Editor, Will A. Vick

August 14, 1895


Tobe Thomas, the foreman at the fairground, is attending the big meeting at Prosperity this week.

Mon Pennel has gone back home to Greenvale at last.

J. Alden Hale of Auburn has secured a job in the Bank of A. Bryan & Co.

S.L. McAffrey is talking of going to Bloomington next Saturday.

J.D. Smith will leave this week for Woodbury and places to tune pianos.

Young & Waters have sold and rented most of their pianos and organs.

Mr. Joe Oakley and family Washington, D.C. passed through town on the way to Henderson X Roads.

B. Borum and family are occupying rooms at the "Mulberry" Hotel.

Geo. R. Boyd is at work today, a usual thing.

John S. Bass and wife, Mr. M.F. Pickett and wife and Lon Allen and wife returned Saturday from a fishing trip at Dave Rowland's ferry above Lancaster.

Miss Stella Warner at Batesville, Arkansas has returned home after a two week visit to her Uncle and aunt, Mr.&Mrs. Woods Thomas.

Bud Seagraves, with his set of men, are still hustling things on the fair ground and will have it completed by the fair.

One of the hearses from this place left here yesterday evening for Dowelltown to burry [sic] the wife of Mr. Ezekial Bass.

We deeply regret to announce the illness of Capt G.M. Luck who has been confined to his bed with severe stomach trouble.

Letter from W.B. Carnes in Terrell, Texas

Tells all about coal mines there [no names mentioned]

Letter from C.M. Curtis-Lancaster, Texas

…Tennessee is respectably represented everywhere in Texas. Many sections are almost wholey [sic] made up of Tenn. Lancaster is populated principally from White county, Collin county has her DeKalb countians.

As the Herald is largely circulated in Texas, I ask our old friends to come over and see us. I live in Lancaster, a town 15 miles south of Dallas on the Katy and the Central railroad.

J.H. Burton of Cincinnati, Arkansas writes me about the dear ones round and about Liberty. G.W. Williams, now at Weston, Texas sends his regards. Will NeSmith of Lancaster now, invites the "flatwoods" boys west.


Exparte application to open a Public Road. Eugene Bridges, John Bridges, Jennie Williams and husband and _________ Williams are each hereby notified that on the 18th day of September and continuing from time to time until completed. I will proceed as the law directs to locate and open a Fourth Class Public Road in District 13, DeKalb County, Tenn., commencing at the Woodbury Road near the W.B. Bridges barn and running in an Eastern direction over the Bridges land, then in a Southern direction over the land of John Vanatta and J.P. Barry, intersecting a 4th class road near J.P. Barry's house. J.E. Groom Road Commissioner, 13th District

Cumberland Female College - McMinnville, Tennessee

Offers board and tuition for year beginning September 2, 1895, at $135. Elocution, Art & Music at corresponding rates. Laboratory and Library privileges. For particulars, apply to N.J. Finney, A.M., Pres.

Cherry Valley

H. Phillips had a new yard fence put up last week.

T.R. Patton is having his new house painted.

Mr.&Mrs. D.O. Phillips visited relatives in Lebanon Sunday.

B.H. Phillips has a good deal of business (?) at Smithville of late.

Mr. C.Y. Givan and his sister of Liberty stopped on the way to the lower part of the county to visit friends.

Judd Grimet of Shop Springs opened school at Beech Grove.

Miss Ada Phillips of Brush Creek was visiting relatives here last week.

C.C. Young has got to be a regular "ladies man".

J.D. Phillips had a good deal of business (?) at Esq. J.D. Jones here of late.

Jim Tramel, who has had the fever, is getting up.

Anyone wishing to see T.W. Vantrease can call at his(?) office (?) at Esq. J.D. Jones.

Miss Monte Bass of Shop Springs was up attending the meeting.

Road working is the order of the day now with Overseers John Ball, W.W. Young, and J.D. Phillips.

Mrs. Martha Ann Patton, after a lingering illness of several months was called to rest Thursday morning at 5 o'clock. Funeral same day at Round Lick conducted by Rev. Jim Hatton Patton of Georgia.

Mrs. Hester Phillips laft last Friday for Viola to visit her daughter at that place. She was accompanied by her son, Ora Phillips of Henderson X Roads.

Last Thursday, Wiley Patton was married to a Miss Talley of Statesville. Those in attendance from here were W.S. Phillips and Miss Rettie Phillips, a Mr. Young and Miss Dellie Berry.

Shelah Phillips and daughter, Miss Dovie, attended the bedside of his sick sister, Mrs. Sallie Ann Henderson, at Henderson

X Roads.
Uncle Fed Starnes

Uncle Fed Starnes died last Sunday, August 4. He was born in 1809 and has lived a true christian man all through his life. …was for a long time a leader of the Long Branch Sunday school… The writer sympathizes with the bereaved family.

Temperance Hall

Saturday night some thieves broke into the stores of Martin & Nixon and Driver, Sykes & Avant, got all the money and some goods and plundered through the Post Office.

Prof E.W. Brown and family visited relatives here last Saturday and Sunday.

Altia Hayes has been on the sick list this week.

Wylie Nixon happened to a bad accident last week by getting his arm thrown out of place.

Bud Ledford and family visited relatives near Smithville this week.

Rylie Taylor of McMinnville was her last week.

Jim Sykes is on the puny list this week.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

White County ---- The Expositor

J.B. Hoover died at his home in Viola, Warren county, last week of consumption. He was a citizen of White county for a number of years being in the livery business at the Mitchell & Cummings stand.

Chas. F. Porter, Wm. Cherry and others of Nashville have been fishing on Caney Fork near Hodges ferry for the past two weeks.

C. Owen, the cattle buyer of Virginia is in the county.

Warren County ---- New Era

I.B. Woodard of the Tracy City News is here this week visiting his father's family.

Wm. Bragg of Woodbury, United States Gauger, has been assigned to duty in this district.

Mrs. Eugene Christian and children left Wednesday morning to their home in Atlanta.

At his home in Hanlan, in this county, occurred the death of Mr. T.T. Peay, at 2:46 o'clock last Sunday morning after an illness of four weeks.

Conductor Granberry brought the special train up from Tullahoma last Sunday with the remains of Miss Maggie Goodbar.

Smith County ---- The Times

Dr. J.S. Goodpasture of Carthage had one of his thumbs bitten by his horse Monday night.

Mrs. V.A. Cullom, who has been on an extended visit to her daughters in Nashville, Florence, Alabama and Van Buren, Arkansas, returned to Carthage last Saturday.

Rev. G.L. Beale of Carthage who has been absent in White, DeKalb, and Cannon counties for some time returned last Saturday.

Sheriff M.J. Malone's face wears a brighter expression, caused by the arrival of the seventh boy in the family of Wednesday.

The youngest child of T.J. Fisher, Sr. and wife in Cathage has been under the care of physician for several days.

A.J. Apple who has been attending circuit court here has returned to Washington.

The infant child of T.J. Fisher, Jr. died recently and was buried in the Carthage cemetery.

Rutherford County ---- The News

Ira Jackson jailed a negro, Wm. Hall from Rockvale, on the charge of whipping his wife.

Marguerite, the little daughter of Mrs. Eva Jones died last Friday and was buried at Lascassas.

Mr. T.B. Lytle will remove from this city to Ogden, Utah about the middle of September. The Governor last Thursday pardoned "Porey", alias W.B. Neal, sentenced to fifteen years in the penitentiary at the December, 1893, term of the Rutherford County Criminal Court on a charge of murder.

Columbus Wendel, col., was arrested last Saturday night by Officer nelson while trying to raise a disturbance.

Fire destroyed the residences and most of their contents of J.M. McKnight and Joe H. Malone on South Maney's Avenue, about 1 o'clock Wednesday morning. The buildings were insured but there was no insurance on the household goods.

Turner - Fite

Sunday morning J.A. Turner drove to Dr. Squires gate to carry Miss Sallie Fite to church on Clear Fork ostensibly, nobody thought anything for he had been paying the young lady some attention before. They returned in the afternoon man and wife.


Mrs. C.R.Cromes and D. Bethel of St. Louis, Missouri are visiting the family of Liv Tubb and Dr. McMillin.

Marcus Green of Arkansas was in town yesterday.

Miss Laura Reece is spending a few days at Bloomington Springs.

Ed Reece and wife returned home last week.

Miss Ophie Tyree of Smithville is here in the interest of a class in art.

Mrs.E.T. Bowers and daughter, Fannie, left Sunday evening for Hickman.

Miss Flora Snoddy is teaching a class in music at Cottage Home.

Mrs. Myrtle Jones and children arrived last week.

Misses Eula and Linnie Smith spent Sunday at Bloomington Springs.

Mrs. E.W. Bass

Last Sunday morning, after a lingering feebleness of several months, Mrs. E.W. Bass quietly breathed her last at her home on Smith Fork. The burial took place Monday at Salem cemetery, Revs. J.M. Stewart and W.P. Banks conducting the funeral services. She had lived to a good old age and enjoyed the happy privilege of seeing a large family children grown up and well on the way to success in life. Her sons, Josiah, Henry and wife, J.C. and General, arrived from Georgia in time to be present at the funeral.


There is a great deal of sickness at this place. Among those on the list are T.W. Wade, B.W. Webb, Mrs. Kidwell and Sam McGuire.

Prof H.L.W. Gross was in town visiting relatives and friends last week, having been at Sulphur Springs for the last few day.

R.W. Beasley, a leading photographer of Bowling Green, Kentucky is now stationed here.

H.J. Atnip of Bear Branch was in town Thursday.

B.F. Maxwell and D.G. Eaton went to Laurel Hill Thursday.

James Rowland and E. Judkins of near Keltonburg, were on our streets last Tuesday.

Hon. J.J. Ford of Alexandria was here Tuesday preparing depositions to be used in Chancery court.

J.A. Nesmith went to Alexandria Tuesday morning.

Wade Eastridge was released from jail on bond last Thursday morning.

Dept. Sheriff W.H. Hayes made a business trip to Capling last Thursday.

Robt E. Grinstead is in our part of the county in the interest of the American book company.

Mrs. Kidwell, mother-in-law of T.W. Shields, is sick and not expected to live but a few days.

Zed Mullinax was bailed out of jail last Saturday, he being in jail on a charge of arson.


Mrs. J.A. Bass is on the sick list.

Good coffee, 5 lbs $1.00 at J.B. Williams, Liberty.

Rev. T.A. Carden has a good cow and calf for sale.

Overall Bros. want to buy four good horses from 6 to 8 years old.

Mrs. M.C. Vick is just getting up from a two weeks spell of sickness.

Esq. Eb Drewry of the Indian Creek country was here Monday on business.

E.C. Bratten came up from Nashville last week to spend the heated term.

J.W. Squires and wife of Smith county are visiting the family of Dr. Squires this week.

Fall Reynolds, a prominent young stock man of the lower Smith Fork and his little brother, Grover, were here yesterday.

Henry Johnson, son of Carroll, was married last week to Miss Hattie, the daughter of Mr.& Mrs. Geo. Smith, living near.

Forks of Pike.

J.H. McClellan and wife returned to their home in Carollton, Georgia after a pleasant visit of a few days to relatives and friends here. DeKalb is proud of such boys as Horace.

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