Editor, Will A. Vick

May 8, 1895

Epworth League

Program for the Liberty Epworth League Wednesday evening, May 15, 1895. Singing; Prayer & Scripture-T.A. Carden; [Q & A's]-Miss Mattie Lamberson, Miss Pearl Squires, Miss Aarah Campbell, Miss Zella Vick, Miss Forest Squires, Miss Virgil Overall, Miss Lola Robinson, Miss Sallie Fite, Miss Nannie Taylor and Miss Nettie Youngblood.

Forks of Pike

Willie Evans and wife of Dibrell are down on a visit to relatives and friends.

Miss Mattie Griffith went to Dowelltown on a visit Saturday.

Misses Maud and Mary Flippen spent Sunday with their Grandfather Wheeler.

Misses Maggie and Martha Robinson spent Saturday night with relatives at Liberty.

Miss Hassie Walkup spent several days with home folks at Woodbury.

J.E. Henley and wife spent Saturday night at J.W. Groom's.

Miss Eva Patton and John Talley spent a few hours with the Misses Robinson Sunday evening.

Mrs. James Evans came up from Nashville last week to attend the bedside of her sister, Miss Daisy Groom, who does not seem to be any better.

Temperance Hall

J.N. Fitts of Hicks was in town today.

John Midgett and Miss Ellie Cheek were married at the home of the bride last Wednesday.

In Memorium

Lummie Turner died at his father's home on Dry Creek, April 5th 1895, aged 13 years. For three weeks he struggled with fever and quietly passed away. He was buried in Salem.

Our Neighbors

News Taken from Our County Exchanges

White County ----- The Expositor

The Bon Air Coal, Land and Lumber Co. held a directors meeting Monday last. W.C. Dibrell, Shade Murray, David Dinges, John F. House, Samuel Keith and others attended.

Rev. J.D.Murray and wife have both been quite ill during the last week.

Mr. H.J. Cardwell, who has been confined to his home on Cardwell Mountain with sickness for several months, is considerably improved.

Mr. P.D. Jones has been confined at home with sickness.

Mr. Cheatham Nunnelly returned last week to Denver, Colo. After a prolonged visit to his parents here.

The trial of W.L. Steakley for the killing of A.P. Griffith last May is set for hearing next Tuesday.

Mr. Walter Baker and his sister, Miss Vallie Baker of Honey Grove, Texas made a visit last week to their aunt, Mrs. Ellen Baker at this place.

Cannon County ----- The Courier

Prof. Charles Preston of Forks of Pike visited his home folks this week.

Capt. Smith and wife of Champaign, Ill. arrived here yesterday to attend the bedside of Mrs. Smith's mother, Mrs. Warren.

Mike Smith, living a few miles above town, had a fit last Saturday evening while seated in a chair between Grobble's and Hoodenpyle's business houses.

It becomes our painful duty to announce the death of Mrs. Mary Warren, who died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Sullivan, Thursday evening at 3 o'clock, in the 80th year of her age.

Putnam County ----- The Press

Virgil Williams, living four miles south-west of here, sprained his ankle several days ago.

Capt. J.H. Curtis left Tuesday for a business to DeKalb county.

Mrs. Dow Terry and daughter, Carrie, left for Texas, where they will make their home.

Mrs. J.C. Gentry of Ai died last Sunday of consumption.

Joe Wright of Dowelltown visited his father-in-law, A.A. Reagan at this place, first of the week.

Dave Patton and Miss Gentry, daughter of Cam Gentry of AL, were married last Saturday.

Mrs. Mary Ann Moore died at the home of John Caruthers, one mile east of town, Tuesday night. She was a niece of the late Diana Gabbert of this place and was 78 years of age.

Mr. & Mrs. Fred White and children left Saturday for their home in Marshall, Minn., after a pleasant visit to Mrs. W.'s parents, Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Whitney, at this place.

Lowry Lewis, the little two year old son of Constable A. Judd, wile playing Wednesday evening of last week, fell and struck his mouth against the floor, causing the blood to flow freely. Physicians were summoned who did all to staunch the flow of blood, but to no avail, on Friday morning the little fellow from the loss of the life-giving fluid, fell asleep to awaken no more.

Their Deeds of Evil are Many

In May of last year the store ofJas.Prichitt on Dry Creek was broken into and robbed of $200 or $300 worth of goods. Since that time diligent search has been made and suspicious parties have been shadowed, but all efforts were fruitless till a few days ago. A Miss Parsley, living on Dry Creek, was seen wearing a dress that was identified by Mr. Pritchitt as a part of the stolen goods. She was arrested and under promise of her freedom she gave the clan away and such a clan as it was has turned out to be an eye opener. She was not concerned in the robbery of Mr. Pritchitt's store but told of parties that were. Herschel Braswell was next arrested and from him a revelation was gotten. He said that he, H. Johnson and another party, whose name is withheld because he has not yet been arrested, entered the store by boring a hole through the floor of the Post Office department. Only Johnson went into the store but he and the third party remained on the outside and received the goods as they were brought out by Johnson. The spoils were divided and concealed at several different places. But three parties were concerned in this robbery yet there were many others in that neighborhood.

Among other thefts in the neighborhood was a bridle stolen from Archie Bass; a lot of bacon from Mrs. Isabel Robinson; two sides of bacon from G.W. Cathcart; a lot of meat from Jep Eastes; several bushels of corn from Mon Blair. Among the parties implicated by Braswell are H. Johnson, Pleas Johnson, Jim Lawson, James Parsley, Jr., Jim Johnson, Josh Lawson, Harve Robinson, Sr. There are others but they are yet at large and their names are withheld that they may be caught.

Braswell says that H. Johnson was the leader of their clan and planned all their robberies. They went heavily armed and it was understood that they would shoot to kill rather than be caught. There are several of the alleged guilty now in jail at Smithville to await trial at the next term of the Circuit court.

Eric Snow, the efficient constable of the 4th district, deserves great credit for the work he has done to break up the clan of thieves.

Henderson X Roads

Miss Florence Robinson is no better.

Mrs. Sallie Ann Henderson is still on the sick list.

Uncle Thomas Phillips is on the sick list.


CC. Young and Mr. DeBow of Sparta spent Monday night in town with S.W. McClellan.

P.Y. Hall and son spent Sunday in town.

Constable E.A. Foutch went to Smithville Monday.

Rev. J.B. Fletcher and wife leave this week for Doyle, White county, to spend a week.

Sim Agee and Miss Malone were married Sunday. Quite a large wedding party was in attendance.

Miss Patty Hearn and Mrs. Lucy Hearn of Watertown were here today.

Miss Mattie Bone left Monday for a visit to the city of Evansville, Indiana.

Miss Annie Henley has returned from a pleasant visit to relatives at Nashville.

James Jones is in Nashville this week.

It will be sad news to the many friends of Bill Reece to learn that he died in Nashville last Friday night.

Rufe Gleason and Charlie Wood went to Nashville Saturday on their wheels, returning Monday.

Ike High and Dave Rowland came over from Buffalo Valley Sunday.

Brice Botts has gone to St. Louis.

D.W. Dinges has gone to Nashville.

Bob Reeves is better today.

Alex Young and John Organ were here last week.

T. Botts has purchased a lot from Dinges and Simpson on High Street.

J.H. Snoddy will leave for Nashville this week.

Miss Lena Armstrong of Statesville was here Monday on a visit.

W.H. Bright and Tom Hughes left for their home at Eagleville, Tennessee last Monday.

Sherman McCaleb's little baby died Monday. It was just two weeks old.

Mrs. Mollie Shurer, Mrs. Etta Goodner, Mrs. Nettie Pendleton, Miss Daisy Odom and Miss Annie Lou Donnell are visiting relatives at Commerce this week.


Mrs. W.L. Vick and children are visiting at Brush Creek.

W.B. Foster was here last Saturday on his return from Nashville.

J.T. Turney is making considerable improvements on his dwelling.

Caesar Thomas, Watertown's hustling liveryman, was here last Saturday.

Miss Nettie Potter of Smithville was visiting relatives here last week.

Judge Irenus Beckwith and J.F. Roy were here on business one day last week.

Wiseman Davis, a good farmer and prominent stockman of the Statesville country, was here one day last week.

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