Editor, Will A. Vick

April 17, 1895

Henderson X Roads

H.A. Phillips set out 600 apple trees last week.

Prohibition debate tonight - W.P. Phillips affirms, J.W. Leeman, denies.

Lon Allen and ,b>Frank Pickett and their good looking ladies attended church at Prosperity last Sunday and got a square meal at Mrs. Kennedy's.

Cherry Valley

W.S. Henderson was in town last week.

On last Thursday, Vady Mossy and Miss Emma Patton were united in the holy bonds of matrimony.

Miss Daisy Phillips of Shop Springs won the Silver medal at Watertown Saturday night in the temperance medal contest.

Miss Bertie Harper of Mt. Vernon, Illinois, left here last week for Nashville where she will have her eyes treated by Dr. Savage.

Bear Branch

Bear Branch is situated on Sink Creek seven miles below its source, on the Smithville and McMinnville road. It is located in a prosperous settlement of good people with a general store and a blacksmith shop. Bildad high school is one mile east from Bear Branch, which is a good school under the management of Prof. E.L. Mooneyham with W.C. Cantrell, Jr. as assistant.

There will be a debate at Bildad, Appil 28th. The speakers are; Ernest Pinegar, T.P. Givans, E.G. Lawson, Prof. E.L. Mooneyham and two others to be chosen.

Lizzie, daughter of L.H. Barnes of Falls City is lying at the point of death.


John Clark and wife of Liberty spent last night with the family of Charlie Smith at this place. All of Lee Overall's children have been on the sick list this week.

Hershel Overall returned from Short Mountain Friday where he had been buying more hogs.

A little child [that] Ama Jett (col.) was raising died a few days ago.

Rev. Oscar Close has got to swapping horses right sharply here of late.

J.R. Corley says he don't like dehorning grown cattle because he has some that will likely die from dehorning.

J.R. Tramel took dinner with W.A. Turner at Temperance Hall Tuesday and witnessed the erection of the corner post of Turner Bros. saw mill which they informed me would be ready for work again soon. They will also have a grist mill attached to it.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Warren County ----- Southern Standard

Mrs. Martha Bricey, living near Vervilla in this county, came to town with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. W. Parker, Wednesday, apparently in good health. She, with others was out at the gate of Jim Mason's on Spring street, observing the show procession as it passed by. While thus engaged with other friends looking on, she was suddenly stricken with apoplexy, where she lingered in a state of unconsciousness until a few minutes after 8 o'clock p.m., when she died.

W.H. Magness and sister, Miss J. Ella Magness, have returned from San Antonio, Texas.

The largest fish caught in the Caney Fork for many years, that we have any knowledge of, was sent down last Saturday form Walling by Charlie Hopkins to Frank Maddux, a fish dealer. The fish was a sturgeon and weighed 65 pounds.

Geo. E. Cartwright has returned from a pleasant trip south in the interest of the mill.

Wilson County ----- The Democrat

Dixon C. Williams of Chicago was in town this week.

Mrs. W.S. Tyree of Smithville visited her brother, E.E. Harwell, this week. She was accompanied by her little daughter, Miss Lucile.

Yesterday afternoon while Misses Vida Gribble and Daisy Murphy were out driving, the horse became frightened and ran away overturning the buggy. No injuries except a few scratches.

White County ----- The Expositor

Prof. W.E. Wheeler and wife of Pleasant Hill stopped in Sparta enroute to Michigan with the remains of Mrs. Parsons, mother of Mrs. Wheeler. A metal casket was purchased of J.L. Quarles to convey the remains.

J.R. Tubb has shipped more carloads of poultry than any other man in the state.

Tom Cummings, col., struck John Scott, a white man, in the head with a rock from behind. Cummings was fined $5 and costs and gave bond for his appearance Saturday.

Thos. Reynolds and son, Charlie, of DeKalb county, visited their old home at Sparta.

Putnam County ----- The Press

C.C. Fowler is prospecting in Woodbury with a view of establishing a store at that place.

Mrs. T.W. Shields and son of Smithville are visiting the family of Dr. H.C. Martin.

Mrs. Wilcox is building a handsome residence on West street above Maj. J.C. Freeze.

Chief of Detectives, Campbell Morgan of this place, arrested Charles Templeton, alias John Hawes, and John Johnson at Carthage Friday morning. He was wanted at Bon Air for blowing open the Coal Co.'s stage, which also contained the records of the post office.

We learn that Mrs. D.A. Verble of the 4th district died last Tuesday. She was the mother of John H. Verble, Trustee of Putnam county.

Col. F.H. Daugherty of Livingston died suddenly at that place last Tuesday night. It was not known that he was sick except that he had been a long-time sufferer with asthma and pneumonia. Col. Daugherty was a gallant Confederate soldier, being Lieutenant Colonel of the 8th Calvary and was the Register of Overton county at the time of his death.

We regret to announce the death of W.J. Wallace, Esq., which occurred at his home near Silver Point a few days ago.

Cannon County ----- The Courier

On last Saturday evening after arresting Thos. Davis and while trying to carry him to jail, constable Barnes and John Lusterel were shot by the Davis boys near Davenport. Barnes and John Askers returned the fire and shot James and Thomas in the face. One of the officers, while the shooting was going on, noticed a shotgun protruding from behind the house and jumped backward in time to save his life, as a load of shot grazed past him. The gun was in the hands of one of the younger Davis boys, who is only 14 years old. Tom Davis is not expected to live. Drs. Tatum and Lester were summoned to attend the wounded.

An adjourned term of the Chancery Court was held Monday, presiding was Hon. Walter S. Bearden. In attendance, Judges Webb and Crowley of Smithville, Capt. Smith of McMinnville, Col. P.C. Isbell and J.L. Ewell of Manchester, W.J. Wood was reappointed Clerk & Master.

We are glad to see Mose Preston able to be out again.

Smith County ----- The Times

The infant child of Thomas Campbell and wife, near New Middleton, died recently.

Rev. W.H. Smith of Willete has postponed preaching at Zion Baptist until future.

E.C. Lance, a Wilson county farmer, went to Nashville last week, imbibed freely, got into bad company and lost quite a bit of money.

The residence of Dr. J.L. Jones at New Middleton caught fire last Saturday.

Last week Fate Gill shot a dog belonging to Taylor Rollins, near New Middleton and the latter was about to commence suit, when the case was comprised by Gill paying damages. The dog was a valuable [hunting] one.

William High, son of J.W. High living near Chestnut Mound, in not out of danger.

William Nichols, an old and respected citizen of Elmwood, was thought to be dying. He is one of the oldest inhabitants of that section.

Dr. E.P. Hawthorne, an aged and well-known physician living on Hurricane creek, died last Monday night and was buried Tuesday.

Non-Resident Notices

C.W.L. Hale vs. J.W. Prichard

Vick Bros. vs. J.W. Prichard

Wm. Vick vs. J.W. Prichard

Vick & Bright vs. J.W. Prichard

Temperance Hall

Walter Mason, son of Dr. Mason, had the croup very bad last Sunday.

Bill Jones little boy has had a very bad case of the croup.

Miss Lizzie Askew has been on the sick list for the past week.

Uncle Fred Starnes of Long Branch has been very feeble for the past six months.

Mrs. Harrison Starnes of Exum has been sick for the past month.

Mack Sanlin of Helton happened to a very bad accident last week by getting his leg broken.

Prof. T.F. Driver, who has been spending the last week in the city of Rocks has returned home.

Prof. T.J. Dedman of Sweetwater was in town this week.

Old Jack Malone (col.) has moved across the river.

John Bonham and family were visiting relatives at Smithville this week.

W.F. Christian, your correspondent at Exum, has been over helping E.M.H. fish this week.

Uncle Jack Mason went fishing last week and caught - well, I forget the number he caught.

John Christian of Exum happened to a very bad accident by having a fine mare to die.

Mrs. Tom Terry of this place visited her sister, Mrs. Richard at Laurel Hill last week.

Bill Askew of Lancaster came up after his daughter, Miss Lizzie, Friday.

Mrs. Jack Malone of near Alexandria died sometime last week.

Tom Turner of Dowelltown passed here today on his way to Lancaster.

Misses Fannie Turner, Altia Hays, Arbria Hays and Carrie Sykes went to Sunday School at Cove Hollow last Sunday.

James D. Martin, little boy of Dr. G.W. Martin, has been on the sick list for the past week or two.

J.F. Turner went to Cove Hollow last Sunday to take part in the Sunday School being organized in that place.

Dr. Fuson, Sr. of Dowelltown has been in our community for the past few weeks attending on Mrs. Tubbs.

Letter from C.M. Curtis urging folks to come to Texas

Mentions DeKalb county boys already there -

B.E. Holmes is managing industriously a chair of mathematics in our high school.

C.B. Stark is setting on a general merchandise counter in Belton.


John F. Roy has purchased a new bicycle.

J.A. Donnell is in Nashville.

Clark McAdoo and family passed through town Saturday.

Mrs. Harriet Malone, wife of Jack Malone died at her home near New Hope last week.

Miss Linnie Smith is visiting in Nashville.

Mrs. John Palmer is visiting her sister, Mrs. Preston, on Clear Fork.

Sam Marler has left for the West.

Fed Turner (col) and family left Monday for Indianapolis where they expect to make their future home.

Mrs. Foust, wife of H.D. Foust, Sr. died yesterday. The funeral services will take place this afternoon at the family residence on High street.

W.W. Lester and family have been visiting Mr. Lester's mother on Main street. They left for their home in Cookville Monday.

Miss Laura Reece leaves for Nashville Wednesday to visit her brother, Bill Reece, who is reported quite sick.

In Memorium

On Sunday morning, March 31st, Mr. M____ Oakley died at his home on Smith Fork. May God bless his sorrowing ones, especially his wife and children who are left to mourn his loss.

New Middleton

Ernest Smith is right sick at this writing.

Colonel Gill and wife are visiting their daughter, Mrs. John Rankins, at Elmerville.

Mrs. Ed Terry had been on the sick list and Frank Agee.

W.F. Barrett and son, Sam, went to Flat Rock Wednesday.

James Rocky's baby is right sick at this writing.

The young people had a nice entertainment at W.G. Bransford's Saturday night. Those present were, Qeleaha Gill and Luther Neal, Pearl Jones and Chas. Barrett, Florence Gill and Willie Willson, Dasie Swann and James Thomas, Mattie Bradford and Rob't Terry, Ola Barrett and William Gill, Nettie Barrett and Ollie Swann, Ida Baird and Fate Bradford, Fannie Baird and Joe Agnew, Dovie Baird and Claude Swann, Ida Hardcastle and Joe Flippen, Alma Bransford and Sam Barrett, Carrie Hallum and Lon Johnson, Mattie Bransford and Fate Gill, Frank Smith, Grig Hale and Ollie Terry.

Miss Fannie Hawthorne was called home last week to attend the burial of her father who died suddenly.

Mrs. George Flippen returned home from Nashville last week where she had been visiting her daughter.


Born to John Gleason and wife, Monday, a boy.

S.C. Robinson will go to the Sulphur Springs next week for his health.

Mrs. Jo Evans of Grant and her little son have been visiting her mother here for a few days.

Mrs. John Barger and her children of Watertown have been visiting her mother on Dry Creek.

W.J. Griffith and J.M. Loring, prominent nurserymen of the 5th district, spent Monday night in town.

Jas. Givan says bees have been making honey right along this spring and he confidently looks for a big honey flow this season. It will be the first in three or four years.

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