hog cholera specific.

William Hays has divided his farm near town between his sons, Jim and Levy. Levy gets the home place.

George Lester received a telephone message this morning that the youngest child of Mr. Chandler at Carthage died last night.

John M. Durrett, formerly of this place, is now living in Dumar, Texas. Twins were born to Mr.&Mrs. Durrett recently.

Enoch Rollins, while riding his bicycle Sunday ran against a horse ridden by Lum Bailiff. Mr. Rollins was badly hurt receiving a deep cut on his cheek and was unconscious for some time. He was attended by Dr. Eaton who reports him much better this morning.

Hal Tubb and wife, Dan Williams and wife, R.F. Jones and Mrs. Allie Jones left last Wednesday to attend the Atlanta Exposition and be present at Tennessee Day.


Orville Hale is improving.

Miss Ella Vandergriff's condition is some better.

Jake Henlein will be at Liberty nest Tuesday and wants a few nice mules.

Bob Stark has entered school at Alexandria.

Chas. Bratten, a former employee of this office is in very feeble health at this time.

Willie Fite, who has been on a visit to relatives in Texas, returned home a few days ago.

Mrs. J.W. Overall and her little son, Oliver Stanton are visiting relatives in Gordonsville.

The little infant of Mr.&Mrs. W.B. Evans died Saturday and was buried Sunday at Salem.

Overall Bros. are having an addition built to the Liberty Hotel which will add much to its looks.

Delegates from the republican party met in Smithville Monday and elected Granger Lawson, chairman. E.W. Brown, Ham Robison and Silas Anderson were his opponents.

The Liberty Cornet Band will organize with fifteen members. They will get new instruments and expect to have one of the best bands that has ever been known in the upper country.

D. Mathis has moved to the Ruyle house on Mill street. He comes from the Sycamore country on Clear Fork.

Centennial Committee

The Executive Committee of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition has appointed a commission consisting of the following; Judge B.M. Webb, J.M. Allen, R.F. Jones, Dr. T.J. Jackson, and J.W. Overall. The object of the commission is to secure an exhibit to the Centennial Exposition of the agricultural and mineral resources of the county.

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