Editor, Will A. Vick

August 21, 1895


Misses Lelia Bailiff and Della Drake have been visiting friends and relatives at this place for the last week.

C.S. & B.S. Thompson were in town today.

On Tuesday at 9:20 p.m. after a lingering illness of typhoid fever, Mrs. J.M. Kidwell died at her home at this place.

Thursday, Aug. 15, was the day for the meeting of the Democrats, called by John H. Potter, Chairman and J.B. Butler, Secretary in which J.W. Eaton was elected Chairman.

5th Sunday Meeting

Program of 5th Sunday meeting of Salem Associatioon will convene with the church Wharton's Springs on Friday before the 5th Sunday in Sept. 1895 at 9 o'clock a.m. Introductory sermon, Rev. Walter Roper alternate, D.B. Vance. [Various topics of discussion by:] J.M. Stewart, J.B. Fletcher, A.C. Webb, J.H. Grime, Wm. Simpson, Jno. H. Davis, J.O. Williams, Walter Roper, Jas. H. Davis, L.P. Reed, C.B. Odom, A.L. Brien, D.C. Taylor, D.W. Taylor, J.B. Tedder, W.H. Smith, B.M. Cantrell, W.R. Smith, Jackkson Pugh, W.J. Vickers, W.J. King, Joseph Young, J.T. Oakley, J.P. Gillem, J.H. Williams, J.A. McClusky, and S.N. Fitchpatrick.


Mr. J.D. Colvert is at work at Watertown this week.

A.L. Porter has moved his barber shop on the corner of Main and church streets.

Roy & Jones have opened in the Turner store house a fine line of Organs and Bicycles.

John Martin has been building a porch for Jo West.

Mrs. C.A. Bailiff jumped out of the surrey Friday and sprained her ankle.

Shelby Malone has been suffering for several days with a carbuncle.

Mrs. E.T. Bowers and daughter, Fannie, have returned to their home in Nashville.

Dib Dinges and Rob Roy leave this week to attend school at Bellbuckle.

Erwin Kennedy attended services at New Middleton Sunday.

Charlie Wheeler and Miss Laura Reece returned from Bloomington this morning.

Misses Myrtle and Jimmie Bowers leave this evening for Brush Creek and Sykes.

Dr. W.W. Jones, wife and son of Murfreesboro, are visiting family of Mr. B.F. Bell.

Mrs. W.E. McClellan and Miss Elsie Davis left Saturday to visit relatives at Hall's Hill.

Mrs. Charles B. Groomes and D. Bethel leave this week for their home in Saint Louis.

Charlie Neal of New Middleton is in town today.

Uncle Tommie Kitchings is very sick at his home on the Carthage pike.

Will Hays is working at the Baptist and Reflector office, Nashville.

Dr. Sam McMillan and wife attended services at Smith Fork church Sunday.

Miss Mason McMillin of Auburn has entered school at this place.

Mrs. Em Turner has returned from Bloomington.

Walter Allen is H.W.

Charlie Botts is spending a few days here with relatives.

Capt W.H. Lincoln of New Middleton is here.

Mrs. I.L. Pendleton and Miss Daisy Odum were visiting in town today.

Mrs. John Goodner joined her husband at this place last week.

Mr. J.B. Smartt of Brush Creek is in town today.

Mr. Sampson of Temperance Hall is the quest of Mr. James H. Snoddy.

Mr. Claud Doss and Miss Lena Hedrick were married Nashville last week and are spending their honeymoon in Alexandria.

R.B. Floyd is contemplating building a new front to his block of buildings on the corner of Main and High streets.

In the Democratic Primary election held here Saturday, George A. Measle obtained the nomination for Justice of the Peace.

Goodner and Son are closing out their dry goods stock and will open up a clothing and gents furnishing business with Jack Goodner, also a member of the firm.

Carthage vs. Alexandria

Not withstanding the fact that the weather was very unfavorable, Saturday morning the Alexandria baseball club started on a long, tedious journey to Carthage, the greatest city of Smith county to meet the boys of that place in a match game of base ball. …At 3 o'clock, Rob Roy, umpire, walked out into the diamond and gave the command to "Play Ball". Alexandria took the bats first, with Bob Givan at the bat. He succeeded in making his first, was followed by Pluto Bratten, who also successfully made first and then the "Old Sly Fox" Evans of the Liberty club, leisurely walked out and picked up the bat and, as he said he was going to do, "whaled thunder out of the ball," bringing in the two in front of him and going to third himself. [No other names mentioned except Dug Wharton of Lebanon, Alexandria lost in the ninth by one run.]

Tribute of Respect

Whereas it has pleased the Ruler of the universe to remove from our lodge on earth to the lodge on high our much esteemed and beloved brother,John M. Walker, who was born March 30, 1842, departed this life, July 27, 1895, age 53 years, 8 months and 27 days. Brother Walker was made an Odd Fellow in Poston Lodge 47, December 6, 1873. … Bro. Walker was a kind and loving husband and an affectionate father.


John White and family of Alexandria moved in our neighborhood a few days ago.

Born to Jas. Page and wife, a girl.

Chas. Hall got his leg broke a few days ago by a mule running away to a buggy.

Mrs. Charley Page was able to attend church last week for the first time in quite awhile.

Mr. Tee Hodge and wife of Macon county visited relatives here part of last week.

Miss Martha Malone of Dismal visited her sister, Mrs. T.S. Wall, here.

Shade Tramel and Havre Coggin went to Helton to call on their best girls.

Mrs. Anis Hill remains about the same for the last few days.

W.H. Barry and Nattie Hays, Esq. and their families visited in our midst last week.

Dr. T.J. Potter was here talking Life Insurance Thursday.

Mr. John Overall of Auburn paid his brother Lee and Hershel a short visit here.

Misses Hattie Jones and Willie Walls visited last night.

Dept. Shff. Starks and Pos Overall were among us Monday.

Miss Nora Rounden of Nashville is visiting her sister, Mrs. Dan Stevens.

S.E. Tramel and Simon Taylor attended the camp meeting at Buffalo Valley.

Mr. John Merritt and family and Miss Mollie Merritt of Silver Point attended the protracted meeting at McNamer's Chapel and visited relatives here last week.

We are glad to inform Esq. E.C. Walker's friends that he was able after a long confinement at home from severe sickness to visit his son who is a merchant at Hicks last week.

Mr. J.H. McClellan and his charming bride of Carrollton, Georgia have been visiting relatives and friends in this county …attended the dedication at Snow Hill church Sunday.

Mrs. John Hendrixson and her little one year old infant died Monday. The little babe first and about four hours later, the mother. She had lingered for about a year with that dreaded disease. consumption. They were buried in the same coffin at the new grave yard Tuesday. Services by Revs. W.P Banks and Jno. Caplinger.

Forks of Pike
W.C. Groom will soon have his dwelling completed and ready to move into.

J.B. West is having a nice veranda built in front of his dwelling.

T.P. Bragg is having his dwelling nicely painted.

Born to H.C. Givan and wife on the 13th, a girl.

Wm. Robinson is having his dwelling newly painted.

S.H. Flippen is adding to the beautiful appearance of his surroundings by painting his fence.

Born to Ike Bogle and wife, a girl, on the 9th. z,pz. Little Ruby Grooms is quite sick this week.

Marshall Roy is confined to his room with rheumatism.

James McMillin fell from a wagon yesterday and came very near breaking his leg.

Miss Rosa McGlothern has been right sick but is able to be up again.

Robt. Curtis was in our neighborhood a few Sundays ago.

Miss Maggie Robinson left a week ago to enter school at Milton.

Robt Cooper and family attended preaching at Sycamore.

Mr.&Mrs. U.W. Neal are visiting relatives at this place today.

Womack & Stroud spent one night last week with J.B. West.

Moses Evans and wife spent the day visiting relatives here Monday.

Mrs. Julia Groom has returned from a several weeks stay with her mother at Dowelltown.

Our community was very much surprised on Sunday evening when it was announced that Mr. Winket Truitt had driven to the home of Miss Sarah Griffith, where by a few words from Wm. Robinson, he quietly made her his wife. Only a few members of the family were present and the groom and bride went to the home of Mr.&Mrs. Thos. Groom for supper.

Sunday morning, J.J. Evans, looking so nice and trim, drove to Commerce and on Monday returned with Miss Maggie Winfrey to whom he had been married the previous evening.

Cherry Valley
O.W. Phillips _____________________________to his home at Henderson's X Roads.

Miss Lotie Grime of Watertown spent last week with Miss F__ra Young.

W.T. Phillips brought in a new buggy last Saturday.

Miss Jennie Williams of Lacassas is visiting Miss M----ie Williams.

Miss Montie Bass of Shop Springs entered school at Watertown.

J.D. and Miss Ellen Phillips are keeping house during the absence of their mother.

Miss Tommie Hagar of Watertown visited Miss Ellen Phillips.

T.W. Vantrease was seen in "his" office Sunday at _.D. Jones.

Our Neighbors

News From Our County Exchanges

Wilson County ---- The Tribune

Col. R.E. Thompson, the old war horse, has been on the sick list for several days.

Esq. J.J.H. Williams of the 18th district was in town Monday.

Tuesday night someone broke into the smokehouse of Mrs. J.S. Lester, on the Hartsville pike and stole a quantity of bacon.

Joe Johnson's little son, living on the Cainsville road, while playing in the barn loft last Sunday, fell through to the ground hurting himself seriously.

Hon. John Burke of Waco, Texas, ex-Sheriff of McLean County and now United States Marshall is here on a visit to his brother-in-law, Henry Woolard.

The house of A.S. Neal of Saulsbury was burned Monday at 3 o'clock p.m. Most of the furniture was saved.

Lovel Rousseau happened to a very painful accident last Thursday night. He was bitten by a spider and the bite came near proving fatal. He suffered intensely for forty-eight hours, and it was thought at one time Friday morning that he would die. However, [we] are glad to announce that he is on the road to rapid recovery.

The entire community was very much shocked last Thursday by the sad and unexpected death of Mr. W.I. Patton, who died that day at the home of his stepfather, J.F. Tarpley, of typhoid fever.

Warren County ---- The New Era
A Miss Starkey was killed by lightening in the 11th district last Friday afternoon.

D.F. Wallace left Wendesday morning for South Pittsburg to the bedside of his daughter, Miss Ruby, who is quite ill with typhoid fever.

Mrs. F.J. Pennebaker left last Thursday for Fulton, Kentucky to the bedside of a little child of her daughter, Mrs. Mel Atkinson, which is quite sick.

Geo. L. Marshall died at his home on Charles Creek llast Saturday. He had been in bad health for several years.

White County ---- The Expositor
John Pearson has been quite sick, having had two severe hemorages with a week.

Reuben Smith and wife went to DeKalb county last week, returning with Miss Minnie who has been visiting there.

Putnam County ---- The Press
Mr.&Mrs. David Dorman left Tuesday to visit their old home at Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

Last Thursday afternoon Dr. Wm. Baker died very suddenly of heart disease. He was apparently in good health and was sitting on the bedside when he fell back dead. Dr. Baker figured conspicuously in the early history of Putnam county being elected the first Register in 1854 when the county was organized. He was publisher of the first paper in Cookville, it being the Times and which he continued to publish until 1860 when he moved away. Some months ago he removed to this place where he lived till the end came at which time he was nearly eighty years of age. Dr. Baker was the father of Dr. W.W. Baker of Bloomington and R.P. Baker of Honey Grove, Texas.

Last Friday a barn belonging to Potter Greenwood, near Waterloo, was struck by lightning.

R.P. Baker, editor of the Citizen, Honey Grove, Texas is visiting his father-in-law, Hon. D.L.Dow.

Smith County ---- The Times
L.M. Coffee, railroad station agent at Gordonsville, slipped and fell on the depot platform.

Esq. E.T. Morris of Monoville, who has been sick for a long time left for Monterey.

Rev. J.B. Jordan of Carthage is attending the middle Tennessee Sunday School convention.

W.S. Betty of Cooperville, Texas is visiting his father and two brothers at Lancaster and other relatives at Chestnut Mound.

R.C. Williams, U.S. Commissioner at Carthage, tried William Banks, (col.) at Riddleton last Friday for violating the revenue laws. Fred Gibbs was tried for the same offense and Aaron Hodges, (col.), was tried on Wednesday of last week.

J.M. Fisher of Carthage who had his leg amputated last spring, recently met with an accident while on his way to Red Springs, but with no damage to the leg.

Last week, Esq Bradley, near Brush Creek, was called upon by a young couple who seemed in a hurry, Burrell Deadman, the young man and Miss Parilee Hall, aged about 15 years, ran away and were married.


The schools ofM.W. Robinson, J.C. Ford and T.J. Ford meet at Round Top, Friday, Aug. 30, 1895. Everybody invited to come and take a part. There will be discussions by Supt. H.R. Burchett of Wilson county and Supt. J.W. Gothard and ex Supt E.W. Brown of DeKalb county.


C.W.L. Hale is on the sick list this week.

Born to H.L. Hale and wife last Monday, a girl.

Mr.&Mrs. J.W. Overall will attend the Rome fair.

Shelah Rowland of Linwood is visiting relatives and friends here.

Melvin Parker and wife have been visiting the family of T.G. Bratten.

Will A. Vick has Winter Turf Oats for sale.

Misses Etta Woodside and Sallie Whaley are visiting relatives in Wilson county.

The cupalo and spire of the Methodist church have been painted by W.B. Evans.

Rev. Bob Carden of Coffee was visiting his brother, T.A. Carden.

W.C. Smith and his young wife have gone to housekeeping in the Mrs. Carroll house on West Main.

Dink, Bobe, Jr., and Wm. Oakley, prominent farmers of the Smith Fork country were here.

H.A. Bratten, a prominent young lawyer of our town went to Smithville on business today.

Mrs. M.C. Vick has recovered from a short spell of sickness.

Mrs. Hattie Woodside treated The Herald force to a nice basket of apples this week.

D.B. Worley, wife and daughter of Smithville were visiting the families of Dr. Starks and W. Evans.

Mrs. A.W. McKey and her charming daughter, Miss Idene of Birmingham, Alabama and Mr. Marvin Hallowell of Rutherford county, a nephew of Mrs. McKey, are spending a few days with Mr.& Mrs. Wm. Youngblood.

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