Editor, Will A. Vick

April 3, 1895

New Middleton

Berry Allison of Cookeville has been visiting his sister, Mrs. W.F. Barrett, for the last week.

The little infant child of Mr.&Mrs. Thomas Campbell died last Tuesday night.

Misses Bartie and Moories of Grant were the guests of Miss Zeleaker Gill last Wednesday.

Chas. Neal shipped a carload of chickens to Nashville last week.

Rob't. Bruce's horse fell with him last week and broke his leg.

Joe Flippen was thrown from a mule and hurt his hip right bad.

Luther Neal carried a load of flour to Lebanon last week.

Lon Rollins of Alexandria was in town last week selling machinery.

Uncle Henry Moore is right sick at this writing.

Dr. Rob't. Jackson of Grant passed through town last Thursday to see his mother, who is sick.

Temperance Hall

Bill Nixon's baby is very sick at this date.

Mrs. Dr. Martin is not improving much.

Gilbert Malone's baby died last Sunday.

Born to Harrison Starnes of Exum, a girl.

Born to Jim Young of Exum, a boy.

W.R. Winfree of Smithville visited relatives here last week.

John Bonham and family visited relatives at Smithville last week.

Miss Stella Robinson, one of Dowelltown's fairest belles, visited Miss Daisy Driver last week.

Miss Sarah Burton visited home folks last Saturday and Sunday.

Bill Burton of Laurel hill was in town last week.

Felix Holmes of Holmes Creek visited relatives here last week.

Shelby Malone of Alexandria is in town this week.

Dock Winfree of Laurel Hill was in town last Friday.

T.H. Nixon, J.R. Hayes and W.T. Christian went fishing Friday.

The house of Tom Christian of near Exum burned last week.

Jep Tubbs (George G.) will go to Walker's creek today.

Solon Burton visited homefolks Saturday and Sunday.

Epworth League

Program for The Liberty Epworth League, Wednesday evening, April 10, 1895.
Prayer, Sam Woodside; Scripture Lesson, R.E. Bratten; [Scripture] Q&A's, Felix Davis, Wm. Hale, O.M. Woodside, Charles E. Bratten, J.A. Carden, Cecil Squires, Don Squires, Miss Myrtle Payne, Miss Virgil Overall, Miss Stella Bratten, Miss Ethel Bratten, Miss Daisie Hale, Miss Minnie Pritchett, Miss Lizzie Hardage, and Miss Lelia Whaley.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

White County ----- The Expositor

W.L. Dibrell has been quite sick the past week.

G.J. Spurlock left last Tuesday for his home at Bardwell, Ky. His books are left with Attorney M.A. Cummings, where those who have business with him may settle.

Congressman Snodgrass and L.E. Smith have opened a law office at Dayton, Tenn under the firm name of Snodgrass & Smith. Mr. Smith will move his family to that place.

Gen. W.G. Smith left for Nashville Tuesday morning. He is an applicant for Adjutant General.

Warren County ----- New Era

Mrs. John H. Willey left one day last week for a lengthy visit to friends in the North.

D.R. Davis of Yager, who has been South on stock trading, returned Friday.

Reams Griffith and Miss Mary Wilson were married Sunday, the 24th of March, by Esq. Yager.

The charter of the McMinnville Telephone Company has been registered in the Sec. of State's office in Nashville. The incorporators are; Geo. E. Cartwright, David B. Carson, John S. Burroughs, Chas. T. Thurman, John G. McGuire, Victor Sanders, Dr. A.B. Ramsey, W.H. Ross, Jesse Walling, W.A. Rutherford and A.R. Hammer.

J.P. Womack of Yager, who went to Kansas about four months ago, returned Saturday.

Mr. Edgar Martin of Horse Shoe Falls, this county, and Miss Mollie Hogwood were married at the residence of the bride's father, in this place, Sunday, March 24th by Rev. W.H. Doss.

John W. Cope of Thaxton returned last Monday from a stock trading expedition.

Smith County ----- The Times

Miss Bettie Sanders of Carthage, who has been confined to her room with typhoid-malarial fever for about ten weeks is now able to sit up.

Judge W.H. Smith has been called to his home in Sparta by urgent business and Hon. T.J. Fisher is setting as judge.

Judge Smith cleared the Jackson county docket of murder cases at the recent term of court except one, the State vs. John Harp, for the murder of Harrison Keith.

On Tuesday, Wesley Hughes and son, William of Carthage, left for Nashville with a raft of thirty sycamore logs, which they had cut on the bank above this place.

Dr. Samuel H. King, formerly of Carthage, was married the 21st inst. to Miss Miriam Skidmore, near Gatesville, Texas. The young lady is an only child and is highly cultivated and popular.

The motion for a new trial in the Richard Brooks murder case was overruled and has been appealed to the Supreme Court.

Mat McKinley was tried last week in Jackson county term for the murder of Rol. Watts. The jury returned a verdict of manslaughter and … an appeal has been made to the Supreme Court.

Wilson County ----- The Democrat

Mr. Geo. Corley of Carthage was here this week.

Mr. Champ Lea had his hand badly mashed by a log at Webster's Mill yesterday.

W.W. Donnell and W.R. Chambers went to Bowling Green on business.

Dr. J.N. Talber, who recently left Mt. Juliet for the Lone Star State, (Rockwell) has been elected president for the Medical Society of Royce.

Frank Stratton has sold his home on Hatton Avenue to Mr. R.M. Ireland. Rev. J.M. Hubbert has been offered a profit on his lot on Greenwood street.

Putnam County ----- The Press

We are pained to announce the death of W.J. Isbell, which occurred at his home in Cookville on the 20th inst. Mr. Isbell was 55 years old and leaves a wife and several children.

T.J. Baldwin of Marshal, Minn. has spent several days in town, the guest of C.H. Whitney.

Stephen West of Olympus was in town Sunday and not withstanding his is eighty six years of age, his is as hale and hearty as ever. With Hon. C.J. Davis, he left Monday for Kirkmansville, Ky, where he will visit his sister, who is over ninety-five years of age.

Mrs. Shores of Cassville died last Sunday at the advanced age of ninety-five. She was the mother of Mrs. S.R. Shanks of this place, who with her son, W.M., attended the funeral.

A. Algood left Monday for Nashville where he will meet his wife on her return from an extended visit to her parents in Louisville.


Mrs. Mattie McNelly has been quite sick for the past few days.

Liv Tubb and wife spent two days in Smithville last week.

Miss Laura Johnson has been employed in Liv Tubb's millinery dept.

Ed Oakley left today for Lebanon.

Elijah Foutch of Nashville, who has been visiting relatives near here, has returned home.

Miss Etta Bowers was visiting in town Sunday.

Mrs. Etta Lee has been sick for several days.

Mrs. D.J. Hall and her mother, Mrs. Ballard, visited the family of J.H. Snoddy this week.

Miss Hattie Blackburn left for Nashville Saturday.

Dr. Brien Tubb's wife and son returned last week from a visit to relatives in Wilson co.

Mrs. H.D. Foust is improving though slowly.

O.A. Barbee has accepted a position in Nashville.

Mrs. Hal Tubb has been sick for several days.

Charlie Simpson was fined fifty dollars and Edgar Wood, twenty-five, by Esq. Foutch last week.

Miss Pauline Dinges sang in concert in Nashville recently and was highly complimented for her vocal accomplishments.

Mrs. R.A. Bridges of McMinnville, formerly of this place, has accepted a position with Hills Bros., Nashville.

Dry Creek

Lum Turner, son of Thomas Turner, is sick with Typhoid fever and not expected to live.


Born to E.L. Smith and wife on the 25th, a girl.

Archie Bass of Short Mtn. was here in the interest of the tombstone business.

Less Blackburn was the first to plant corn this spring.

J.R. Corley, one of our enterprising farmers had twenty-eight head of cattle dehorned Monday.

Everybody concerned, please come…put up the rest of the fencing around Tramel and McClellan cemetery.

J.T. Hill got all the hide of one hand burned off in holding and working a wild mule for J.R. Tramel Thursday, by having a rope wrapped on his hand several times when it started to run.

Mrs. Elizabeth Williams of Dowelltown visited her daughter, Mrs. Alice Tramel, who has been sick this week.

Mrs. Jeff McKnight and little boy, Elvin, of Auburn, visited her brothers, Lee and Herschel Overall, here this week.

W.A. Tramel has got his plank fences made and took his gates down from across the public highway leading from Indian Creek Low Gap. Everybody sing.

John Redman of Mt. Sterling and Lee Boles of Bear Branch were here on business Tuesday and spent the night with Jeff Allen.

Charlie Smith caught an unusually large cat in a steel trap which greatly resembled a house and wildcat.

Forks of Pike

Matt Hayes has moved his saw mill near H.G. Roy's.

J.E. Henley and wife spent Sunday at J.W. Groom's.

Mrs. J.D. Wheeler spent Sunday with Mrs. S.H. Flippen.

Thos. Chapman and family spent Sunday with Mr.& Mrs. Grant Fite.

Wm. Robinson and wife spent Sunday at Mrs. Tabitha Yergin's.

Mrs. Will Taylor visited at Thos. Grooms one day last week.

Joe Rigsby and family are visiting relatives near Woodbury.

Lum Vanatta, and family spent Sunday at Grant Fite's.

W.C. Groom, and wife attended the S.S. convention at Dowelltown.

Melvin Young, assurance [insurance] agent, was in our village last week.

Misses Allie and Maggie Robinson accompanied to her home at Brush Creek Saturday.

On next Sunday, after the exercises of Sunday School are over, J.W. Preston will make a talk on Punctuality.

Mr.& Mrs. H.C. Givan went to Watertown last week and brought back their little daughter, Ella, who has been down there for some time.

The Sunday School Convention

The DeKalb County Sunday School Convention met at Dowelltown March 30th. Business session and several discussions [essay topics, program] were held. Some of those participating were; W.A. Vick, Rev. T.A. Carden, Rev. T.J. Stricklin, Rev. T.J. Baker, Rev. W.P. Banks, Rev. G.L. Beale, A.P. Smith, Jno. F. Frazier, and J.E. Drakes.
Jas. F. Turner introduced a resolution to have one man appointed in every civil district to organize Sunday School in their respective districts. The resolution was adopted and the following were appointed:
1st   Henry Foust     2nd   S.S. Woodside     3rd   T.A. Patton     4th   J.H. Farler     5th   B.S. Turner     6th   J.H. Mullican     7th   L.D. Moore     8th   ___ _____     9th   W.S. Crawford     10th   Less Blackburn     11th   Wash Reynolds     12th   Tom Oakley     13th   Wm. Robinson     14th   I.N. Drake     15th   J.F. Turner     16th   Tim Pritchard     17th   Jas. Davenport     18th   ___ _______     19th   _____ ____     20th   Oscar Close     21st   L.K. Cantrell     22nd   E. Fuson


Miss Lizzie Hardridge is very sick this week.

Our hustling neighbor farmer, T.M. Givan of Clear Fork is done planting corn.

Will T. Hale and little daughter, Hilda, of Lebanon, spent last Sunday at C.W.L. Hale's

W.S. McKnight, who used to be the miller at the steam mill here, died at his home in Columbus, Georgia about the first of January.

W.M. Corley, son of J.R. Corley, requests us to say that it was not him that was reported as being indicted for carrying a pistol in the court proceedings published two weeks ago.

Uncle Hiram Fite celebrated his 80th anniversary last week by heartily partaking of a luxurious dinner prepared by his daughter, Mrs. Tennie Grandstaff. Uncle Hiram is in splendid health and we hope he may live to see many more such occasions.

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