Editor, Will A. Vick

June 26, 1895

The Institute

Seventy-nine teachers and scores of visitors are in Liberty this week attending the institute. Institute work has been carried on upto this time, but tomorrow and next day examinations for certificates will be the order of the day. Below-the program the first two days:

The DeKalb County Institute met for their annual session at this place. Devotional exercises were conducted by Rev. T.J. Stricklin. Prof. W.J. Gothard, superintendent of Public Instruction, took the chair. Will A. Vick delivered an address giving the institute a cordial welcome to Liberty. English Grammar was presented by Prof. T.A. Killman, next was reading taken up by Prof. J.F. Turner and Geography was presented by Prof. Mooneyham.

After dinner, philosophy was taken up by Prof. R. L. Smithson, Civil government was presented by Prof. James Drake. Prof. E.W. Brown made some timely remarks urging the teachers to punctuality in the institute. Rev. T.J. Baker conducted devotionals the second day and Rev. Oscar Close the last day. Different methods of reading were presented by Profs. Lankford, Gross and others. Prof. Bowling of Watertown was introduced and presented Mental arithmetic in a forcible way. Geography was again taken up by Miss Laura Wright. Rhetoric was discussed by Prof. John Preston. Prof. Summers of Auburn is attending the institute. Prof. Chas. Rose and Miss Lola Robinson delivered recitations which were well received. Some visitors were Prof. R.A. Taylor of Murfreesboro, C.T. Cates and Robert Brandon of Woodbury, and T.R. Hudson and D.R. Hudson of Sparta.

Forks of Pike

Last week a "gulley washer, chip mover" rain fell in this vicinity and totally washed away Robt. Davis stables.

J.W. Preston has arrived from Woodbury to attend The Institute.

Miss Mary Flippen is visiting friends in Smithville this week.

Mrs. S.D. Fite has returned from Prosperity accompanied by her granddaughter, Miss Stella Fite.

Mrs. Wm. Robinson had a turkey hen with eleven young ones, large enough to fry, to mysteriously disappear.

Mrs. R.D. Flippen and Master Will Pickering spent last week with Mrs. S. Flippen.

Miss Anna Foster returned home to Smithville accompanied by Miss Era Meachum.

H.G. Roy and wife visited relatives near Murfreesboro last week.

Mrs. Bonnie Groom of Murfreesboro is visiting relatives here this week.

Misses Bettie and Effie McMillin of Statesville came down on a short visit to relatives.

Joe Wheeler was out a few days ago.

Miss Maud Flippen will go to Carthage Tuesday to spend awhile with relatives.

Sam Vanatta and son, Bob, went to Watertown last week.

Miss Nannie Groom visited on Dry Creek last week.

Reps Campbell and sister, Miss Ara, spent Saturday night at Wm. Robinson's.

Thurman Givan has been on a visit to Watertown for several days.

Robt. Cooper and wife think they have only one thing to live for, and that, their little son who is one week old today [the 25th].

Cherry Valley

T.R. Patton is "binder buckeyed".

Mrs. Albert Henderson has been sick three or four weeks.

Rev. J.P. Gilliam left last week for Texas to attend to attend the bedside of his sick brother.

B.H. Phillips went to Nashville a few days on business.

Joe Patton was on the sick list, but is now up some.

Mrs. Joe Patton continues in very feeble health.

Rev. J.W. Comey filled Gilliam's appointment at Round Lick Sunday.

A. Grissom made a business trip to Nashville for Patton & Grissom, threshermen.

Miss Flora Young spent Sunday in Watertown.

Thomas Fuller paid this place his respects Sunday, more especially a certain lady.

Miss Bertie Hopper, after a three month stay with relatives and friends, left Tuesday for home in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

Miss _____ Williams was visiting Miss Mattie Williams last week. She had her wheel with her and is a good cyclist.

"Frying chickens" are in demand with Chas. Adamson and Preston Phillips as they were seen in Shop Springs Sunday prospecting.


Mears Bros. will move their picture gallery to Smithville next week.

Samp Chapman was here yesterday and he was sad, having great fears of cancer caused by a mole being raw.

Jas. Irwin Taylor who was recently brought back from Robinson county by deputy Sheriff M.A. Stark and Bill Hays to answer charge against him. His wife, who he married since he arrived to this county, returned to Robinson county.

Miss Myrtle Adams and her two little brothers, Frank and Quincey of Cottage Home, visited here at their uncles, Lee and Hershel Overall's last week.

There was a lawsuit pending before Esq. J.R. Tramel yesterday between Thomas Bean, plaintiff and Demps Hill, defendant, which was continued then compromised.

Prof. W.K. Cantrell's school at Pisgah closed Friday. There were speeches by Monroe Malone, Prof. J.F. Caplinger and Prof. W.M. Hunt.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Rutherford County ---- The News

Mrs. Rufus Farris died at her home on Academy street Saturday morning and her remains were interred in Evergreen Cemetery. She leaves a husband and several children.

Jesse Sanders, a well-known farmer of this county, met with a fatal and very singular accident last Thursday. In attempting to drive a calf out of his yard his dogs had hemmed in one corner and Mr. Sanders, in trying to scare it out received a vicious kick from the animal which disemboweled him. He lingered, suffered intensely until Friday morning, when he died. Mr. Sanders was sixty years of age.

Ed Odum, col., living about four miles from town on the Bradyville pike, was killed last Saturday by foul air while attempting to clean a well on his place. His two sons, descending to help him were likewise overcome, one of them dying and the other after a time recovering.

After an illness of several months, Mr. Matthew (Pete) Nelson passed quietly into the world beyond at 12 o'clock Sunday night at the home of Dr. J.H. Nelson. Remains were interred at Evergreen Cemetery.

Warren County ---- The New Era

Judge Smallman was at home a few days last week and is now holding Judge Anderson's court in Nashville, by interchange.

Mrs. J.C.M. Ross and daughter, Miss Lizzie, have returned from Colorado Springs, Colorado, where they have been for several months, visiting Mrs. Holman.

J.S. Rains returned from DeKalb county where he has been visiting friends. He is now the guest of his sister, Mrs. P.S. Wallace.

Recorder A.H. Faulkner left Monday for Cleveland, Ohio to attend a meeting of the National Republican League.

Prof. and Mrs. Alfred Hume and little daughter of Oxford, Mississippi will spend the summer with Mrs. Hume's parents, Dr. and Mrs. Ritchey.

Putnam County ---- The Press

W.P. Chapin is building quite a handsome residence on the Northside.

Eld. Howard Sutton of Sparta will begin a series of meetings at the Christian church, this place.

Chief Engineer, R.J. Moscrip, of the N & K has just completed locating his line to the Bledsoe stand.

Cards are out announcing the marriage of our former townman, Lee Clark, to Miss Abernathy of Pulaski, June 27th.

Mrs. T.M. Carrel of Charlestown, South Carolina is visiting relatives in Cookeville, accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Pauline Mills.

During the heavy rainstorm last Saturday, lightning struck Walter Jones' store at Silver Point, tearing off one corner and killing a horse that was nearby. Mr. Jones was in the store at the time and was severely shocked and has since been in a high state of nervousness.

Henderson X Roads

Since my last, Pastor Oakley has preached the funerals of Miss Bettie Bond, Mrs. Jane Bond, Miss Florence Robinson and Grandmother Cox. Miss Florence Robinson died the 14th. She was a bright, cheerful and happy girl of twenty summers and a member of Fall Creek Church.

Rev. J.T. Oakley and F.B. Shrygley will begin a four days discussion at Boonville, Moore county. The Cambellite church there challenged the Baptist church. O.P. Barry, the enuch, and Bro. Wauford are invited.

J.T. Haley is notified to keep on his own territory and go heavily armed. His life is threatened.


A protracted meeting is being carried on at the Cumberland church by Rev. Baker and Flanigan.

Rev. J.B. Fletcher went to Rutland last week to fill his appointment.

Representative Samuel Wauford returned last week from Nashville.

Capt. D.W. Dinges and wife returned from a short stay at Bloomington Springs.

Charlie Crutchfield is spending a few days with relatives.

Luther Neal of New Middleton was here last week.

Mrs. R.L. Floyd and daughter, Miss Sudie, are visiting relatives in Murfreesboro.

Miss Correll McClellan is visiting her brother, Andrew, at Hall's Hill.

Dave Rowland was in town Monday.

Mr.&Mrs. J.C. Bass of Carrolltown, Georgia are visiting the family of J.C. Goodner.

Charlie Palmer and wife visited the family of A.J. Marler.

Hatton Shaver and Misses Alice Calhoun and Laura Johnson went to Grant Sunday.

Turner Johnson, who has been clerking for A.B. Smith, left for home to attend school.

Miss Daisy Compton of Nashville is visiting Mrs. O.P. Barry on Locust Street.

J.H. Snoddy has returned from a business trip.

Mrs. Sam Henley and Miss Sarah Griffith were in town today.

Mr.&Mrs. I.T. Allen of Hartsville are visiting relatives here.

R.F. Jones has been sick for several days.

Jones Bros. sold their wool last week to the Tenn. Woolen Mills.

Dr. A.B. Smith has returned from Nashville.

A.J. Marler of Linwood was in town yesterday.

Prof. H.L.W. Gross is attending the Institute at Liberty this week.

R.A. Lawrence and daughter, Miss Bulah, of Brush Creek, were in town today.

J.G. Evans of Knoxville was in town today.

Mrs. Mary Reece will close out the stock of goods belonging to her at the storehouse on Main street.

Mrs. Lottie Moore and Miss Bradford of New Middleton were in town shopping today.

Elder O.P. Barry's horse ran away with the buggy Sunday morning. Bro. Barry miraculously escaped. Mrs. Bradley, who was on the street, came near being injured by the horse.

Dan Williams and wife, Mrs. Hassie Lucas and Bessie Williams went to Hall's Hill last week. Miss Hassie will remain during the summer and take lessons in art.

Mrs. R.S. Metford and daughter, Miss Maggie, of Franklin, leave for home Wednesday accompanied by Mrs. Hall Tubb.


Rev. T.J. Baker of Smithville is here this week.

Reece's stock of goods at Alexandria at cost for cash.

Ezra Smith strayed up this way again last Sunday.

Josh Phillips, a staunch good citizen of the river county, was here on business yesterday.

Reps Whaley came in from Georgia to spend part of the summer.

Mrs. Dr. W.H. Wilkes of Waco, Texas and Mrs. Pritchett of Memphis are visiting Mrs. Wm. Vick.

H.L Craddock and Mat Bratten came home from Huntington where they have been attending school.

Little Willie, daughter of Mr.&Mrs. J.D. Smith, died last Friday night after a lingering illness.

W.L. Moore and wife and Mrs. Nellie Burrett of Morriltown, Arkansas spent Saturday and Sunday at C.L. Bright's.

Old Aunt Violet Overall (col.) went out to milk for H.L. Hale Sunday evening, as was her custom and remained a little overtime. An investigation was made and she was found dead near the cowshed. Aunt Duck, as she was familiarly called, died from heart failure and was buried at Salem Monday after the funeral service by Rev. Richmond.

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