Editor, Will A. Vick

May 29, 1895

Letter from Emblem, Texas from Tonnie Hathaway

States that he left Tennessee on the 2nd of April 1894. "I did not find things out here as I expected."


Constable Charlie Smith says he has some good mares to trade for aged mules.

Dr. Duggin was here Saturday and put in a partial set of teeth for Mrs. Doc Tramel.

D.H. Tramel visited relatives at Temperance Sunday.

W.D. Taylor and wife visited the bedside of her sister, Mrs. Julia Hendrix, who is very low with consumption.

Richard Page, who has been confined but a short time, died from dropsy Thursday. His wife preceded him about 6 months ago. They leave four children to mourn their loss.

Old uncle Tommie Smith's funeral will be preached at the missionary Baptist church 2nd Sunday in June.


Rev. J.B. Fletcher and J.E. Fletcher went to Rutland Saturday.

Frank Beck, representing L. Jonas & Co., spent Sunday in town.

Mrs. T.W. Eason and children visited relatives in Dowelltown Saturday and Sunday.

J.H. Shaver and Miss Annie Schurer went to Grant Saturday evening.

I.L. Pendleton, a prominent young attorney of Nashville, has been in town on business.

J.H. Snoddy is in Cincinnati.

Mrs. O.P. Barry and Miss Stella Barry left Monday for Nashville to visit relatives and friends.

Miss Sarah Foutch has returned home after an extended visit to relatives in Nashville.

Horace and Bruce Hale of Liberty were in town in the interest of their mill.

Mrs. Stevens, wife of Rev. J.B. Stevens, is visiting in Nashville.

Capt. W.H. Lincoln and James Gleaves are here today talking life insurance.

Cicero Sullens and wife of Watertown were visiting relatives here Sunday.

Jo Rutland is in town today.

Stokes McMillen was painfully injured last Sunday, his mare struck him with her for feet on his head and shoulder.

Alex Young of Watertown was here yesterday soliciting subscriptions to stock in the Fairgrounds at that place.

Miss Anna Hays and Miss Effie Bains left of Wilson county Sunday. Miss Hays will be the guest of Miss Bains for several weeks.

Mrs. W. McClellan, Mrs. McClellan and daughter, Corille, visited the family of Andrew McClellan at Hall's Hill Saturday.

Charlie Wheeler left last week for Louisville, Kentucky. He will make a Jeans trip in Texas for his firm.

H.H. Jones, Charlie Bailiff and A.P. Smith represented the Baptist S.S. of this place at the convention at Smithville.

Our Neighbors

News Taken from Our County Exchanges

Warren County ----- New Era

Mr. S.W. Maddux sustained a severe loss last Tuesday in the death of his fine Alderny-Jersey cow.

Sheriff S.F. Anderson of DeKalb county was here on business Friday.

The trial of Wm. L. Steakley at Cleveland last week for killing A.P. Griffith about a year ago, resulted in a mistrial and the case goes over to the next term of the circuit court.

Putnam County ----- The Press

On Friday night, 17th inst., Deputy Collector J.H. Curtis, Dept. Marshall James Chapin and J.B. Barnes destroyed one 80 gallon wildcat still, eleven tubs of beer and about 10 gallons singlings, on Spring Creek about one mile below Waterloo. No one at the still.

A. McDaniel and C.H. Rickman of Algood left Tuesday with W.S. Marchbanks for Knoxville where he will be place in the insane asylum. Mr. Marchbanks mind has been impaired for some months and it was thought best that he should have proper treatment.

Prof. R.L. Smithson, formerly principal of the Cookville High School, spent the latter part of last week in town. Since the death of his wife he has been spending the time on his farm near Liberty.

Wilson County ----- The Tribune

Last Saturday afternoon, Mr. Lee Walker who lives about six miles out on the Cole Ferry pike, left home and left a negro named Jenkins in charge of his wagon and team to do some hauling. Upon his return late in the afternoon he caught the negro brutally beating his team and ordered him to stop it. He refused to obey the order, when Walker told him if he didn't stop he would give him a sound thrashing. The negro then stopped and Mr. Walker started to unhitch his team. As he was undoing the traces the negro struck him on the head with a piece of timber, knocking him insensible. He followed this up with several other licks, one of them breaking his shoulder blade. He is a very much wanted negro and will probably be caught in a day or two. Mr. Walker is not dangerously hurt.

Bob Robinson, a negro living near Gordonsville, who was suffering with corneal ulceration, had his eye taken out yesterday by Dr. Lillard. The operation was a very delicate one and was very successfully performed.

A few days ago, Scobe Stewart, a well-known citizen of La Guardo, was knocked on the head and severely injured by a negro, name and present whereabouts unknown.

About ten days ago Capt. J.W. Hamilton had a good 16 hand mule shot and since then the animal has died.

Brack Brown states to the Tribune reporter that foxes are very bad after turkeys out in his neighborhood on the Hunter's Point pike.

Sam Mosley is building a new cottage on North Cumberland street.

Rutherford County ----- The News

Mr. W.C. Frost is on the sick list this week.

Mr. R.M. Nelson and family left for Texas last Saturday evening where they will reside in the future.

Mr. Rufus Pitts, an old Rutherford county boy who is now living in Alabama is visiting friends and relatives in this country this week.

Mr. Sam Elam was seriously injured on his farm near Rucker about 11 o'clock Tuesday morning by West Woodruff, one of his negro farm hands. Woodruff was caught at Bradyville.

Warren County ----- Southern Standard

A letter from John J. Lowry, now treasurer of Bell county, Texas, formerly Circuit Court Clerk of this county, states that on the 14th inst., his dwelling house in Belton, Texas, with almost the entire contents was destroyed by fire.

Byron Gross left Thursday morning for Quinlette, Fla., where he goes to take charge of a telegraph office.

Miss Ida Womack returned home last Saturday form a visit to her sister, Ed Scurlock in Chattanooga.

Mrs. T.W. West of Smithville is here on a visit to her son, L.E. West and wife.

There was a mistrial in the Steakley case at Cleveland last week and the case will go to Polk county next fall on a change of venue.

Temperance Hall

Prof. J.E. Drake and brother, Ben, attended the convention at Smithville.

Rance Askin was in town today.

Chas. Bennett, who has been in Kentucky for some time, has returned.

France Allen of Helton was here last Tuesday on business.

The following were contestants for a gold medal last Saturday night; Vesta Anthony, Benjamin F. Drake, C.F. Rose, Flora Avant, Violet West and Field Reynolds. The judges were Dr. Potter, John Fisher and Rev. Waller.

Cherry Valley

T.R. Patton got his lumber out last week to build him a house and barn.

"Constable J.L. Tribble of Watertown came by this morning on his way to arrest John Hearn for trial on the charge of killing his wife intentionally, instead of accidentally, as he stated before the coroner's jury. The public in general is very outspoken against his actions and do not hesitate to say they believe it was done intentionally, however, nothing but circumstantial proof is yet known in the case."


M.F. Pickett has got in his immense stock of goods.

Ezekial Bass of St. Louis is visiting here at present.

Prof. Billie Turney of Milton, attended church here yesterday.

A. Young spent last week in Dixon Springs.

"The sad occurrence that we reported last week of the accidental shooting by Mr. John Hearn has taken a different turn. It is said that the jury of inquest, while fixing to reach a verdict, they wanted to interrogate a 9 year old boy, but Mr. Hearn sternly refused to allow it, causing some suspicion which lead to a thorough investigation, for her father, Mr. Wynn, is determined and will leave no stone unturned in the case for he claims that it was premeditated and was purposely done.

Forks of Pike

Mrs. S.B. Sellars is right sick at her home near here.

Little George Ella Cooper has been right sick for awhile but seems to be a little better.

Willie Chapman has shaved off his mustache.

M.W. Robinson visited his brother, Charles, near Milton, Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Mattie Griffith spent several days last week with her sister, Mrs. Sam Henley.

Joe Rigsby and family visited his father near Woodbury Saturday and Sunday.

Chas. Preston has had his hair cut.

Mrs. Alice Robinson returned Sunday from a week's visit to Mrs. G.B. Givan's. She was accompanied home by George and his little son, Emmons.


W.H. Carpenter, a prominent stock breeder, was here Monday on business.

J.P. Starks is getting lumber on the ground to improve his dwelling.

James Pritchett of Lancaster was here on business last Friday and Saturday.

Dr. Squires and family have gone on a few days visit to relatives in Smith county.

J.F. Roy, the efficient cashier of the Bank of Alexandria was on our streets last Monday.

Mr. Seals and wife of Woodbury have been visiting the family of Ernest Stark this week.

Ezra Smith of Watertown finds lots of business in these parts of late.

James Pritchett's family have gone to Jackson to spend a week visiting friends and relatives.

Bob Youngblood came over to see homefolks last Saturday. He reports crops good in Putnam.

R.J. Givan and his boys cut a bee tree on his farm Monday that was loaded with honey.

W.H. Huggins & Co. have received their new engine for their thresher.

J.L. Lamberson says Black Bottom has gone to work and no news to report.

Carrol Lawrence and Miss Roena Simpson of Close were here yesterday.

Jos. Evans got in from Franklin last Saturday where he has been attending school.

E.C. Bratten has come up to spend a few days with home folks. He will return to Nashville the last of the week.

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