Editor, Will A. Vick

October 31, 1888


Mr. Ef. Neal and Miss Mattie Neal married last Sunday.

Mack Bradford died yesterday.

The framing of J.T. High's building on Locust Street is completed. He will also build a new front to the house now occupied by Sam brown.

J.W. Cooper finished two houses for Ed Reece on the corner of Locust and Mill Streets.

D.O. Williams, Esq., contemplates building another house on his lot on Locust Street.

Gross & Boon will improve their property on Locust Street.

James W. Cooper has the contract for building the Baptist Church.

Alfred Smith has purchased a lot above T.M. Lawrence College from Wilse Wood and will build next year.

Bill Reece has bought the property on the corner of Church and Main Street and will build a store house on the corner, near the town well.

Ed Turner has bought the Edwards property---one of the most desirable locations for a dwelling in town. He will put up a large building soon.

Lawrence & Jones are building an addition to the store house on Main.

Tavy Jones dwelling on High Street will soon be ready for occupancy.

Mr. Moody of Mahone will move here soon and work at his trade of Blacksmithing.

Alfred Smith and R.G. Donnell have bought a controlling interest in the Alexandria Roller Mills.

Ira W. King, Jr. has purchased the interest of his partner, Mr. Reece, in their drug business and has also bought the drug stock of R.M. Bone & Co.

Wm. Simpson and James Goodner have opened a meat store upstairs on the corner of Main 7 High Streets. Bill Bates handles the cleaver.

Morris L. Smith is improving his dwelling next door to the Methodist Church.

M.C. Banks & Sons have opened a Boot, Shoe, and Harness Shop here.

The Alexandria M.E. Church will have Rev. R.P. Ransom as pastor next year.

Jo Britton and Bill Catron of Lebanon were here today.

T. Rutland is here.

D.O. Williams, Esq. and T.W. Eason went to Smithville today.

Eli Winfrey of Shop Springs was here Tuesday.


J.A. Bass has several good fat cattle to sell.

John P. Edmonds moved to Sparta last Monday.

Fine saddle mare and colt for sale by A.B. Hooper.

Prof. John I. Whaley's school will close Friday.

Rev. Simpson's family visited relatives on Dry Creek last week.

Mrs. Olla Parker of Clear Fork is visiting relatives here.

W.L. Vick is slowly improving and will be out soon.

Edgar Waters has a farm to sell.

Mrs. Mary Gossett is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Andrew Hancock.

John Gleason will go to Birmingham to visit relatives.

Elmore Hill is here today interviewing merchants about groceries.

Claude J. Bell came in the county Monday on business.

Judge Bonham will speak at the Academy Friday evening.

W.R. and E.C. Bratten have purchased the John L. Stark property.

R.A. Smith has a $1,500 farm to bet on the Harrison-Morton election.

Strayed, a red steer calf, from my farm near Forks of Pike-reward-S.H. Flippen.

Chas. Bright and Bill Hale went 'possum hunting last night.

Mr. Williams of New Middleton has rented the Renick residence in town and will run a carriage and blacksmith shop.

Cap't. B.A. High spent last night here.

Clear Fork

J.J. Stark has made 175 bushels of corn on two acres.

George Smith is talking of going to Missouri to live.

William Goggin of Missouri is coming in for his health.

Lee Overall is feeding two carloads of hogs.

Henderson X Roads

Eld. J.T. Oakley has just returned from the Baptist Convention in Columbia.

Mrs. Fannie Alsup, Statesville, spent last week with her daughter, Mrs. Ellen Phillips.

J.L. Dawson and Miss Lula Berry were m. October 28, at her father's home.

Joe Witty married Miss Sallie Jewel of Statesville last week.

Overton W. Phillips is building a new house.

Misses Mary Thomas and Geneva Blankenship made a flying visit home last week.

Thanks to J.S. Womack and R. Henderson of Cherry Valley for the gift of a wagon load of apples.

J.C. Henderson has put all his accounts in the hands of Richard Starks for collection.

Rev. M.H. Byars preached at Mt. Pisgah.

Andy Campbell got two teeth out by a mule.

Peter Donald had a fine mare taken from him last week.

Dr. Seat has raised Harden Phillips from a severe attack of spinal infection.

A.O. Cox is going to build a fine barn.


Jasper Ruyle died this morning, being more than four score years old.

Sarah E. Groom, b. December 9, 1832, m. W.A. Groom, January 2nd, 1849, died the 9th day June, age 55 years, 6 months.

In Holy Memory of Bessie Hale, little daughter of B.L. and Blanche Hale, d. October 10, 1888.

A Happy Day

Aunt Martha Grandstaff was visited Tuesday, Oct. 30th, by her three neices, Mrs. Olla Parker and Mrs. Polly Smith of Liberty and Mrs. Matilda Bratten of Watertown. They were accompanied by Drs. Bratten and Robinson</ b> of Liberty. It was quite a re-union.

Letter to friends from Jim Higgins, "I am off to Texas…."
Letter from Davy Dixon of Ennis, Texas

Other News

One of DeKalb's worthy citizens, Mr. Joe Evans, of the 13th district, will move to Smith County, where her has bought a farm.

Robert L. Smithson, a gentleman boy and once a student at Liberty Normal, has been employed to teach near Livingston.

Hon. B.M. Cantrell of Smithville is a candidate for Comptroller of the State.

Patsy Smith of Cottage Home is 96 years old.


At The July Term of Circuit Court

John Smith vs. James Vanatta, et als

J.L. Colvert & Co. vs. A.T. Phillips

J.D. Fisher & Bro. vs. F.A. Wright

Jones Bros. & Puckett vs. Geo. Palmer

J.R. Merritt vs. Pen Starnes, et als

W.H. Merritt vs. Pen Starnes, et als

T.M. Hooper vs. Ed League, et als

Non-Resident Notices

Chancery Court, Smithville

Robt. Cantrell vs. E.P. James, et al

T.J. Haas vs. the heirs of Ferrel Banks

T.M. Schurer, adm. vs. J.W. Foutch

Mathen Johnson vs. Sarah Johnson

Business Ads

. W.W. Patterson & Co.---Alexandria---Dry Goods

J.L. Stark---Watertown---Blacksmithing

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