Editor, Will A. Vick

April 24, 1895

Forks of Pike

The two Mr. Preston's and T.P. Bragg attended the Sam Jones lecture.

Miss Hassie Walkup is attending school at Four Corners.

U.W. Neal and family spent Sunday with their son, Ancil, at J.B. West's.

H.M. Evans, wife and little son, Bratten, spent Saturday at Sam Vanatta's.

Miss Ella Alexander of Mechanicsville is visiting at T.P. Bragg's.

W. Robinson and daughter, Miss Alice went up to Milton on a visit Friday.

Misses Mai and Fanny Measle spent Saturday and Sunday with Miss Sallie Givan.

Mr.& Mrs. W.H. Henley took dinner with E.J. Groom and family last Sunday.

Jordan Measle and family took dinner at H.C. Givan's Sunday last.

Miss Ocia Barrett and a Mr. Rob't Smart spent the afternoon with the Misses Robinson last Sunday.

W.C. Groom went to Dowelltown Sunday after his wife, who has been staying a week with her mother there.

J.B. West has just had a veranda built in front of their kitchen, which is a nice convenience for his wife in sumertime.

E.J. Groom has [at] last put the finishing touch to the already neat appearance of his nice dwelling and surroundings by whitewashing an attractive yard fence in front.

Joe Rigsby returned Sunday night from near Woodbury, accompanied by his brother, George, who was married in the afternoon to a Miss Wooden. The wedding party returned to their home this morning.

Cherry Valley

Uncle Smith Womack is very sick.

Mrs. Dr. T.O. Bratten and Mrs. Hester Phillips visited relatives at Fall Creek last week.

John Williams was visiting Sunday evening, only a lady friend.

T.L. Hale of Watertown passed through here Sunday evening.

Miss Ellen Phillips, J.P. Hays, Miss Mary Layne, B.H. Phillips, Miss Flora Young and J.D. Phillips "took in" Shop Springs Sunday.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Cannon County ----- The Courier

Last Sunday evening a very serious difficulty occurred at Dillon in Rutherford county between Presley Williams of Bradyville and James Tolbert, formerly of that place, but now living in Rutherford county, in which Williams was fatally cut with a knife.

Putnam County ----- The Press

Capt. R.P. McClean of Lebanon was in Cookeville this week.

Rev. G.W. Nakcles is very sick at his boarding house in West Side.

Jo A. Cullom of The Press is in Kentucky this week on business.

Miss Lixxie Owen of the Cookeville High School spent Sunday with her parents in Franklin.

Mr. John Burton, who had the misfortune of seriously hurting his leg last week is improving.

Mr. & Mrs. A.C. Freeze returning Tuesday from a two weeks visit to Mrs. F.'s parents at Albany, Ind.

Esq. M.F. Jones of the eighth district, died last Friday after a few days illness with pneumonia. He had been a member of the county court of Putnam county for more than 20 years. He was about sixty-five years of age.

Smith County ----- The Times

Constable A.N. Judd, whose dwelling was burned recently in Cookeville, has replaced an elegant cottage on his lot and moved thereto.

Miss Ona Rell had had to close her school on Cedar creek, Wilson county, on account of scarlet fever.

Warren County ----- New Era

On last Monday afternoon while Mr. W.H. Simpson was assisting Mr. Thos. R. Gribble in unloading a wagon at Rowland Station, it bacame unmanageable and rolling to the ground, caught Mr. Simpson underneath it and badly mashed his head and shoulders. Dr. Black was sent for and ministered to the injured man who has not yet regained consciousness. Grave fears are left for his recovery.

Judge Smallman left for Spencer to hold his court. Messrs. T.C. Lind, W.W. Fairbanks and Sam T. O'Neal of the local bar are in attendance.

B.H. Martin of Fort Worth, Texas is on a visit to the family of his father, Mr. George W. Martin at Hissis. Ben has been a resident of Texas for several years and has held for some time a responsible position in a National Bank of Fort Worth.

Rutherford County ----- The News

Till Gannaway and Jim Brewer, both colored, had a joint discussion in Tin Cup Alley last Saturday.

Jno. Mason, col., was severely cut in the abdomen by Bud Allen, also colored, last Saturday night. Mason will recover.

We are glad to hear that Joe T.B. Wilson, who has been quite sick with pneumonia, is recovering.

Chas. F. Cox of this city and Miss Anna Thompson of Rucker will be married at the home of the bride on Wednesday, April 24th.

J.H. Allen has had a new livery stable built on the site of the old one.

Mrs. Bell Allen died at her home near Rucker last Friday.

White County ----- The Expositor

W.W. Wallace, an old honored citizen of Putnam county, is dead. He was 73 years old, and an esteemed justice of the peace and had filled other county offices.

Vance Waller, while driving a poultry wagon in the neighborhood of Amanda, lost control of his team. He was badly injured and the wagon torn up.

T.L. Lewis was at home Saturday.

Wilson County ----- Lebanon Tribune

Herbert Hale, James Brown, Floyd Lester, a negro boy 'Ninepins' and several fellers from the country were seduced by the prospect of a great and jolly good time, followed the circus to get it.

The Powell store-house, Southeast corner square, property of the Page heirs, was sold by Clerk Harkreader to the highest bidder. Bidding was spirited but it was 'knocked down' to Judge Tarver, agent for Mrs. Nellie Hamilton, at $3075. This is one of the most desirable business houses in Lebanon.

W.A. McClain has returned from a trip to Texas and Indian Territory, where he went with a carload of jacks.

About eight o'clock yesterday morning, Bowden McClain was standing on Gwynne's corner when lightning struck a telephone wire somewhere in the vicinity and the shock knocked him to the ground. He was not otherwise injured.


Charlie Page's baby boy died Monday and was buried at Tramel & McClellan cemetery.

Tom Evans stopped here awhile Thursday on his way to the river country.

Const. W.H. Jones and wife visited at Pole Woodsides at Liberty Thursday.

Prof. Wm Hunt will teach the public school on Dry Creek.

Mrs. John Hendrixson is considerably worse and not expected to live.

Robert Griffith and family of Dowelltown stayed here with relatives last week.

Mrs. Joe H. Blackburn of Dowelltown visited her son, Lessie Blackburn, here this week.

Gifford Farler plowed up an old gold watch the other day, supposed to have been lost in time of the war in the Snow's Hill fight.

Lon Spencer returned from Texas a few days ago and says the country is alright but he just got homesick is why he came back so quick.

Richard Page, who recently got too hot fighting forest fires is still very low and has taken since, something now resembles Dropsy and without relief can't live many days.

Rev. M. Curtis and son have just purchased them a new plate book for their nursery for a new agent to start out with soon.


[Monday, the 22nd]

The town was shocked this morning to learn that J.H. DonnellMr. Donnell was a member of the Methodist church, a Mason and a member of the Alexandria Chapter. The funeral will take place here tomorrow afternoon, conducted by the brethren of sister lodges.

On last Friday night, the barn of Capt. J.D. Wheeler was destroyed by fire and five head of stock perished in the flames. R.B. Floyd, who was spending the night, succeeded in saving two head of stock, but had his face burned and his feet blistered in the effort. There was $300 insurance. The origin of the fire is not known, but is supposed to be incendiary.

Last Saturday night, the barn and contents, the property of W.T. Jones at Sykes was destroyed by fire.

Mrs. H.D. Foust, Sr. died at her home on High street and was buried at the cemetery here.

Geo. Henley and W.J. Jones went to Carthage last week.

Dr. A.B. Smith has a handsome awning to the front of his drug store.

Rev. J.B. Fletcher and wife went to Linwood Saturday.


Miss Mattie Brown is visiting Mrs. W.E. Wauford this week.

Last Saturday evening, about six o'clock, Mr.& Mrs. Thomas' little boy, 5 years old, while trying to follow his older brother across a footlog to hunt the cows, fell into the water and was drowned. No one saw the little fellow fall and after searching and dragging the creek Saturday night until one o'clock, gave up the search until day-light Sunday morning, when the body was found about one mile from where it fell. Mr. Thomas, the father of the little boy, is somewhere in the South with stock and knows nothing of the death or of the grief of his loving companions.


Born to Sherman McCaleb and wife, yesterday, a boy.

W.H. Bright is visiting his sons, T.M. and C.L. Bright.

Rush Hawes of Woodbury was here yesterday on a "filling in" trip.

Prof. R.L. Smithson and little son, Willie Morgan, came down and spent Sunday with the family of Mrs. W.P. Smith.

Geo. Hancock of Gassaway wants to employ six or seven traveling men for his great medicines. Correspond with him if you want a good job.

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