Editor, Will A. Vick

September 18, 1895

Salem Association

Last Thursday the Salem Association was convened in Annual session at this place with delegates present from 20 of the 25 churches. J.H. Williams was elected Moderator and W.A. Cathcart, Secretary.

Martinsbery, Ky.

On the 18th ult. We set sail for a pearling expedition on Cumberland river, with eleven pearlers. Since then the crowd has decreased to seven. Four of the boys became homesick, to wit; C.H. Chapman, Lon Railiff, I.D. Herrington and Fate Cantrell.

Thomas Parsley, J.D. Cummings and Wm. Bailiff have quit pearling and gone out to try their lick with the Kentucky belles. We hope they will be successful.

Truly the way of most pearlers is hard-but Clint Ervin of Silver Point, Tenn struck it rich at Turkey Neck Bend, by finding a $300 pearl. The rest of our crowd have not found many pearls yet.

A difficulty occurred on Kettle Creek a few days ago, between Jas.Crawford and Jas. Short, in which Crawford was stabbed in 18 different places. We understand that liquor was the cause of the whole trouble.

We have been isolated from society for four weeks-but Sunday we had the pleasure of being in large throng and witnessed the baptism of four persons.

W.H. Carpenter

The hustling proprietor of the New Middleton Stock Farm has earned a deserved extensive reputation for fine stock. He won more ribbons at the Fairs than all the balance.


Mrs. Sallie M. Geraghty was born December 14, 1842, departed this life August 5, 1895, aged 53 years, 7 months and 15 days. A husband and three children are left behind to mourn the loss of wife and mother. She professed faith in Christ and joined the Missionary Baptist church at Sycamore.

To the bereaved family we extend our sympathy.

T.J. Stricklin


Pleas Crowley has returned home from a pearling expedition.

D.G. Eaton went to Cookville last week.

Dr. L. Allen of Joy, Tenn. is in town today.

Adam Crowder is building a new house on Sparta street.

A.J. Goodson of Magness Mills will move back this winter.

There is talk of Trab Martin moving to this place from Nashville.

H.L. Overall of Capling, N.G. Maddux of Mechanicsville, Fall Reynolds of Temperance Hall and Jas. Love of Pinegar were here Monday.

Thos. Mason, former clerk of the P.O. at this place, married and brought his wife up to his father's, Jack Mason, Friday.


Mrs. Lucy Robinson has been quite sick for some days.

Charley Avant is recovering from quite a severe spell of fever.

Rev. T.J. Stricklin is engaged in a revival meeting at Pisgah.

A Mr. Lankford, brother to Prof. R.L. Lankford, from West Tennessee is now in school at this place.

Mrs. Dr. Fuson and children with Miss Kate Woodsides went to the Flat Woods last week.


Miss Alice Cullom will arrive from Nashville today.

Miss Ethel Eastes of Grant is visiting relatives near town.

Bill Bone has a boy in his home, but like Frank Marler's, they are too young to go to the Fair.

Dr. Jones thinks Mrs. Ira W. King will have to have her finger amputated.

Charlie Wheeler was robbed at Louisville last week of his watch and money.

Forrest Bailiff had twenty dollars stolen from him recently.

Hatton Shaver went visitng near Commerce Sunday.

Walter Allen says he thinks he "bear it".

Miss Flora Snoddy spent Saturday with home folks.

Miss Forrest Squires and Miss Ammie Henley were in town today.

Mrs. J.T. High has returned from Lebanon where she has been attending the bedside of Mrs. Buford.

Mr. John S. Cooper and wife visited Mr. J.T. High last week.

Charlie Palmer has charge of Liv Tubbs furniture store on the corner.

Jones Bros. are painting the front of their store house.

E.S. Bowers was in town today.

R.M. Bone has been elected Floral Hall Manager in place of J.M. Walker, deceased. Mr. A.P. Smith is his assistant.

Keep your windows down, your money hid and your eye on your gun.. The burglars have paid us a visit. Last night they entered Mr. D. Foust's room and robbed him of ten dollars. They were not so fortunate at Jim Goodner's.

Judge Irenus Beckwith united the destiny of Luther Fry of Brush Creek and Miss Mollie Jenkins of Saulsberry yesterday afternoon.


[I have combined the information of two memorials, one is written from Rome, Ga.]

In a churchyard is a newly made grave. There beneath the sod, among the dead, sleeps the shrouded form of a wife, sister, mother, grandmother, great grandmother. She was born December 6, 1829, and married Capt. E.W. Bass April 22, 1847 by Esq. John Reynolds. On the 10th inst. in the deep watch of cheerless night, the spirit of Mrs. Susan Lawrence Bass, incarnate for more than three score years and five, caught the sound the Great Summoner and took its flight to that bright realm of endless day. As a wife she was faultless, during the long stretch of forty-nine years, -- As a mother, nine living children join in grateful accord

Sister Susan Bass united with the M.E. Church at Pisgah about 23 years. She then united with Salem Baptist Churgc and was baptized by Eld. J.W. Hunt in 1870. consistent member until July 29, 1894, at which time she became one of the chartermembers in the organization of the Baptist church at Dowelltown. ..quietly fell asleep in the arms of Jesus at 10:50 on the night of Aug.10, 1895, age 65 years, 8 months and 4 days. She lived to see 10 children grown. She requested that Brother Stewart and Brother Banks preach her funeral in the presence of all her children, attended the funeral at Salem church and cemetery. [all present but] Charlie failed to get in from Georgia on time.

Our Neighbors
News Taken From Our County Exchanges
Putnam County ---- The Press

Old Dave, the beautiful family horse of Jere Whitson, died Monday. ..probably better known than any other horse in the State. Mr. Whitson had him buried in good order and will erect to his memory a handsome monument.

C.N. Wheeler shipped a carload of dogwood timber last week.

Rev. C.W. Nackles is holding night services at the M.E. Church.

Capt R.S. Moscrip of the Monterey Coal Co. wants all the miners he can get.

Rutherford County ---- The News

Col. Thomas B. Miles has been very seriously sick at his home on Spring street this week.

We extend sympathy to our brother editor, Mr. W.D. Fox in the serious illness of his wife, Mrs. Josie Ewing Fox.

Mr. W.E. Knox got into a scuffle Saturday morning with Emory Tobias and dislocated his shoulder.

Fine sermon delivered Monday night by Rev. W.R. Gales at the Methodist Church.

Mr. J.T.B. Wilson died at his home in this city last Monday afternoon. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

Dr. A.B. Robinson, well known physician and highly esteemed gentleman, died at his residence in this city last Monday morning at 4 o'clock. Funeral held with Masonic honors at the Methodist church.

Wilson County ---- The Tribune

A difficulty occurred last Saturday night between Pete Gordon and Porter Sherill, both colored, and both employed in the barber shop next door to the Woolards Saloon.

Mr. Isham Vance of Bellwood married Miss Florience Olliver of Rock City, Smith county, yesterday at 4 o'clock at the home of the bride. An elaborate reception was given in the evening at the home of the groom's parents.

Mr. P. Bryan and Miss Helen Lemon, both of Greenwood, were united in marriage last evening at sunset at the Shop Springs Baptist church, the Rev. J.P. Gillem officiating.

Mr.&Mrs. W.D. Hancock enjoyed a golden wedding at their home of the Mrufreesboro pike Tuesday. The ceremony was performed by Rev. W.W. Weakley.

M.A. Robinson has been employed by Prof. Grannis to give three lessons in German to students.

Warren County ---- Southern Standard

Colville Lind left last Thursday for Lexington, Va. to enter Washington and Lee University.

John Mathes of San Antonio, Texas has been here on a visit to his sister, Mrs. Jas. S. Barton.

J.F. Morford and wife accompanied by Miss Blanche Carson left for Cincinnati for about ten days.

Messrs. Claude Lowery and Jas. Ross left for Knoxville for another year's work in the University.

R.H. Meadows and family of Meridan, Miss. and Mr. Claud Meadows of Lousiana, both formerly citizens of this county are here on a visit to their brother, H.H. Meadows.

The case of the state against Wm. and Victor Hillis, charged with the murder of Carroll Martin in Van Buren county, resulted in a mistrial.

Ballie P. Cantrell is now winding up his affairs with the Tennessee Woolen Mills preparatory to moving to Jackson, Tenn where he has accepted a position as general manager of the Jackson Woolen Mills.

A wagon with the Curl Patent Rolling Ale, invented by Mr. J.H. Curl of this place, is now being finished up to be exhibited at the Cotton States and International Exhibition in Atlanta. The wagon will be shipped next week and Mr. Clay Faulkner, who now has an interest in the invention, will go along to show it off and to explain its many points of advantage.

Miss Ella Measle

Last week we failed to mention the death of Miss Ella Measle, which occurred at the home of her parents near the Forks of Pike on Thursday, 5th inst.

Temperance Hall

Thos. Terry's little child has been sick this week.

Mrs Annie Robinson visited her father on Walker's creek last week.

Messrs Reynolds & Fraizer are hulling clover in this country.

Messrs J.R. and R.H. Hayes went to Liberty today.

J.L. Malone is building a chimney to the residence of Dr. R. W. Mason this week.

Aunt Martha Mason is very feeble at this writing.

Little James D. Martin is progressing very well at this writing.

Altia Hayes has been on the sick list this week.

Since my last writing there has been another wedding recorded, Will Carder and Jose Cripps of Hicks.


Mrs. Jo Evans of Grant has been visiting relatives here a few days.

W.P. Griffith has lost a big lot of hogs with cholera during the last few days.

John Gleason is still on the sick list, but is thought to be some better.

Dr. W.H. Wilkes arrived here from Waco, Texas to visit his wife and relatives.

T.D. Hill and wife of Dry Creek have been sick at H.A. Hill's at this place.

Miss Ella Vandergriff is thought to be better today and hopes are entertained of her recovery.

Will Beckwith and W.H. Foust of LaFayette were here last Friday on their wheels.

C.B. Williams and Hatton Foutch of Smithville were here Sunday.

Miss Greenie Crowder of Smithville has been visiting friends here for several days.

Write to S.H. Flippen for a catalogue of the Alexandria Fair.

Dr. T.O. Bratten of Watertown spent last night in town.

E.M. Whaley, T.E. Vick, E.W. Brown, T.G. Bratten, Pluto Bratten and A. Dougherty will represent Liberty at Chattanooga this week at the dedication of the Chicamauga Park.

A difficulty occurred at Temperance Hall Saturday between Edgar Hays and a son of J.F. Turner. Turner was struck on the head with a stick which fractured his skull. Hays it is said has skipped out. It is a very unfortunate affair as both parties come from the best families of our county.

C.D. Mullinax, charged with being concerned in the robbery of Jas. Pritchett's store and the post office on Dry Creek some time ago, surrendered to Silas Anderson, sheriff, at Smithville yesterday and gave bond.

Sheriff Anderson passed through this morning with Alex Harris. Alex is wanted at the pen, he having escaped from the stockade at Tracy City 20 years or more ago. Harris and his brother, Jess, were arrested by the sheriff on Mine Lick last week. Jess is wanted at Jasper, Tenn on a charge of felonious assault and for skipping his bond.

G.A. Evins ---- Capling, Tenn.
Expert House Moving
Will take contract for moving houses and guarantee work.
Experience: W.A. Spurlock, storehouse, Haleville; H.L. Overall & Bros., storehouse, Capling; Matt Avant, residence, Temperance Hall; S_lney Robinson, residence, Temperance Hall; John Windham, residence, Smithville; T. Hooper, post office, Smithville; W.H. Hayes, residence, Smithville; J.W. Santin, residence, Alexandria.

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