Editor, Will A. Vick

August 8, 1888


Little boy of M/M R.P Davis of Nashville, formerly of Liberty, d. June 16th and was buried at Mt Olivet, Nashville.

Cottage Home

Mrs. L.Y. Davis and g-ch. of Nashville are here visiting friends and relatives.

Dow Hamilton, enterprising young farmer, made 1,600 bushels of wheat. W.H. Hays made 1,132 bushels.

Mrs. A.H. Thomas is much better at present.

Messrs. J.B. Estes, & L.D. Hamilton contemplate taking in the Cinncinatti Exposition.

Miss Earnest Overall has been visiting her sister, Mrs. J.B. Adams.

James Anderson and wife are not so well this week.

Dr. Hudson is on the sick list.

George Keaton of West Tennessee has been visiting relatives. He left Saturday and took his neice, Miss Grace Keaton, with him---also the hearts of several boys.

We are pleased to know that Uncle Bill Evans "got thar".

Social Sim Neal has been seeing merchants this week.

Bill Dodd and C.L. Turney will enter Pure Fountain College in the fall.

John H. Fite and Rufe Rich were elected magistrates for this district------Alonzo Hays, constable and John Hawkins, director.


The election passed quietly-----D.O. Williams and Mack Walker were elected magistrates and George Henley, constable.

The dwelling [business] occupied by Wm. Cooper & Tavie Jones caught fire last week.

Capt. John D. Wheeler has bought John D. Bone's interest in the dwelling and store house on the corner of Main & High Streets.

George Measle, Nute Brown, and Jordan Measle each have a little stranger at their houses---all boys.

Charlie Simpson is clerking for R.M. Bone.

Bob Rollins is clerking for John M. Durrett & Co.

J. High & family have moved here from Snow Creek, Smith Co.

Prof. Harris of Kentucky is assisting Mrs. Gold at Science Home.

Mrs. J.L. Boon begins her music class with ten students.

M.S.W. McClellan is improving.

Letter from H.A. Bratten, Lafayetteville, Missouri
Letter from Davy Dixon, Ross, Texas


Several people are at the Stewart Well at this time using the Healing waters. Among those are; Judge Wade & family of Smithville, Mrs. Martha Williams of Buffalo Valley, Geo. W. Burton, Laurel Hill, J.D. Smith of Auburn, and l ittle Maude Gleason of Liberty.

Miss Eddie Hoskins goes to Alexandria to enter Science Home.

Buffalo Valley

Married, July 30th, Capt. P. Jones to Mrs. Matilda Garner.


John A. Bass, Jr. is well again.

G.A. Smith is on the sick list.

Mrs. Marth Bird of Dowelltown died Monday evening.

Mrs. Jordan King has been very sick with fever.

Judge M.L. Bonham is Democratic nominee for representative from DeKalb.

Miss Helen Lanberson complimented us with some pears.

Harvey Fite is now behind the counters of Vick & Bright.

Monroe Griffith sent in a treat to the Herald.

Dr. T.O. Bratten and family left for Watertown to attend the bedside of Mrs. J.F. Beard.

John I. Whaley will teach in the "free school house" this fall.

Little d/o John Sandlin, Dismal Creek, died Sunday.

Charles C. Bass, his mother and two sisters of Rome, Geogia, will spend a week with relatives here.

T.F. Williams of Nashville has been visiting his mother near Dowelltown.

Miss Nannie Gossett is teaching school on Sycamore Fork.

Wheat stacks belonging to Mrs. John Crook and John Roberts were burned yesterday on Dismal Creek.

Alvin Avant has 400 acres for sale in the 14th district.

A.B. Hooper has a 100 acre farm for sale in the 14th district.

G.H. McBroom, Auburn, has 50 acres for sale in Cannon Co.


Miss Ann Alison has been sick, is improving.

Irwin Kennedy broke his leg.

Mrs. Meda Lincoln of New Middleton is up on a visit.

Jordan Gothard and wife are up on a visit.

Mrs. Liza Wilson of Smithville is visiting on Hurricane.

H.C. Odom of Hickman came up Sunday on a flying visit.

Misses Lena & Ethel Odom will soon leave for school in West Tennessee.

Miss Angie Hawkins of Rock House is on a visit at Esq. John Hawkins.

Messrs. John Moore and family & Jeff King and family paid Clear Fork a visit.

Rev. G.L. Staley has been preaching at the Christian Church.

Cherry Valley

Miss Bettie Allen, after spending several weeks with friends and relatives has returned to her home near Alexandria.

Miss Florence Bass of Nashville is visiting friends and relatives here.

W.T. Phillips killed a snake with 24 rattles.

Smith Womack's horse was stolen Saturday. It was back Sunday.

H. Phillips has shipped two car loads of wheat from here.

Shelah Phillips is buying all the fruit in the county.

Mrs. Smith Womack is improving slowly.

Mrs. Billie Phillips, who has been quite sick, is improving.

Dan Neal, with Spurlock, Neal & Co., was in the Valley today.

Miss Alice Allen of Mahone is visiting the family of L. Pendleton.

J.W. Neal of Nashville and Archie Watkins, Lebanon, was here Friday.

Mrs. S.B. Grandstaff is spending a week with her parents near here.


William H. Botts left Alexandria many years ago for Gainesboro, Tennessee, where he practiced law; from there to Glasgow, Kentucky. Here he again practiced with Fesler, who is also a Tennessean. He was elected Lt. Gov. at the same time his partner was elected Governor. They were both raised in Tennessee. He has made a vast fortune and is very rich------has one brother near Alexandria, John Botts.

A.B. Botts left Alexandria for Gainesboro and thence to Glasgow, Kentucky, many years ago. He was a soldier under Gen. Scott in the Mexican War and was J.P. DeKalb Co. for a long time. He died several years ago.

J.R. Branch moved from Grant, Smith Co. to Williamson Co., Illinois in 1884. He lived for a long time at Watertown and Linwood. He is a farmer. P.O., Marion, Williamson Co., Illinois.

J.B. Wilson, s/o Allen Wilson left the Cottage Home neighborhood in 1866 for Lawrence Co., Missouri and married one Miss Gatton. He is a farmer. P.O., Forrest Home, Missouri

William and Hiram Gatton moved from Round Top to Lawrence Co., Missouri before the late war and have done very well financially. They are farmers. P.O., Forrest Home, Missouri

J.K. Pemberton moved from Round Top to Pelham, Tennessee in 1886. His wife died January, 1887. He is a school teacher by profession. P.O., Pelham, Tennessee

Jeff Tribble moved from Statesville to the spot where Monteagle now stands, bought land and is doing very well. He is a Huckster. P.O., Monteagle, Tennessee

George Jennings (Coon) moved from Round Top to Kentucky and from thence to Fannin Co., Texas. He has been married twice. He is a carpenter. P.O., Baily, Texas

Eli Johnston moved to Dyer Station, Tennessee from Statesville; married twice, and was doing very well farming until he died in 1888.

J.M. Johnston, s/o J.B. Johnston, left Statesville for Dyer Station. He is a farmer. P.O., Dyer's Station, Tennessee

W.H. King moved to Dyer station from Statesville. He is a farmer. P.O., Dyer Station, Tennessee

Rev. C.W. Hollandsworth left the Statesville neighborhood many years ago and finally settled in Corsell Co., Arkansas. He is a Baptist preacher and a farmer; said to be doing well. P.O., Berryville, Arkansas

J.F. Hollandsworth moved from Statesville some time ago and is doing finely plowing the black soil and making cotton and corn. P.O., Canton, Van Zandt Co., Texas

W.F. Williams moved from Statesville to Hanson Station, Kentucky. He is a shoemaker. P.O., Hanson Station, Hopkins Co., Kentucky

W.H. Taspley left the Statesville vicinity for Texas some years ago. He is a farmer. P.O., Ferrell, Texas

Joshua L. Jennings left Round Top in 1870 and went to Logan Co., Kentucky where he now lives. He is a farmer and stock raiser. P.O., Logan Co., Kentucky

William and J.F. Brasher left Round Top before the late war, for Logan Co., Kentucky. They are both farmers. P.O., Russellville, Logan Co., Kentucky

J.B. West, s/o G.R. West, left Round Top for Pelham, Tennessee. He married I.P. Davis' dau., who died in the early part of 1888. He is a sawmill man. P.O., Pelham, Tennessee

William G. Gavison left the Round Top neighborhood before 1840. He was very poor when he left. Went to West Tennessee, then to Lawrence Co., Missouri. He is about 80 years, has done exceedingly well financially. He has been Sheriff of his county. He has a sister, Mrs. McMillen, living near Round Top. P.O., Mount Vernon, Lawrence Co., Missouri

John West left Round Top for Pelham, Grundy Co., some years ago-brother of Felix Graudy West of Viola. John and W.J. Turney have been associated with him part of the time. He is engaged in the sawmill and lumber business and is said to be doing a good business. He moves lively. P.O., Pelham, Grundy Co., Tennessee

Mrs. E.A. Ware and her two sons moved from Round Top in 1887 to Scott Co., Missouri P.O., Diehlstadt, Scott Co., Missouri

C.B. Ware, s/o Mrs. E.A. Ware, left Round Top in 1886 for Lawrence Co., Missouri. P.O., Forrest Home, Missouri

William Burks left Round Top in 1869 for Christian Co., Missouri, is now County Judge and has done well. P.O., Ozark, Missouri

Ben Randals, born Van Buren Co. about 1843, served as Major in the Confederate Army until captured. After the war, taught school. Was connected as principal, Short Mountain, 11 years; went to texas in June 2886 and has since taught school, but is now the editor of the "Cottonwood Prodigal".

Emmanuel Butterbaugh left Cottage Home several years ago and settled in Christian Co., Missouri. He and William Banks married Allen Wilson's daughters. Maude Butterbaugh also joined them in the early part of 1888. P.O., Ozark, Missouri


The firm of P.H. Quarles & Co. will thresh about 10,000 bushels this season.

J.E. Dillon has 2 boys under Dr. Eastham that are right sick.

J.W. Dillon's wife is also very sick this week.


Thos. Crips, dec'd. H.P. Crips, Adm.

Chancery Court

Rob't. Cantrell vs. E.P. Jones, et all


The young people here were favored with a "Rain Bow Party" last Saturday night at R.A. Youngblood's. The following were present:
S.C Tyree Miss Julia Potter Jno. Phillips Alice Robinson
David McEwen Lizzie Fletcher J.H. Potter Ada Blankenship
J.F. Dillard Eula Potter J.T. Allen Nora Lee
G.M. Foster Mollie Smith L.E. West Sudie Harwell

Business Ads

Alexandria Roller Mill Co.---B.F. Bell, Mgr.---wheat, flour

Stewart's Well---Dowelltown---Rev. J.M. Stewart, Health Resort, Healing Water

Pure Fountain College---Smithville---F.M. Bowling, A.M. President

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