Editor, Will A. Vick

March 27, 1895


Born to Chas. Duggin and wife, a girl.

Hooker Barrett of Sycamore died yesterday evening.

G.H. McBroom paid Woodbury a business trip Saturday.

Prof. J.B. Adams paid Watertown a visit Saturday.

B.B. and R.H. Odom left this morning for Liberty in the interest of farm machinery.

Joe B. Hawkins owns a fine calf and on account of his unruly disposition had it dehorned.

Rev. G.A. Ogle filled his regular appointment at this place Saturday and Sunday.

Misses Vance and Tatum of Woodbury are visiting S.C. Odom on Hurricane.

Miss Stella Stephens will open school at the Buckeye school house on Sanders Fork.

Charlie Brewies came near losing a fine mare by miring up in quick sand on Sanders Creek.

Lee Lax and wife have a new dishwasher at their house.

Dr. Dickens, near Porterfield, died a few days ago and was buried at the McKnight graveyard.

George Vaughn, our expert carpenter, is showing up some fancy work for our neighborhood.

J.H. McKnight will leave in few days for Texas in the interest of the Leech heirs at this place.

Hall and James Kennedy have purchased the old tanyard place formerly owned by Coffee Leach.

Mrs. Milligan, wife of Joe Cate Milligan, died a few days ago of apoplexy, also, his little son took sick and died a few days after.

New Middleton

W.F. Barrett went to Nashville Monday on business.

Henry Barrett of Auburn was visiting Esq. Lincoln last week.

Dr. J.L. Jones has been attending the Foutch trial.

Wm. Wright of Hickman was in town last week.

Dr. King of Gordonsville was in town a few days back.

Clarence Neal and wife made a flying trip to Lebanon last week.

Dr. Tilly of Bloomington was in town last week.

Clyde Terry has bought a new wheel.

We are sorry to report the death of Miss Juliet Bridges who died in Nashville on the 22nd. Her remains were brought here Saturday and buried Sunday. She was the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J.G. Bridges.

Epworth League

Program for the Liberty Epworth League Wednesday evening, April 3, 1895 Prayer and Scripture Lesson by Rev. T.A. Carden, [Scripture] Questions & Answers; Wm. Vick, Miss Mattie Lamberson, Prof. T.A. Killman, Miss Pearl Squires, Miss Daisy Hale, Miss Forrest Squires, Miss Zella Vick, Miss Sallie Fite, C.W.L. Hale, Tom Carden, B.O. Edmunds, Joe Carden, Sam Woodside, Charles E. Bratten, R.V. Campbell, J.M. Bradley and R.E. Bratten, Comm.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Warren County ----- New Era

Mrs. J.C.M. Ross and little daughter, Miss Lizzie, left Monday morning for Colorado Springs, Col., called there by a telegram announcing the serious illness of Mr. J.R. Holmes, the son-in-law of Mrs. R.

Capt. J.W. Irwin returned Wednesday from Shiloh, where he has been for several weeks attending to his duties as purchasing agent for the Government of lands on which to locate the Shiloh National Park.

Geo. S. Stroud left Tuesday for the South with stock.

White County ----- The Expositor

A.P. Moore, formerly of this county, died at his home in Bardwell, Ky., March 9th.

Jas. G. Hodges and J.O. Snodgrass will probably build a three story brick block adjoining the C.C. Young block on the east and W.C. Nichols on the west.

Keazer Bryant, who was said to be a thief on wheels and was sent to penitentiary for robbing W.L. Flynn's store in Cumberland county, died last week. He was wounded while resisting arrest prior to his conviction.

Green Martin died Monday in the 6th district of blood poisoning.

F.P. Womack of McMinnville was up buying mules.

Putnam County ----- The Press

L.W. Rollins and wife of Alexandria were the guests of W.W. Lesters' family at this place.

The case of United States against J.C. Davis and sons for burning their warehouse will be decided by M.J. Julian tomorrow.

Prof. McGee of the Cookeville High School has accepted a position in an Arkansas school and left Monday for his new field of labor.

Capt. A.B. Bayless left for his home in Nashville last Monday after holding a two weeks school of military instruction with company E.

J.H. Compton, Pres. Of the InterState Petroleum Co. again after many months absence in the New England States.

C.E. King left Tuesday for Carlyle, Ind., where he has a large contract to build the Wabash river. He was accompanied by his private secretary, Wilbur Walt, and six or eight young men from Cookeville, who will go on the work.

On account of his wife's death, Prof. R.L. Smithson has resigned the principalship of the Cookeville High School. The Executive Board promoted Miss Lizzie Owen to this position.

Cherry Valley

Miss Bertie Hopper of Mr. Vernon, Illinois is visiting her aunt, Hester Phillips.

Will Phillips is adding some to his already roomy residence.

Dr. James Waters filled his appointment at Round Lick yesterday.

Caroline McDaniel (col.), an old and respected lady was taken with hemmorage last Wednesday morning and died almost instantly.

On last Monday, Mr. Gater Campbell died. He was an old and respected citizen and Christian gentleman and was buried at Mt. Vernon Tuesday.

Henderson X Roads

Uncle Thomas Phillips is quite sick but seems to be improving at this writing.

Mrs. Wink Robinson and Mrs. Noser are slowly improving.

John W. Beadle and Miss Oneal were married last week.

Gid Dillon and Miss Geneva Blankenship were married near Cainsville Sunday afternoon.

T.W. Phillips and lady of Nashville are visiting at the bedside of their father, Thomas Phillips.

Misses Lillie and Lucie Oakley have returned from a visit down about Commerce, Grant and Watertown.

Miss Florence Robinson, daughter of Anzi Robinson, has been very sick, but is thought to be some better.


Sam Pope's wife died since my last letter.

Dr. W.H. Curtis has recently built him a new cookroom to his house.

Rich Taylor started back to Kentucky yesterday.

Bee Turner of Dowelltown is putting up a new cistern for Lon Barry this week.

Henry Taylor and Miss Ella Coggins of Hicks were married Sunday.

Born to W.D. Taylor and wife of a recent date, a boy.

Mrs. Julia Hendrixson is still low with consumption.

Monroe Malone walks to see his best girls of late.

Charlie Malone of Temperance Hall spent Wednesday night with the family of T.S. Wall.

Misses Tennie and Nolia Smith of Clear Fork visited their brother, Charlie Smith, last week.

I learn later the Rev. M. Curtis' little infant died yesterday.

William Herschel Overall is a little unwell at present-guess he "takened" cold from a certain recent trip.

Lee Overall, one of our business merchants, has been blind in one eye for a week from some cause or other.

Herschell Overall returned from Nashville Thursday where he had been to sell a raft of logs and to purchase goods.

J.A. Evans will soon have his new dwelling completed-take note, girls, he is a batchelor and needs a housekeeper.

Messrs. Oscar Malone and Jim Clayborn of Alexandria, Wint Sewel of Jackson county, and Vick Sewell of Temperance Hall spent Wednesday night with T.R.J.


Rev. G.L. Beale filled his appointment at the Methodist church Sunday.

Hal Tubb is improving his residence on Locust street.

Walter Allen spent Sunday at home.

Mrs. W.W. McClellan has returned from a visit to her son, Andrew, at Hall's Hill.

Miss Hattie Blackburn has returned from Nashville.

L.W. Rollins and wife have moved to town occupying the house with Mrs. Julia Brown.

Jeff Blackburn and Miss Hattie Blackburn have moved into the house with Col. Ford.

Hatton Shaver and Erwin Kennedy filled appointments at Grant Sunday.

Capt. W.H. Lincoln was in town last week.

Mrs. Tavie Jones down not improve any in health.

Mrs. Julia Marler of Linwood left for home this morning after visiting friends here.

Jordan Measles has returned from a visit to West Tennessee.

John Reed went to Statesville Sunday.

Mrs. H.D. Foust has been quite sick for several days but is better this morning.

Mr. Med Oakley is quite sick at his home near town.

Ed Oakley came in today after a two week absence.

Old aunt Chaney Stokes (col.) died yesterday.

Miss Annie Henley and father, William Henley, went to Nashville last week.

Hez. Calhoun and family of Smithville are visiting at J.L. Dinwiddie's.

Pat Shyrer of Nashville was here today.

Jim Jones returned from Louisville Saturday.

Rob Roy has a new bicycle.

Miss Nora Lee visited relatives in Alexandria Monday.

Nath Martin was here Monday.

M.L. Smith passed through town Monday on his way to Smithville.

Misses Minnie, Ida, and Ethel Eastes and Miss Lucille Kennedy spent Friday night at Mr. John Measles.

Bob Willoughby was thrown from his horse last week and his collarbone was broken. Dr. Sam McMillen attended him.

Charlie Simpson and Edgar Wood were arrested by Constable Tribble at Watertown this morning. Constabel E.A. Foutch telephoned him to hold them till he arrived to bring them to Alexandria, which her did. They will have a hearing before Esq. Foust on the charge of drunkenness, pistol carrying, shooting and so forth. Since the days of saloons, Alexandria has not been subjected to such an exhibition of depravity, shooting into citizen's houses on the public streets, the vilest of language, driving through the streets at a breakneck speed and defying the law. As a grand "finale", driving through our principal streets firing their pistols at everything and everybody. This all took place last night about ten o'clock and these young men are charged with the crime.

Mrs. J.B. Fletcher is making quite a success as agent for the Electropoise, having rented quite a number.

Chas. Palmer went to Carthage Sunday and brought back with him Miss Ruthie Donahoe, who will visit relatives here.

The Baptist S S appointed delegates to the S S convention to be held at Dowelltown, viz: H.H. Jones, C.M. Brumfield, Miss Linnie Smith, A.P. Smith and Liv Tubb.

Mrs. Amanda R. Baird, widow of James Baird, died Sunday night after a few days illness. She was the mother of Mrs. B.F Bell of this place and Mrs. W.W. Jones of Murfreesboro. Mrs. Jones arrived Friday and Dr. Jones Sunday , both being present in the last sad hours. The funeral will take place Tuesday at the Methodist church.


Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Overall left for Nashville this week.

M.C. Vick went to the Statesville country yesterday to close a deal for some fine stock.

D.D. Overall is in the East where he will buy a full line of Millinery & Dry Goods for the Spring trade.

Cheap farms on long time-Colonies paradise-Homes rented-Address, C.M. Curtis, Lancaster, Texas.

The jury in the Lon Foutch case gave a verdict of 11 years in the penitentiary. A motion for a new trial was overruled and the defendant appealed to the supreme court.

The little child of W.F. Malone got pretty badly burned by a kettle of hot water turning over on it one day last week.

Roe Williams came up Monday and took his wife back with him. She has been in delicate health for some time but is better now.

Mrs. Maud Pickering came over from Carthage to take charge of the Millinery Dept. of Vick & Bright.

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