Editor, Will A. Vick

June 12, 1895


Jack Smith, who has been in Texas for five years, returned Monday night. His family returned about six months ago. He was aiming to stay until fall, but his wife is very ill which caused him to come now.

Geo. Evans raised a barn 3 feet for TRJ [J.R. Tramel] Thursday with jackscrews.

Mrs. Kate Hodge of Macon county visited relatives here last week.

Dr. Jas. D. Pettie was in town Thursday.

Mrs. Harrison Jones is very sick at this writing.

Mrs. Jas. Hendricks is thought to be some better.

Mrs. Charlie Page is about the same for several days.


Rev. Sam Davis, who has just completed the Theological course in the Cumberland University, is at home.

E.F. Johnson and his grandmother have moved back from Viola, where he has been in school.

Mrs. W.E. Donnell is very low at present.

Dry Creek

Robt. Norman (col.) was bitten by a copperhead snake a few days ago.

George Martin, who was shot some time ago, is about well.

Geo. Martin, Jr., who has been very sick, is improving slowly.

Chas. Sellars and wife of this place were visiting at Lebanon Saturday and Sunday.

Billie Williams has gone to McMinnville today.

Jack Hendrixson has got the mumps at this writing.

Thos. Evans has been very sick, but is improving.

Miss Helen Close is very at this writing.

Mary Vandergriff is on the sick list this week.

Plenty of mumps at Rueben Martins.


The telephone was moved this morning from the grocery store of R.E. Lee to the store of Goodner & Son.

Mr. Coley Vantrease come to town last week and bought strychnine with the intention of committing suicide. He was prevented by friends of committing the rash act. Mr. Vantrease is an excellent gentleman. It is thought ill health has affected his mind.

R.D. Topp and family have returned to Lebanon.

Andrew McClellan of Hall's Hill visited his father at this place Sunday.

D.G. Eaton of Smithville was in town last week.

Mrs. Bell Lee and Miss Lucy Johnson of Commerce were in town visiting friends last week.

Dennis Kityer of Grant is on town today.

Miss Pauline Dinges returned home Saturday from Nashville from attending Price's College.

George McNelly has returned from Nashville.

Robert Patterson has returned home from Lebanon from attending Cumberland University.

D.W. Dinges and his sister, Mrs. E.O. Turner, left Saturday for Bloomington Springs.

Miss Callie Petway and Miss Hattie Blackburn came up from Nashville to visit relatives.

Bob Crutchfield of Nashville is visiting relatives here.

Miss Dolly King, after visiting relatives here, left Saturday for St. Louis.

Mrs. Ida Williams and children have returned from a visit to relatives in Nashville.

Hal Tubb and wife leave Friday to visit relatives at Franklin.

C.A. Bailiff was in town Sunday after a spell of sickness which was near fatal.

W.J. Jones was kicked on the leg last week by a mule.

Miss Annie Sloan has about recovered from a painful sprained ankle.

Miss Bertie Avant of Dowelltown visited friends in Alexandria last week.

Allen & Tubb have moved their blacksmith shop.

John Reed has quit clerking for S.W. McClellan.

James Tubb went to Lebanon this morning.

Mrs. Callie Womack has returned from a visit to relatives in Nashville.

Dr. Brien Tubb has returned from a week's professional trip.

Rutland Bros. have put a handsome iron fence around the dwelling of Mrs. Em Turner.

Hatton Shaver, Misses Alice Cullom and Laura Johnson visited the family of John Johnson at Grant Sunday.

Albert Brumfield's horse ran away with the buggy Saturday, demolishing the vehicle and slightly injuring Mr. Brumfield and Mr. Green.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Wilson County ----- The Tribune

Dixon C. Williams and family of Chicago spent Sunday in Lebanon with his mother, Mrs. John A. Lester.

Mrs. E.J. Blair, mother of Esq. H. Blair of the ninth district, fell and seriously hurt herself last Saturday.

Messrs. R.M. Fields and Alex McClain of The Tribune and H.W. Ragland of The Democrat are attending the meeting of the Press Association at Chattanooga.

Last Friday afternoon at the residence of J.N. McKenzie, Mrs. Mary D. Smith died full of years and honors-surrounded by her sorrowing children and friends. Mrs. Smith was one of the oldest residents of this county, being in her 93rd year. She was the daughter of Rev. Richard Morris, who, while serving as a private in the War of the Revolution, was made chaplain by Gen. Washington and he often preached before Gen. Washington and his staff. She was the widow of Major Harry Smith, who served in the War of 1812 and also in the Mexican War. Mrs. Smith was widely known and the news of her death will bring sadness to many hearts. Mrs. E.R. Pennebaker and Mrs. J.N. McKenzie of this place and Henry Smith of Trousdale county, her children, were with her in her last illness.

Col. Thomas O. Tillman of Mt. Juliet died at his home June 4, 1895. He was buried at the McGregor graveyard near Leesville, Wednesday. This passes away one of the oldest citizens of our county.

Rutherford County ----- The News

Allen Hirsch came very near losing his life Monday evening. He stepped into the livery stable of King & Giltner to get a drink of water, where they had been mixing some medicine for a horse, and on asking for some water, was told to help himself. A cup-the one the stableman had used to mix the medicine for the horse-was near almost half full of belladonna. Mr. Hirsch filled the cup with water from a pail and drank, remarking at the time that the water had a peculiar taste. When asked from which cup he drank they found he had swallowed the medicine prepared for the horse. Mr. Hirsch was immediately ushered into the doctors office and had it not been for the prompt attention given him the drug would have undoubtedly proven fatal. Drs. Murfree and Robinson attended him.

Another hotel change occurred Monday when John Fletcher sold his interest in the firm of Fletcher & Craig, proprietors of the Jordan to Rucker Bros., who formerly run the City Hotel.

A negro named Bud Wright while bathing in Stones River near Wright's Mill was drowned Sunday evening. His body has been recovered.

Workmen will commence a through overhauling of the residence of Hon. Jas. D. Richardson in a week and several rooms including a library will be added to it.

West Woodruff, the negro who knocked Mr. Sam Elam in the head several weeks ago and who had been confined in the county jail, was taken to Nashville Tuesday evening and put in jail there.

Temperance Hall

Mrs. Jep Avant is better.

Little Claud Christian has been on the sick list this week.

Jep Tubbs and Rube is spending this week with the old folks at home.

Mrs. Isabella Truitt is still with her daughter, Sarah Hays, at this place.

Mrs. Tom Nixon is on the puny list this week.

Jack Tubbs spent last Tuesday night with his daughters, Misses Lizzie and Hester Tubbs.

W.T. Robinson is over with us today.

S.W. Watson of Exum is improving slowly.

H.S. Winfrey and son, Solon, was in town last Wednesday.

Mrs. Jack Tubbs is improving.

Harrison Nixon is in town today buying produce.

Little Aubrey Hays, while at play last Friday, fell off of the fence and broke her arm. Dr. G.W. Martin was called in and set her arm and she is doing well.

Henderson X Roads

Miss Florence Robinson is still no better. Hope of recovering is slender.

Mrs. Sally Ann Henderson and Mrs. Silas Thompson are quite sick. Both submitted to operations last Friday.

Mrs. Jim O'Neal is also quite sick.

Johnson Captured

The Leader of the Dry Creek Gang now Boarding with the Sheriff
Last Tuesday, Deputy Sheriff, Erick Snow of Dry Creek received word that H. Johnson was to be at Carroll Johnson's Wednesday. With James Braswell and Harve Robinson to help make the capture they went to the house. When the officers called the wily H. to throw up his hands, he refused and made an attempt to draw his pistols. Three shots were fired and he dropped to the ground and was promptly arrested. His wounds are not serious but painful. We understand that there is a reward of $300 [or $800, very faint] for his capture offered by the government.

New Middleton

Mrs. Mattie Agee is able to be up again.

Clide Terry and Frank Smith made a flying trip to Lebanon Saturday.

John Ballenger made a flying trip to Liberty last week.

Miss Etta Bowers is visiting friends and relatives at Alexandria this week.

John Cartwright of Jennings made a flying trip here Saturday.

Mrs. John Davis is on the sick list this week.

Jimmie Johnson of Rome was up Sunday to see home folks.

L.B. Ferguson went home Saturday to see his mother and father.

Bill Hall of Brush Creek was in town Saturday.

John Parker went to Grant Saturday.

Mrs. W. H. Lincoln and children are visiting relatives at Milton this week.

James Rocky went to Watertown twice last week.

Miss Mary Young of Milton was the guest of Miss Luciel Kennedy this week.

Miss Fannie Hawthorne, who has been teaching music at this place, returned to her home on Hurricane Creek.

Misses Julia Wagoner and Hattie Ward of Carthage are the guests of Miss Mattie Bradford.

Miss Minnie Reece of Defeated accompanied by Miss Daisy Swann returned home Monday after a week's visit to her aunt, Mrs. Swann.

Miss Minnie Taylor of Dry Fork died last Wednesday and was not buried until Friday on account of her sister being in Hopkinsville, Kentucky and could not get there sooner.

Miss Millie Lamberson of Lancaster returned home Saturday, accompanied by Mrs. Alma Bransford and Pearl Jones and Messrs. Joe Flippen and Willie Gill.


Billy Moore's wife [Rebecca] was buried at Salem Sunday.

Ed Gleason is making improvements on his dwelling.

E.C. Bratten is improving his father's home on West Main Street.

Cap't. J.D. Wheeler of Alexandria was here Monday on business.

Ezra Smith of Watertown spent Saturday and Sunday in town.

Wm. Vick has bought the J.W. Prichard house and lot on West Main street.

Miss Hettie Frye of Brush Creek is visiting at W.L. Vick's this week.

Alva Lamberson came up from Nashville Monday to see the home folks.

Mrs. J.H. Blackburn at Dowelltown is very low, her recovery is doubtful.

J.W. Hays is delivering 250 bushels of wheat to the Water Roller Mill at 80 cents.

J.C. Bass and wife of Carrollton, Georgia are spending some time here during the hot days.

Josiah Bass of Rome, Georgia came in Friday to see his mother who is very low.

E.M. Hays of Temperance Hall is going to work for a book concern in Rutherford county.

W.B. Lamberson and family of Nashville are visiting relatives here this week.

James and Dallas Odom of Auburn spent a night in town last week.

J.P. Stark is making improvements on his dwelling on Main street.

Judge I. Beckwith and family of Smith county were here last Saturday.

Miss Sudie Carden of Coffee county is visiting her brother's family here.

C.W.L. Hale's eyes are not so well this week. He goes back to Nashville for treatment.

The little two year old child, Georgia Ella, of Mr. & Mrs. Tom Cooper died last Friday night.

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