Editor, Will A. Vick

August 7, 1895


Joe Adcock of Drop is on our streets today.

Dr. T.J. Potter has returned home from a week's work of insurance business.

J.W. Overall was here, he had some cases before a J.P. concerning the pike.

B.F. Maxwell delivered Alec Johnson to Cap't Jo Turney at Watertown.

P.G. Cantrell of Joy was on our streets last Wednesday.

George H. Potter has left the Webb house.

Wm. Moore and Bill Ferguson are at work on the brick store of T.M. Hooper.

W.C. Potter is having material placed on the ground preparatory to building a new store.

Adrain Potter spent a few days in town this week.

John Potter of Sparta is visiting home folks this week.

Charley Blankenship returned home from visiting friends in White county.

Bob Turner is here buying stock today.

Judge Webb is improving and will be up in a few days.

Dept. Sheriff Maxwell relieved Dug Capshaw of a pair of knucks in searching before putting him in jail carrying a pistol.

Mrs. Mary Groom

Died at her home near Liberty, Tenn., July 19, 1895. Sister Mary was born July 18, 1850 and was married to J.E. Groom, September, 1870. She joined the Christian Church early in life and twelve or fourteen years ago she joined the Baptist Church with her husband. We extend to the bereaved husband and son, her only child, our profound sympathy.

Temperance Hall

J.M. Starnes and son, Clay, passed here last week with a new Fish Bros. wagon.

Chas. Avant of Dowelltown was here on business last week.

Mrs. Sarah Hayes is visiting her sister, Mrs. B.B. Taylor, at Dowelltown this week.

Bill Jones found a beet the other day that measured 2 ½ feet in length.

E.A. Drewry had a mule to die last week.

Johnny Christian had a mule to get very badly hurt.

Tom Stokes happened to a very bad accident by getting his foot broken. While riding, the horse fell on him.

Guss Tubbs and Bill Stokes, two colored boys of this place, were arrested by Manson Payne last week and carried to Dowelltown where they were tried for running their horses through that place the Sunday before. They were fined $3 apiece.

Henderson X Roads

W.S. Henderson and wife have been attending the revival at Round Lick.

W.M. Oakley and family, Miss Salle Allen of Springfield and Miss Effie Holloway of Lebanon spent last week with pastor Oakley.

Uncle Billy Alsup and wife left Mrs. Ellen Phillips last week to spend some time in Rutherford visiting their son, Mr. T. Alsup.

Elds. J.H. Grime and W.H. Smith spent a night with pastor Oakley on their way to attend the debate at Boonville.

Rev. J.T. Oakley has returned from Boonville where he held a four day debate with F.B. Srygley of the church of Eunuchs.

Prof. Brandon and family have moved into the new building near the college and with Miss Maggie Moore of Winchester, will open school this morning.

"We are sorry to cronicle the death of Brant Prichard and wife in Wise county, Texas. They were both suddenly killed by lightning last week. They were 10 miles from their home driving a span of horses with their baby sitting between them. Father and mother and one horse instantly killed while the bable remained unhurt. Mr. Pritchard was born and raised in this community and was a son of James Pritchard, dec'd. The mother, sisters and brothers were greatly shocked at the news recorded above and have the sympathy of the community."

Dry Creek

Mr. J.M. Bailiff and family are talking of moving near McMinnville this fall.

Rev. E.H. Banks has returned from Caney Fork from a fishing expedition.

Mrs. Jas. Wilkins little girl that got bit a few days ago by a very poison snake, we are glad to say, is on her way to recovery.


Judge Robinson and wife have been spending a few days in town.

Miss Belle Wheeler of Alexandria visited T.M. Bright's Sunday.

Van Alstyne, Texas from C.H.H.

West Scott left for Tennessee on the 28th and I think there will be several more to leave before Christmas.

New Middleton

Our town is on a boom. One new store just finished. It was built by Neal Bros. & House. Two more are ready to go up. One will be on the corner of Main and Haley street by W.B. Denny. It will be 24 X 80 feet and the other will be built on Bocky's avenue by Frank and Earnest Smith. It will be 24 X 60.

Miss Cornelia Estes of Watertown and Frank Smith of this place have been visiting Capt. G.C. Moore's near Grant for the past 3 weeks.

Aubrey Yeaman of Nashville is visiting his sister, Mrs. S.E. Agee.

John Davis made a flying trip to Brush Creek Sunday.

Willie Wilson of Rome was here Sunday mixing with his many friends.

D.E. Bradford and wife leave for Nashville this morning.

Dr. and Mrs. J.G. Bridges are at the Bloomington Springs.

Neal Bros & House have got their new hearse.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Rutherford County ---- The News

The lawyers finished the bill of exceptions in the H.C. Moore case last Friday.

Miss Will Allen Dromgoole of ___ city delivered her lecture at Winchester Tuesday night.

Putnam County ---- The Press

Miss Mamie Morgan has gone to Gamaliel, Kentucky to teach music and elocution.

Hon. C.J. Davis and wife have returned from a month's visit to friend and relatives in Texas.

Miss Lillie Carnes of Webber Falls, IT [Indian Territory] is visiting the family of Geo. H. Morgan.

The year old baby of Mr.&Mrs. E.T. Martin died Saturday night after a lingering illness. It was buried Sunday in the cemetery.

Engineer David Dorman was pulling several cars last Saturday morning with engine #3 on the N&K when the track spread. [Apparently no one was hurt.]

Warrren County ---- New Era

Miss Jennie Waters of Chicago is visiting her father, Maj. L.B. Waters.

About 6 o'clock last Monday, a girl in male attire appeared at the residence of Mr. O.D. Hinkley about 2 miles from town. She said she was Sallie Webb and had been kidnapped by gypsies. They were not found and she was sent to her friends in Sparta on Tuesday's train.

Mrs. M_h_la Nunnelly of this place, now in her 87th yeaar and is yet hale and hearty and enjoys life. Last Sunday afternoon she was highly entertained by Mr. Sam Lively with music on an organette.

Miss M_xie Gardner died at the residence of Mr. J.P. Gardner in this place at 6:10 o'clock last Monday morning in her 28th year.

Seven Springs

Joy, Tenn., August 5th-

After closing out Judge Smallman's court, I concluded to spend a few weeks with the Robinson Hotel Company and test the virtue of the waters of the "Seven Springs."

I was attracted to these springs, mainly, because they are the property of our home folks. Moreover they are situated near my native county and within six or eight miles of the place where my eyes first saw the light of day; and within a few miles of where I once lived and spent the days of my young man hood; and within a short distance of the old home of my wife. Strong and tender memories cluster around me when I think of the days of my childhood and young manhood. Thoughts linger in the chambers of my mind like the memories of some happy dream.

These Springs are destined, within the near future to become famous for their medicinal properties. The waters are a specific for many of the ills of the human flesh. To give you some idea of their power, Mr. Ed Reese and myself came out here, and neither of us was feeling well and after we had been here one week, we both walked to Smithville, a distance of seven or eight miles. But on the way we were taken for Mormon preachers. I really enjoyed the mistake, but my friend Reese did not take it as much of a compliment.

The Robinson Hotel Company has erected a good hotel but it has not been completed. It is located on the north bank of Sink Creek, a beautiful clear stream within easy distance of the Springs. In front of the hotel is a little mountain about two hundred feet high, the bluff of which is nearly perpendicular. I found growing upon this mountain and in the crevices of the rocks forty four different kinds of trees and shrubs. It presents a beautiful scene. At some seasons of the year, when the wild flowers are in bloom it looks like a large bouquet. At the base or foot of the beautiful mountain gushes forth in bold streams seven different kinds of water. The scenery is grand and romantic. Nature has done its work well, all about the place.

The company is now attempting to aid nature by beautifying the grounds.

A new store house now being erected near the Springs, and even now while I write, the pratling strokes of the mechanics hammer is heard, but I have not heard the click of the loom yet, but I have heard the buzz of the spindle, not however from a great machine but from an old fashioned spinning wheel.

The weather is delightful, cool and pleasant. I would advise all seekers after health to come here. After the curtains of the night begin to fall, you can hear the song of the whipporwill and the music of the cow bells, which soon lulls one to repose. No dancing has been indulged in since I have been here, but you can hear sweet music just over the waters by Misses Lucy and Geneva Cantrell.

But two states are represented here in Tenn. Dr. Robinson and wife are here from Lebanon, Prof. Gross of Alexandria has been here for a few days. Judge Cantrell and family and Mrs. Goldston of Lebanon left here a few days ago, also Mr. Finch and family of Lebanon. Ed Reece of Nashville left here last Friday.

The following persons are here now J.W. Allen, Smith county, Geo. Smith and family and Bracket Eastes of Smithville, J.B. Moore, Clerk & Master of Smithville, Power Gribble, Lebanon, Jack Cantrell and wife, Joy, Robt. Potter and wife, Keltonburg, Jack Mason, Bright Hill, W.C. Potter and wife, Misses Carrie Wade, Fannie Fou Black, and Nettie Potter, Robt. Webb, Frank Wallace and S.F. Anderson, Sheriff of DeKalb county and family of Smithville, Tenn.

Yours Truly, J.S. Gribble

Bloomington Springs

Monterey and Its Parks

Bloomington Springs this season with the new hotel, under the management of W.M. Draper. The 40 or 50 more guests can attest to the excellent arrangements and the improved condition of this noted resort. L.O Cox who has charge of the livery makes the drive from Double Springs a pleasant one.

Friday August the 2nd, a party of 25 left the Springs to spend a day at Monterey. Leaving Double Springs by special train at 9:15 we were soon on the mountain's top enjoying the hospitality of "Camp Stewart" where Mr. Nath Robinson and Mr. Ed Adams with their families are spending the summer. They guided the party on their visit to the various places of interest. Our first visit was to Monterey Park, a place of unsurpassed beauty and grandeur, the over-hanging cliffs at whose base flowed the streams from numerous springs, and were lost in the almost inaccessible ravines. The large pines whose tops reached far up above the towering walls as if to escape from imprisonment. Enormous rocks that had been torn from their resting place in the mountains side and seemingly hesitating, before plunging into the abyss below. Beautiful ferns, an attraction for every one, who strived to be the possessor of the most beautiful specimen. After a dinner served in this beautiful park we left to pay a visit to Whittaker Pack and to pay our respects to "Uncle" Jeff Whittaker who built the house he now lives in 44 years ago and has killed over 500 deer. Near the town we drank from a well whose waters could be obtained by dipping with a bucket. Think of a well over 1600 ft. above sea level with the water in a few feet of the top. It was a most enjoyable occasion and we all returned to Bloomington feeling well repaid for our visit to Monterey.

L. Alexandria, Aug. 6th


James W. Hayes went to Smithville today.

Jo Thompson of Nashville is visiting relatives here.

Ed Reece has returned from Sulphur Springs.

D. Bethel of St. Louis will spend a month visiting relatives here.

Miss Laura Reece will leave this week for Bloomington Springs.

Charlie Wheeler was here last week.

Miss Minnie Eastes of Grant is visiting at Shelby Malone's.

Dr. McMillen and wife and Liv Tubb and wife spent a day at Watertown.

Mr.&Mrs. Campbell Smith passed thru town this morning on their return from Hickman.

James H. Snoddy has returned from a business trip.

Rev. W.M. Russell, wife and daughter of Hickman, was in town Monday.

Mrs. R.H. Rollins left for home in Nashville this week.

J.F. Roy went to Nashville last week.

Mrs. R.A. Lawrence of Brush Creek visited here Monday.

Charlie and Jo Fite, George and Lem Martin were in town today.

Miss Jennie Bowers, Mrs. E.T. Bowers and Miss Fannie Bowers spent Monday in Alexandria.

Misses Beulah Lawrence and Robbie Davis have returned from an extended trip to Readyville.

Miss Lillie Ford left for home this morning accompanied by her sister who came up after her yesterday. She has been visiting the family of M.C. Rowland.

Dr. A.B. Smith, John W. Rutland, B.F. Bell and R.A. Lawrence have returned from a fishing trip at Dave Rowland's.


W.C. Smith and wife are at Hickman on a visit.

J.H. Lamberson has made some improvements on his dwelling on West Main street.

Jordan Agee and family will move to the Indian Territory this fall.

Miss Belle Wheeler left for her home Monday morning after visiting relatives here.

Some person broke into L. Woodard's picture gallery Wednesday night.

Uncle Hiram Fite of Cottage Home was in town Monday. He is holding up well for a man of his age.

Elija Yeargin has bought the Mon Hill property in the North part of town and will become a citizen of Liberty in the fall.

Campbell Oliver of New Middleton came over Saturday accompanied by his nephew, Oliver Stanton, who will attend school at this place.

The biggest hearted young man in the country is Bob Evans, (Moses' son), The Herald will long remember his gift of a 30 lb. watermelon.

Mrs. P. Geraghty

Last Monday Mrs. Pat Geraghty quietly passed out at her home in Dowelltown after a short illness. She was the wife of Mr. P. Geraghty and the mother of three grown children.

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