Editor, Will A. Vick

June 19, 1895

Forks of Pike

Misses Mai and Fanny Measle have returned to their home near Alexandria.

Mrs. S.D. Fite is on an extended visit to her son, J.A. Fite of Prosperity.

M.W. Robinson and sister, Miss Alice, visited relatives near Temperance Hall Saturday.

Miss Jessie Groom spent several days last week with Mrs. J.E. Henley.

Mrs. Robt. Smith (Aunt Puss) and daughter, Miss Tavie, visited relatives in our midst.

J.B. West and wife visited relatives at Mahone Sunday.

Chas. Robinson was down Sunday.

The two Miss Lucks, Mesdames Mary Barbee and Millie Smith visited Mrs. H.C. Givan.

W.C. Groom and wife and Miss Lillie Groom attended preaching at Helton School.

Marvin Campbell is visiting his uncle, Wm. Robinson.

Little Misses Willie, Joe, and Robbie Griffith are visiting at their Grandpa Griffith.

Isaac Bogle is right bad with rheumatism and has been moved to Wash Taylor's, his father-in-law.

Two Mesdames Walkups, mother and grandmother of Miss Hassie Walkup, attended the close of school here.

Messrs. Clarence Bragg and Bob Vanatta have thinned about 20 acres of corn for T.P Bragg the past week. He pays the boys well for their work and you can imagine how big they feel.

T.P. Bragg and Miss Jennie Powell made a business trip to Woodbury this week. Miss Jennie will likely remain several days with relatives.


Miss Lula McClellan of Dowelltown is visiting relatives here this week.

J.C. Spurlock and wife of Clear Fork spent Tuesday with our merchant, H.L. Overall.

John Kelley is very sick this week.

W.H. Overall returned from Lebanon Tuesday night.

Thomas Malone is building a buggy house for his new buggy.

Roe Malone killed a rattlesnake in his yard with 14 rattles and a button.

T.B. Mears returned from Woodbury where he was a witness in Circuit court.

Prof. Wm. Hunt is very sad this week on account of his fine shepard dog being kicked and killed by a horse.

A man by the name Tennessee Green got killed on the river this week by a saw log rolling back off the scids while trying to load it.


On the 6th of July, 1895, at Dowelltown, Tennessee, I will offer for sale the undivided interest of Hershel Parker in the following described tract of land, bounded on the North by Lev Curtis and Tom Curtis, East by Mack Curtis and Eligee Hendrixson, South by Caroline Johnson, Lem Sellars, Jessie Fowler, and Andy Thomas, for cash to satisfy an execution in my hands in favor of M. Parker vs. Hershel Perker, James Stanley and James Vantrease.
This May 31st 1895

M.A. Stark, Dept. Sheriff

New Hope

Sunday Shooting Scrape

Just as the pastor of New Hope Church began services last Sunday, five pistol shots in rapid succession were heard which attracted the attention of everyone. The cause was a difficulty between Jas. Claiborne and Jeff Malone, in which Claiborne was cut in two places on the shoulder and Malone's horse instantly killed by a shot from Claiborne's pistol who did all the shooting. The shooting took place a short time after a previous scrap in which Claiborne received his wounds.

An Enjoyable Affair

Wednesday, June 12th will not be forgotten soon by those who had the pleasure of spending the day with Mr.&Mrs. M. (sic) [U.] W. Neal of Watertown. Mr. Neal's mother, Mrs. Martha Bratten of Liberty, was spending a few days with him and he took her by surprise by inviting her brothers and sisters and other connections to take dinner with them. Mrs. Bratten is a daughter of James Young, deceased, who raised six boys and six girls. He and his companion lived to see them all married and have families. Six have passed over the river, namely Benj. Young, Robert Young, Dan Young, Thos. Young, Mrs. Sallie Phillips and Mrs. Pattie Neal. The six living are Mrs. Fannie Bryan, Mrs. Bettie New, Mrs. Nannie Givins [Givan], Mrs. Martha Bratten, Wm. Young and John Young, the last four of whom were present.

The following were also present - Mr.&Mrs. A.J. Luck, Mrs. Fannie Luck, Dr. T.C. Wheeler, Mr.&Mrs. E.J. Bass, J.M. Young, Mrs. Caroline _________ Master J.T. Cox, Mrs. Mittie Smith, Mrs. Pollie Ann Young, Mrs. Pollie Young, Gladys Young, T.A. Young, Jas. Givens [Givan], Estell Givens [Givan], and Mrs. Sallie Smith. The bountiful dinner was enjoyed by all. The "lung tester", which Mr. Neal procured while on a visit to Washington was a very amusing feature of the day. Before the crowd dispersed Mrs. Neal invited all to her elegant parlor where she, with her daughter, Miss Bernice, at the organ, sang several beautiful songs.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Warren County ----- The New Era

Postmaster Wallace returned Thursday from a brief visit to Chattanooga.

O. M. Thurman is quite feeble and his bedside watched continually.

Mrs Menter Terrill of Texas is here at the bedside of her father, O.M. Thurman.

H.J. Cardwell is still quite ill at his home four miles east of town.

John H. Potter of Smithville, Chairman of the Democratic Executive Committee of DeKalb county was here last Wednesday to hear ex-Governor Taylor's lecture.

Putnam County ---- The Press

T.D. Fite of Nashville was in town on business a few days.

Mrs. Ella Jones, wife of James Jones of near Ai died last week.

James Smith of Quiz is in rather bad health.

C.C. Fowler has the framework of his new and commodious store about complete.

Bill Stone, colored, was tried and fined two dollars for assault and battery on his wife, by J.C. Kerr, J.P.

Capt. D.W. Dinges of Alexandria was in Cookeville last Monday. He and his family are summering at Bloomington.

W.P. Chapman has sold his stock of goods at this place to O'Bryan Bros. of Nashville and is now on the road in the interest of that firm.

F.E. McLaughlin and Mrs. Stella Dow were united in wedlock at the residence of Joe Barbee by S.C. Kerr, J.P., last Tuesday evening.

Rutledge Smith, Editor and Manager of The Press returned home yesterday from the annual meeting of the Press Association of Tennessee.

Wilson County ---- The Tribune

Sheriff E.G. Mount, who has been sick, is now able to be out.

The wills of J.L. Cluck and J.S. Womack were probated at the County Court meeting.

B.M. Mace and Ike Caruth returned from Texas Friday. They left here in January with stock.

Rev. Ira Landrith has gone to Fort Worth, Texas to take meeting of the Christian Endeavor Society. He will preach the baccalaureate sermon to the school at Clarksville, Arkansas next Sunday.

Joseph E. Young died at his home near Leeville, in this county, last Friday, June 7. Mr. Young was a prosperous farmer and stock raiser, a member of the Baptist church at Cedar Grove.

White County ---- The Expositor

Mrs. Arnold of West Sparta fell while going down the steps at her residence last week, breaking her wrist and bruises about her face. She is improving.

Mrs. John Hudgins and James Bewster returned Tuesday from Hillboro, Texas where they had been visiting the family of John Paul and Mrs. Meredith.

Jesse Stewart, an old citizen of White county, committed suicide by hanging Thursday of last week at the residence of Prof. James Nowlin, five miles west of Sparta.

General Deputy W.G. Rutledge arrived here Monday. He had just returned from Alabama where he captured a steam distillery. He was joined Wednesday by Revenue agent, Thos. Goldrick of Hamilton, Ohio. Mr. Rutledge, in company of Deputy Marshall Hamp Green, destroyed a distillery on Cane Creek Wednesday.

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