Editor, Will A. Vick

May 15, 1895

Cherry Valley

Miss Bertie Harper is visiting here this week.

B.H. Phillips went to DeKalb county Sunday on (?) business.

Jessie Heom moved his saw mill here.

Joe Berry has just completed a large barn instead of the one burned last November.

C.C. Young took his "Daisy Belle" to Cedar Grove Sunday.

W.S. Phillips attended the funeral of his brother, Thomas Phillips at Fall Creek Saturday.

Misses Lizzie and Pearl Jones, Messrs. Jim Donnell and Bridges Jones of Lascassas were visiting here Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. Smith Womack breathed his last on Friday morning, May 10th at 1 P.M. and funeral at Round Lick Saturday at 2 P.M., after which he was interred at the Jones graveyard. He was one of our best citizens and truly it can be said that a good man has been taken from our community.

Letter from Granite City, Illinois from W.E. Cothren

Says that "The writer used to live near Liberty on the Sam Sellars farm on Sycamore Creek. I now have a good position with the Merchants Pe_minal railroad".


Juber Lawrence's wife was buried last Monday.

Rev. Sam Davis and wife visited the family of H.D. Foust last week.

E.A. Kennedy went to Watertown Sunday.

F. Miller Shurer of Nashville spent a day or two in town last week.

Miss Mattie Bone returned home Saturday from a pleasant visit at Nashville and Evansville.

Miss Lena Tubb returned from an extended visit to relatives at Nashville Saturday.

Rev. T.F. Bowman of Waverly, Tennessee is visiting relatives near this place.

Last Thursday night Miss Ella Jones entertained her friends at a fishing party.

John Barbee of Grant was here on business Saturday.

Mrs. Ida Williams will visit relatives in Nashville this week.

D.W. Dinges went to Sparta last week.

Miss Cornie Brown is quite sick.

Walter Allen spent Sunday with home folks.

Miss Linnie Smith has returned from a visit to relatives in Nashville.

L.W. Rollins has returned from a business trip up the river. He was accompanied by his wife.

C.W.L. Hale and wife visited friends in town Sunday.

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. R.L. Floyd visited Mrs. Lena Luck Sunday.

Rob Roy and Charlie Wood will ride a race on their bicycles from Mahone to this place in a few days.

Our Neighbors

News Taken from Our County Exchanges

Rutherford County ----- The News

While repairing the roof of a dwelling last Monday, Mr. Dick Cawthon severely cut his arm on a piece of tin.

Hatton January died Saturday night of consumption at the home of his mother, Mrs. January, after an illness of several months. His funeral took place from the residence of A.G. Thompkins Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock, conducted by Rev. W.H. Cotton.

We regret to learn of the death of Mr. John F. Overall, which occurred at this home near Lascassas in this county last Friday night.

Wilson County ----- The Tribune

Henry Harris was arrested Tuesday by Policeman Hatcher for being drunk and disorderly. He was fined three dollars and cost.

On Mr. John Castleman's farm in the 21st district there is a cedar stack pole which has been standing since 1835. It is perfectly sound and the timber which has grown around it since then is 1 ½ feet thick.

J.L. Martin of the 21st district found some young rabbits a few days ago and gave them to his cat to eat. She ate them all but one, which, she adopted into her family of kittens.

Cannon County ----- The Courier

Mr. Will O. Bragg had a hog to go mad last week and had to kill it.

Messrs. W.J. Webb, J.H. Thrower, R.E. Fisher and Capt. H.A. Wiley left yesterday for Caney Fork for a few days fishing.

Messrs. Wm Harris and Elvis Brandon of Burt came into contact with a rabid cat, which gave them quite a scare.

On last Saturday some men, while out fishing on Horse Spring Fork, near Burt, discovered what was a child. Other parties were notified and an inquest was held that night, the verdict of which was that the child came to its death by drowning. A Miss Annie Blancet was suspected of the crime and was therefore arraigned before J.J. Davis, who, by the circumstantial evidence produced, bound her over to the next term of Circuit Court. She now languishes in jail at this place.

The fishing club of Woodbury returned from the Caney Fork. Quite a number of fine specimens of trout were taken, one, caught by Tip Jetton, tips the scales at 5 ½ pounds. Judge Brevard outnumbered his colleagues in the catch, while Judge Houston, E. Stephens, Andrew McKnight, Esq. Lewis Jetton and W.J. Wood contributed liberally.

Smith County ----- The Times

Williams Brothers are making preparations to build a large business house on the west side of the public square in Gainesboro.

John W. Borum killed a mad dog on the farm of Dr. Wilkerson, near Tucker's Cross Roads.

Last week a waterspout on Barton's Creek, in Wilson county, drowned two horses, one belonging to J.H. Shockney and one to Wm. Mace, col.

Burt Henson of Livingston killed a wild turkey that weighed 21 pounds and measured four feet long and four feet from tip to tip of wings.

Isaac Thomas of Hilham has sold his farm to W.C. Murphy and has purchased a farm in Texas, to which he will move next year.

Robert Wilson of Rome, who received injuries about the head last week, is reported better.

Simeon Jones, a highly respected citizen of the Hickman neighborhood, died last Friday night from the effects of a paralytic stroke suffered some months ago. He leaves a family.

Last Monday at Difficult, the wife of W.T. Crawford breathed her last. Although not well for some time, her death was unexpected. She leaves a husband and seven children.


Since my last, Asa D. Driver, a well respected citizen, died after only a few days illness.

Born to Johnnie Davis and wife of a recent date, their 13th new baby.

Doc Tramel had a fine bee tree cut this week.

Pole Woodsides of Liberty is hauling corn from this neighborhood to Overall Bros.

Carpenters have begun to work on J.L Tramel's new dwelling.

The widow Eveline Page had a big working in the way of a corn planting Thursday.

Constable Charlie Smith of this place caught and carried A. Johnson to jail Saturday night.

J.R. Tramel has had already about 400 carp fish dipped out of his pond which are said to be as good to eat as any river fish.

Geo. Henley of Alexandria was among us awhile Thursday evening on his return from Smithville.

Richard Page, whom I reported in my last as suffering from dropsy, was moved to his sister's, Mrs. Andy Robinson, on Hanner's Branch and is reported better.

C.B. Williams, the Roller mill man of Smithville, was here wanting wheat a few days ago. Charlie is a man of push and intelligence, which constitutes a hustler.

Temperance Hall

Samps Chapman and others of Dowelltown were down here on a fishing expedition last week.

The little baby of Bill Nixon died last Saturday night.

Shelby Nixon has been very sick for the past week.

Miss Maggie Taylor of Dowelltown is visiting Mrs. Sarah Hays this week.

Little George and Maggie Martin visit Mr. Close of Close P.O. last week.

J.F. Turner went to Alexandria last week.

Jas. Sykes little baby is improving in health at this writhing.

J.M. Young was in our neighborhood last week.

Rube Tubb, Sr. of Hickman spent the night with his brother, Jace Tubb of this place.

The trustees of Earl College met today and made the following changes. Charley Williams was elected in the place of Jas. Rowland, who moved to Alexandria a few months ago. It was unanimously agreed to ask the school directors of the 15th district to employ Profs. Drake and Wilson to teach the fall school.

W.J. Avant, J.F. Turner, L. Driver, Jno. Mason, G.B Wright - Trustees


Untiring in his vigilance, Sheriff Anderson has, at last, run down the fugitive criminal, Harve Dunn. He was at first shadowed in Kentucky and the Sheriff went there to take him. But when he got there his game had flown to parts unknown. But upon careful investigation he was located on a farm near Mr. Vernon, Indiana. The Sheriff and Campbell Morgan, sheriff of Jackson county went to the man Dunn was working for and told him they had come to arrest Dunn on charge of murder. Dunn was out at work in a field and it was agreed that the two sheriffs should go to a blacksmith shop near by and wait while the farmer could go and send Dunn to the shop ostensibly to get a plow that had been left there to repair. The plan worked well and Dunn walked into the trap that had been laid. Dunn walked into the shop and called for the plow and the only reply he got was-"hands up". Looking down into the barrels of two six shooters he saw that escape was a delusion and surrendered. The sheriffs passed through last Saturday with Dunn and he now languishes in the Smithville jail.


C.C. Odom and wife are off on a visit to the Flat woods.

Ben McBroom has purchased him a new buggy of Vick & Bright.

Dr. R.D. Hubbard, who has been very sick, is able to be out again.

Rev. Starks (col.) preached last Sunday for the colored people of this place.


Rev. Harve Jarvis of Elmwood spent last night in Liberty.

Miss Nora Lee of Watertown is visiting friends here this week.

The address of Jo Ford to the Round Top S.S. will appear in our next week's issue.

Matt Willard, J.W. Hays and E.J. Robinson of Auburn country have been here on business.

H.A. Bratten and his sister, Miss Geneva, will go to Gallatin next Saturday to visit friends.

Through the kindness of that big-hearted whole-souled young farmer, John Clark and his estimable young wife, the editors family have enjoyed a pound of "Red Polled Butter".

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