Editor, Will A. Vick

September 19, 1888


Mrs. Mary Gossett is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Andrew Hancock, on Sycamore Creek.

Miss Nannie SmithMiss Jennie, who is teaching at Watertown.

W.L.Eagleton, formerly a citizen here, m. in West Tennessee and now lives in Great Bend, Kansas.

T.H. Berry and Gov. Taylor are closely related. Mr. Berry's g-father and Gov. Taylor's g-mother were brother and sister.

Mrs. E.A. Brower, Mrs. Hicks and Miss Bertha Lewis are visiting their sister, Mrs. W.T. Hale. They will start for California, September 24th, their future home.

John Caskey is sick with fever.

Miss Chris Lamberson is sick with fever this week.

Peter Barnes (col.) is dangerously sick at this time.

J.P. Stark is at work on the railroad at Hickman.

Thos. Grooms reports some sickness among his hogs.

J.W. Clarke and wife have gone back to Great Bend, Kansas.

Wiley Fite and Shelah Rowland are both able to be out again.

Dr. J.A. Fuson was electioneering here Monday.

Liv Tubb is selling for cash. Please don't ask to have goods charged.

Several of R.B. Vanatta's fine hogs have been with cholera.

Anyone wishing to buy 2 good milk cows, call on Horace Evans, Clear Fork.

The family of Wm. Carroll, after a visit to Jas. Lamberson, have returned to Nashville.

Dr. Ditzler will lecture at Alexandria next week.

Men's boots at $1.85 at Overall Bros.

Lap robes of all kinds at Rutland Bros.

Rev. W.P. Banks will preach at Fuller's Chapel next Sunday.

Large dish pans at Tubbs & Schurers' at Alexandria at 15 cents.

Ladies scarfs, any size, color or price at Goodner & Bros.

C.W.L. Hale, H.L. Hale, Wm. Avant and family went to hear Ditzler yesterday.

The boys and girls go to Durrett & Co.'s, Alexandria, for their wedding outfits when they want to get married.

Prof. Renick and wife of Smithville were down yesterday. They report Pure Fountain is booming.

Silk plush dress trimmings, all colors, at Lawrence & Jones.

All sizes, Ladies and Misses gossamers, at E.J. Evans, Smithville.

Melvin Parker, formerly of this place but now of Nashville, is spending a few days with old friends.

D.S. Boyd of Statesville was down to see us on business last Saturday.

When you go to the Fair [Alexandria], send your horses to Simpson Bros. new livery stable.

Rev. N.A. Anthony's children returned Monday after spending several weeks among relatives in Bedford Co.

Fair Week----At Liv Tubb's, Alexandria, white dress in remnants at 5 cents a yard.

Dan Williams and Charlie Wheeler were here yesterday.

The Liberty Cornet Band will be ready for practicing again tonight.

There has been a general rush among the ladies to the STAR Dry Goods. They want some of those pretty dress goods.

W.C. Smith, W.T. Hale and Ed Gleason say that the annual desire for 'possum hunting' is coming over them.

The case of The State vs. Thomas Hancock, in which case, J.D. Smith issued the warrant at the instace of Jack Hancock is settled. W.T. Hale was counsel for the prosecution and Jim Cummins of Woodbury, for the defense.

400 acres of valuable land in the 4th district for sale by Alvin Avant.

One farm for sale------about 100 acres, 5 miles NW of Alexandria by J.A. Bass, Dowelltown.

The replevin suit of White Dodd vs. W.L. Vick, constable, was tried before Justice Dillard Smith, September 17th at Liberty---W.B. Corley for plaintiff, Will T. Hale for defendant.

"Some miscreant has vented spite against Wade Sims in a disgraceful manner. He went into the stable of Wade-who is a reputable, harmless, hard-working darkey---and tried to cut his mule's throat. Fortunately, the wound is hardly deep enoug h to prove fatal. It may be remarked that the penalty by law for maliciously killing another's horse or mule, is one to five years in the penitentiary."


Dan Williams and J.J. Ford were in Lebanon last week as attorneys in the suit of Jesse Hearn and James Neal against W.L. Waters. Dan Williams represented the plaintiff and Col. Ford, the defendant.

Noah Morehead, the blind boy, was here a few days last week.

Hattie Bowers left Saturday for Spring Hill to visit relatives.

Miss Callie Tubb and Miss Mattie Bone have been visiting friends at Murfreesboro and Nashville.

Charlie Sullens is sick again.

Miss Minnie Carter of Lebanon came up Saturday.

Jo Rutland was here last week.

Julius Cowan of Lebanon is here with 9 head of stock.

Rev. A.L. Comer begins his protracted meeting here today.

Thos. Montgomery and John Gibson are in the mountain buying wool for the Tennessee Woolen Mills.

Little child of John Martin's died last week.

Mrs. M.J. Baird returned from a visit to relatives in Indiana and Kentucky.

Mrs. Mattie Washburn of Madera, California is visiting her sister, Mrs. Cooper.

Forks of Pike

F.H. Hays was on the sick list last week.

Mr. Tee Groom and sister, Miss Callie paid Short Mountain a visit.

Mrs. Tennie Truitt returned home last night from Nashville.

Clear Fork

J.J. Stark and his sister, Dollie, are very sick.

George Turney of Smallman is better.

Faulkner Springs

J.M. Webb's little boy died.

Connie Spurlock (col.) died the 15th.

Wilson Co.

Mrs. Lum Burton died at home near Silver Springs the 15th.


Mrs. King Wills died Wednesday.

Miss Mary WillsRichard Wills died Thursday, interred in the family burying grounds.

Mrs. Jno. Gwaltney has been in feeble health for some time.

Mrs. J.S. Powell has been very sick.

Rob't. and Charlie, two sons of Jno. Wills, have been quite sick.

Miss Jennie, d/o Rube Tubb, is very sick.

Rev. Ira King and Rev. Rayborn of Alexandria held a protracted meeting at Union Hill.

Misses Effie Simpson and Etta Donnell of Alexandria passed through here Saturday.

A Tribute

James M., son of Esq. Jo M. and Barbara Parker, died July 30th, 1888, at home in DeKalb Co., aged nearly 28 years.

Business Ads

Insurance---Alexandria---J.W. Measle

Smith & Bros.---Watertown---Dry Goods

Neal, Estes & Co.---Watertown---Livery, Feed and Sale Stable

Vick & Bright---Liberty---Dry Goods

Dowelltown Woolen Mills---est. 1888

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